Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I hate computers - my home computer is so very slow. I stay as far away from it as possible - as you can tell!
I've been busy reading and researching, planning, shopping for the holidays (no gifts yet) and crafting and scrapbooking.
Tucker has been diagnosed w/ ADHD. The meds (the 1st ones) are working great so far!
His grades shot up in the very first week. He has become the example EVERYWHERE of what TO do instead of what NOT to do! CAn you believe it? I was shocked!! I had no idea I could expect this kind of result. However... (you knew that was coming right) there is a down side. The meds only work for 6-8 hours. It gets him through school. Then when he comes 'down' from the meds - oh my my. He is mouthy and hateful and argumenative. It's just awful. I try to hard to be patient - to remember it's out of his control...but I can only take so much. He does have an appt tomorrow to see how the meds are going - we will discuss this!
Thanksgiving was SO great. I was total Martha Stewart! She would have been so proud of me. We used the good china, I had the house decorated w/ fall leaves and pie pumpkins, and had the house smelling of fall spiced candles. The food was incredible (if I may so myself).
Tim and I were together all weekend ALONE! What a great weekend.
We're broke - two cars broke down $2000.00 to fix them both - so we are down to one car (the new one) guess we got that just in time. But of course that means Christmas will be next to none in my house. The one thing Tucker wants is a Sansa Shaker MP3 player it's only 30.00 and that' s all he was going to get - but it's sold out everywhere! BAHUMBUG!
I guess we'll learn the true meaning of Christmas for real in my house this year!
Oh well - I'm still blessed beyond measure!!!
I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy and blessed also.
Pat - I'm praying for you - and Josh. I'm praying for Bills' recovery.
OH! And God has blessed me some more friends that are here local. I am so excited to be meeting people that will drop in and have coffee... and sit and visit.
Thank you Lord.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

You probably don't remember me...


Things have been so crazy that I'm not even about to catch you up.

Schools been very rough for Tucker... which makes things very rough at home... which makes the marriage very rough...

so in a nutshell... Tucker goes Wed @ 8:45am to get tested for ADHD. Lord I'm praying for healing and a breakthrough for this child. Something has to give. Please pray for him.

The marriage is really going pretty well - we just disagree on how to discipline Tucker at this point. Tim now has Friday and Sat. off. I can't even tell you how nice it is to actually spend an entire day w/ my husband! I forgot how wonderful Saturdays could be. We love having him home with us all day.

Church is fantastic - God is fantastic. Work sucks but then it wouldn't be work would it?

I pray for you all every single morning!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

God as always, comes along and picks me up and makes me feel better.
Sunday morning in church it's like every song played was just for me. Every verse spoke was just for me... it's amazing how He does that.
He came along and gave me peace. I also had to humble myself before him. I have to sacrifice my dreams and let them go. For they are no longer my dreams but the Lords' dreams for me. It's no longer about what I want and my own selfishness it's about what the Lord wants for me. And I DO want what the Lord wants for me - I just don't it know it yet! :-)
So, I am doing better and feeling better. Thanks for your love and hugs and prayers. You guys are awesome!
Not that I don't still want those things... my flesh self does. My spiritual self says - when the Lord is ready for me to have them then I will have them.
But with my new life as a christian I have to have new dreams and be open and willing to accept the blessings the Lord has for me. Blessings that i don't even know I want yet! He's so awesome and I praise Him today for His tendermercies and His never ending love! Trust me if God can love stubborn hard headed me - He can surely love you!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Something I’ve discovered:

You know, I don’t know if men,when they are little boys have this vision of what their life will be like when they are adults.
But me (and maybe it’s just me and not all women) I have had a vision of what my adult life would be like. The family, the evenings, the sporting events, the everyday life. I have dreamed about it all my life! And let me tell you, I am SO disappointed.
It’s nothing like I dreamed it would be. Now, I didn’t dream big, I didn’t dream unrealistically. I dreamt (and dream) of a normal life. Husband, wife, two kids, and a dog. Evenings spent taking family bike rides and walks. Going together to sporting practices and games. Running errands in the evenings. Spur of the moment lets go get ice cream moments. Ya’ know? Just real typical and maybe real boring to some. All I ever wanted was average.
I’ve never had just average. (oh I’m trying not cry as I write this!) My first marriage was to a pot head, drum playing, hippie. All we did was party and hang out. His friends were more important than me and I as a 21 yr old thought that as soon as we were married we’d be my parents (who were no one to look up to mind you). Obviously now that I look back, that was unrealistic. There are days I wish I would’ve stayed in that relationship and allowed both of us to grow up. I do believe he would’ve eventually grown up. But again, maybe that is wishful thinking.
The next relationship – wow that was even more warped than the first! I won’t go into full details but I will say- I was running away from a lot of past hurts. I finally had a place where I was accepted and felt part of a group. (I didn’t fit in w/ my 1st husbands group of friends because I was and am very anti-drug I just drank a lot). Of course that relationship was very unhealthy and very co-dependant and wow, wrong for so very many reasons. So, my relationship now… I thought this one was going to be it. He said all the right things, wanted to be a family man, wanted to work 9-5, wanted a kid, wanted to raise his family in church. Well… hindsight will get ya’ everytime. I didn’t marry him for who he was, I married him for the ideas he represented to me. All the same things I wanted he wanted…so it had to work right?! WRONG! He’s now “changed his mind” on ALL of those things. So, now I’m left in a place of loneliness again. In this “lost in space” feeling. I have no where I belong. I have had this dream my whole life and now I have to tell it goodbye. I have to tell it that it’s never going to happen. It’s like loosing a best friend to cancer. The cancer has eaten at this dream over and over again for the past 17 years (since I’ve been on my own) and finally the cancer has taken it from you. It’s hard to say goodbye to something I’ve held so close and prayed for for so very long. But, if I let it go I’ll can’t be heartbroken anymore right? Okay, so that’s not going to happen but if I let it go maybe some of the hurt will stop.
I have a great life, don’t get me wrong. But something is missing, something doesn’t feel right, I feel empty every evening. I’m so tired of feeling this empty space every night. A child isn’t going to fill it alone. It’ll help but unless the rest of the dream comes with it I’m still a woman home alone every night with two kids instead of one. I don’t know…
I’m so weary… my soul is weary. I pray, I spend time in the Word everyday, I am involved in the church and a lot of goings on there, it’s not that part that is missing. That part of the dream is fulfilled. It’s the family part, it’s the part of having my best friend and husband there to share it all with and to want it all as much as I do.
I just feel so very sad.
Thanks for letting me spill it all out here …tears and all. I have no where else to spill it to!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yes, I know... it's been a long time.
I really haven't had anything to say! Life has been great. I have nothing to vent about... praise God!
My panoramic roof leaked...got it fixed. They gave me a mini-van to drive. Uh... like how do people drive those? They'll barely do 80 mph... I wouldn't dare try to pass anyone in one and unless you have popped out 5.5 kids why would you want one? I'm such a speed demon that I couldn't drive one ...ever!
I was so glad to get my car back!
I took Tucker shopping tonight, he's decided that he needs to wear boxers now so I had to go buy some (they had to have skateboarders on them) and I bought his some new clothes (had to have skateboarders on them) and a winter coat... he had to pick the orange and black one for the Bengals (OOOOOO YUCK)!
I'm going to tell everyone that it's for the Wilmington Hurricanes (our colors are orange and black also). I couldn't face the public to tell them my child is a bungles fan! GO DALLAS COWBOYS!!! WWOOO__HOOO!!!
Okay. So we're past that... church is fantastic... alot of things are really starting to change and grow and the Holy Spirit is like WAY evident! That is so exciting!
The Close to My Heart business... wow... so here is a give you goosebumps story... I went to one of my downlines open house Sat to help her out. Well while there I said man, I really need business in Wilmington! So, in the car on the way home (my wet car I might add) I said to the Lord, I really need business in Wilmington... I didn't really pray it... I just said it to him. I come home and check my voicemail WELL... (disclosure GOD IS GOOD) I had a msg from a lady at Proverbs31 gifts that my order was wrong... I call her back and we get on scrapbooking... she's a HUGE scrapbooker and they have a crop every month at her church and she wants to see my stuff and have a party! As if that wasn't cool enough... I check my email first thing Sunday morning and there is a msg from a woman in the next town who ran across CTMH on the web did a find me a consultant search and I came up and she has booked a party for the 12th of Oct. NOW! As if THAT wasn't enough... I get an email tonight from a CTMH Jr Consultant looking for a friend... she's new to the area and thought about resigning from CTMH. Man oh man... my head is spinning! Now don't tell me that Lord isn't real! Cause I'm gonna tell ya that He's REAL - REAL GOOD!
First grade is going well - shew!
Work is work... it's going well as far as work goes.
The marriage you ask? ey... it's a marriage.... actually, I'm trying to work on my attitude. I've got to make the best of it and trust that it will change. God has sent some wonderful people in our lives and I know that they are starting to impact Tim's life and I see some changes already. Evidence again of the Lord.
As the old hymn says... I have proved you over and over!
Welp, that's my life... bore bore bore to everyone else.
I am planning to get a semi-reunion together of some of my old friends from when I was 15 and younger. Going to plan that for sometime in Oct.
I am looking forward to that!! Kris - you are more than welcome to help me plan it and give me any address' that you have. I'm going to handmake the invites.
Oh! Check out my friends blog... she talks as if her baby does the talking... it's hysterical!! www.lolaandherfamily.blogspot.com

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

HI YA'LL!!!!

Happy Wednesday (by the time you read this probably). Life is going smoothly. No complaints... believe it or not!

Did I tell you I was taking Alli? I did - and finished the 20 day supply - lost 7.5 lbs in those 20 days! Woo-HOO! Ya' know, it's amazing the difference 7 lbs makes! So, I'm done with the pill and going to continue on my own. I did learn something, it's not the fat content or the calories ...it's the fat AND the calories together that make a difference. Wish me continued success.

School is going great as far as I know... no notes from the teacher yet.

Car is super!

Anniversary was fun. I got dressed up ( a little for me) actually wore a nice casual dress. Will post a pic if I get a chance. I bought Tim a watch and we went to a great italian rest for dinner. Then walked around the book store for a few and then home. I was a little disappointed I have to admit that we came home so early. I really wanted to go and do something else...stay out late and run away from reality for a little while longer...but he was too full and tired from dinner. LOL! So we came home. But we did have a good time. I got 3 Boyd's bears in a basket for a present and a card!! A real honest to goodness card!! I was so suprised and so happy you'da thought it was a diamond! hahaha! Silly how the littlest things thrill us to pieces!

That's about all that's going on here.

Sunday service was amazing! We raised the roof with our praises, the Spirit was so obvious! Another girl in service was moved to come pray with me. Come to find out we were both there alone and praying for our spouses to be with us. So...we are going to start praying for each other (because the wait is so long and hard sometimes) and praying for our spouses. It's so nice to know and such a comfort to know that someone else is in my position, sitting in church praising our awesome God alone, wishing that their spouse would come to know God's salvation.

So, it was so awesome that the spirit moved her to come pray with me... the Lord is so good!

Well... happy days to you and pray that all is going well.

Morning devotion time with Tucker is going great - I really have to give a shout out to Leigh Gray for making see how morning time (rather than night) is so much better!!! Thanks girl!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First Day of School!

It was a success! He dressed like a "skateboarder" wore his hair like a "skateboarder" and carried his "skateboarder" backpack. I have a future Tony Hawk (and my child says he's Tony's #1 fan)! Man I love this kid!

When he got home he said he loved first grade, loved his teacher, and had fun! HOORAY!!

We started our day off with the Keys for Kids and it was about being postive and based from Psalm 34:1. I'm going to love this new tradition we are starting!

Hopefully I can get his dad to read it on the days I can't be here.

Well, I'm exhausted - just got home from church and must get to bed!

See ya!

Oh -

and that's Gidgette on the top there - isn't she cute?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sharon from a Hoosier family (and my fellow Assemblies of God friend) tagged me... so here goes:
Accent - Pretty southern for a northern girl...
Booze of choice - none anymore - rum back in the day
Chore I hate - Mopping the floors, it really hurts my back and cleaning the tub (which my precious hubby does for me)
Dog or Cat - Dogs for sure (I have no pets yet) but am SO not a cat person
Essential electronics - Hair dryer, microwave, computer, cell phone
Favorite perfume(s)/cologne(s) - Happy Heart #1 and Happy # 2
Gold or Silver? - Gold but have recently started wearing silver from Silpada
Hometown - Jamestown and Xenia OH
Insomnia? - No not really - I sleep through tornadoes!
.Job Title - Child of God, Wife, Mother, computer inventory manager asst sys admin, missionettes Prims teacher
WifeKids? - wife to Tim, mother to 6 yr old Tucker (& working on # 2)
Living Arrangement - 3 br/2bath/ open floor plan brand new home on 1/2 acre which I am truly in love with and have awesome God blessing stories to go w/ it!
Most admired trait - Detailed oriented hard worker and organized and can find the most effecient way to do something by the 2nd try
Overnight Hospital Stays - Having Tucker and miscarriage when I was 18
Phobia - spiders and something happening to Tucker
Quote - Nothing tastes as good as thin feels
Religion - Pentecostal Christian (Assemblies of God)
Siblings - 3 Sisters
Time I wake up - 7:30 on my own 5:00am for work
Unusual talent/skill - Unusual huh? I guess I'm sort of psychic or prophetic I guess you'd call it. (I've never really told anyone this before) but things come to me a situation or story and then later someone will tell me the story that actually happenend to them... I can think about my dad and then he'll call me and say you were thinking about me today huh and vice versa... it's weird
.Vegetable I refuse to eat - Lima Beans - I'd starve first!
.Worst habit - swearing and yelling when I finally lose my temper
X-rays - Lot's of them with my most recent ones being related to my back issues (which the Lord has healed)
.Yummy foods I make - Cakes and a killer meatloaf (add sausage that's the secret) and I don't really know what else... I guess appetizers are my specialty
Okay - now if you are reading this...tag you're it!
School starts tomorrow! HOORAY! Tucker is totally excited. I met his teacher tonight and his class is pretty small (as is the classroom). There was only two names of kids I recognized from his class last year. And one of them is the horrible Samantha! He was scared to death she'd be in his class. She's a total bully and was horrible last year... Oh I pray that he continues with the GREAT behavior we've had all summer!!
I'm excited that we don't have to do any daycare this year. That should be a huge difference in his behavior... he gets to sleep in everyday. Which to Tucker is 7-7:30am.
I've been getting things ready for the Prims class I'll be teaching at church. Trying to be really organized this year so it'll be fun for the girls and I want to take them on a couple of field trips this year. I want to be the coolest teacher ever! LOL!
I will be celebrating my 4 yr anniversary this Thursday. Actually we'll be celebrating Friday night but the 23rd is the actual day. I am so looking forward to Friday night. I've got a sitter and I'm taking Tim to this really cool new mall/city they built. It's got all kinds of really nice resturants and a books and co that takes up a whole block! It's going to be so fun!
So, that's my life...
OH! I've gotta tell ya this! Wow, God is so awesome and for those of you who know Him personally already know that.
This morning during my morning prayer and bible time I was praying about doing devotions or something with Tucker and low and behold at 5:50am (10 min before i have to wake him) here comes Tucker walking out of his room! i said what are you doing and he said (as he crawls up in my lap ) I just wanted to spend some time with you this morning. So I finished my bible reading and read him his Keys for Kids (which I've not been reading to him for a long time). What an awesome way to start his day and mine too! Wow - what a blessing. It also showed me that I can work it into our mornings. I can teach and train Tucker to spend time with God in His word in the morning while I am training myself! Thank you Heavenly Father for answering prayer, heartfelt genuine prayer so immediately and graciously. I just want to love you and edify you Lord with my thoughts and my voice and that of my family! I lift them to you oh Lord and ask that You bless us each and help to show us the way. Thank you Father for your goodness and for the Holy Spirit that you have sent here to us to guide us and talk to us! Lord you are so great and mighty!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hi! I miss you!
Just wanted to post a little hello note!
Life is great.
Car is great.
Family is great.
God is GREAT!!!
This weather is great.
Today was like perfect.
Joy Fellowship (our women's ministry) had a garage sale scavenger hunt w/ the items we purchased being donated to the local womens center and the homeless shelter. We had 5 teams of about 4-5 women. WHAT A BLAST! We were all crazy women running around town. The team I was on won! WOO-HOO!
Last night was my scrapbook IBG at the church. I had 3 hours to work w/ no interuptions. I got 1 calendar page done that I'm making and 1 scrapbook page. Not bad!
Life has been going along really well. I've lost 6.5 lbs and I've been hitting the weights big time and eating very clean. Even if I go out to eat! Which is something I never could do but am making myself do it! I'm so proud!
Tucker starts school Wed. we are all ready and excited for it now. Supplies are bought and we got the shoes today.
Tucker and I went out to eat at a nice sit down resturant today...by ourselves and had wonderul conversation. It's amazing how they grow up over 1 short summer! I just love my kid.
I still haven't taken more pics of the car...sorry. I'm doing good to get out here to post a msg.
Tomorrow mom and I are coloring hair... and hanging out after church.
Sounds like another wonderful day!
Hope all is well with you. I do love and miss you each!
I find myself driving to work and thinking um.. I wonder what Pat is doing today? or sitting eating dinner and think, I wonder if Neicey is feeling better today. It's funny how each of you cross my mind. El - hows the wedding plans coming?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ok... I don't know why...but I can not upload the photos... it keeps saying this page can not be displayed. I can't imagine the file size is too big but perhaps I've messed up the setting... will try and take new pics and see if that helps.
Oh well...
Today is a GORGEOUS day! I wish all summer had been like today. We hung at the pool for 4 and half hours (and now I'm crispy). Apparently waterproof doesn't mean all day. Oh well, it'll turn brown tomorrow. I went and got all of Tucker's schools supplies...all we need now is shoes.
Tucker and I went to Taco Bell and had dinner. What a glorious day the Lord has made!
He knew how much I needed it!
I can't wait till tomorrow. I love praising Him and singing and being in His presence!
Hope you all had a blessed day too!

Friday, August 10, 2007

My new baby!
I'm so proud of her... 2005 Pontiac G6 GT and her name is Gidgett!
I told you of my car woes... so we went looking...to do that ...look. We found the greatest car at the greatest deal and we couldn't pass her up. Get this... she has seat warmers! No more cold winter time butt. Leather seats, 6 disc in dash cd, automatic OR manual transmission, I can press the info button and it will tell me how many more miles I have to drive before I need to get gas (like a trip but in reverse) so cool! OH! And the panoramic roof... I AM so loving it! She's got a lot of get up and go and that' s just what a speed demon like me doesnt need but totally loves!
So that's my good news. Praise God for it! He made it all possible. Other than that nothing going on here. It's been to hot to do anything.
My hubby is taking us out for dinner and a movie. Family night - how fun! We're getting along better (by the grace of God) so thanks for your prayers!
Miss you all!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I hate cars!
The AC went out at the beginning of the summer... had it charged... it didn't work. So, I've been driving around with the windows down - no biggie - until today.
The front right window already doesn't work - so that leaves me 3 windows to use. Today at 92 degrees - the 3 windows don't help alot... the back window decided not to go up today... so we bought a $54 motor... put it in just so we could get it up... now I can't put it down anymore.... I am now down to two windows! The neighbor checked the AC out and it is my compressor that is bad... we were quoted $900 in the beginning. My car is only worth $900! UGH!
And of course we in no way shape or form have that kind of money!
I am grateful to have a car that is paid for, I was grateful for a car that had windows, I was okay w/o the AC wasn't thrilled but I'm tough I could handle it. But now I have one front window that works and one back window that works... it's 90 outside... that doesn't make me happy.
My dear husband (after his fit was over) is going to take it around tomorrow and get some quotes and let me use his car to go to work... I love him!
The good part of my day.... I came home before I picked up Tucker and had kid free you know what.... oh! My husband is so gorgeous! :-)
See ya all!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hi everybody... I finally found a minute (& literally it's only a minute).
I wanted to say hello to everyone so you wouldn't forget about me. I feel so left out! I'll tell ya' being without the internet for a whole week is AWFUL! I felt so out of touch. So, I got caught up on most of the blogs, Pamie - is yours not there anymore? Please email me an update of your life. I won't pass judgement - I'll just listen and pray.
So, North Carolina was wonderful. It was cloudy everyday so no tans. We did have a great time though and did one thing a day and the pool every evening. Lots of GREAT GREAT food. We ate at La Strada in Lake Lure - great pizza and pasta. Gregory's ( a hole in the wall) in Rutherfordton had the BEST chicken wings ever... I tried to buy the sauce but they weren't sellin', we had the BEST onion rings ever at Spears Barbeque and Resteraunt in Linville. Wow... good southern food! The best service too. I just love the south. I see myself living in the south one day. I'd be the perfect southern bell sitting on my plantation wrap around porch or on a blanket under the willow tree sipping my very sweet southern tea! I pick up the accent in just a matter of days being down there. It's so my pace!
We hiked in the mountains of Chimny Rock and that was the best time we had. We laughed and played and really enjoyed each other. I also realized w/ this time w/ my kid how very smart and witty he truly is! He's very wise... I can't even tell you. Something happened and I said we'd pray and he said yep, that's the best thing we could do mom is pray! I thought I'd fall apart at that very moment! I just truly love that kid.
Work has been so busy - but since they've blocked blogs - I'm really kickin' butt!
I started eating healthy again yesterday. Not that I stopped - but I started junking out when I got home. Well... I bought this new pill called Alli. It's a fat blocker. So... now I HAVE to eat low fat or else I'll get sick! That's one way to do it. I only got a 20 day supply to start and see how it works. I'm also back in the gym and hitting the weights full swing. I did alot of swimming and treading water and hiking while I was on vacation so I didn't take a total break. So, my goal is 25 lbs by this time next year. It's very realistic and puts me at a very healthy weight. So... that's what is new in my life. OH tomorrow is mom's b-day and I'm taking her out to lunch. She picked the Cheesecake Factory!!!! I've been dying to go there... and now... all I can have is soup! Man this bites! LOL! But - it'll be worth it this time next year.
Also, pray for me... the desire to smoke is so very strong! Especially now that I'm trying not to eat. I know it's a habit that I don't want to pick back up in my mind... but my body is saying yes. So please pray that the Lord will give me strength and wisdom in this matter. OH and will power! Thanks ladies - I know I can count on you.
We cleaned house before we left so when we came home there would be nothing to do. Man, it just confimred how much I love my house. We walked in and it smelled so good, and I love the colors. It's so soothing and warm. It's just a modest 3 bedroom ranch but it's so open and filled wtih old things and new things that blend so wonderfully. Very homey and I just praise God for providing it! He is so good.
So, that is my life... no news on the baby front. We haven't much time to practice lately either! haha - we were so tired every night on vacation we hardly kept our eyes open to crawl into bed! LOL
Well, I pray for you all every day and I pray that all is going well in your lives. I was so happy to read tonight that everyone seems really blessed and in a mode of praise. That is sooooo fantastic!! God is good to us isn't he girls?
Well - love ya all! It's time to get Tucker in the bath.

Monday, July 16, 2007

It's ALIVE!!! Alive I tell you!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey all!! Oh my gosh - I miss you all so much. I've got caught up a few of your lives but not all of you yet...
my life has been so hectic. I can't even tell you what all I did last week (it seems so long ago). I do know that Tucker had his last T-ball game Wed. night. I am SO glad that's over. He does not want to play soccer this year. So... I get a break until basketball.
I can't believe 5 weeks until school starts. It feels like they just got out. Summer is not nearly long enough!
Jungle Jaunt VBS started this week. I am teaching the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders this year. AAAHHH, a much better age than 5yr olds! Thank you Jesus - you knew what I could handle this week. Tonight was alot of fun and I a looking forward to tomorrow night.
Next week I'll be very quiet... I'll be in Lake Lure North Carolina!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh it so beautiful there. I love the mountains! I'm sure we'll do Chimney Rock we always do, that's where Last of the Mohicans was filmed. FABU! We might do the Biltmore Estates because I never have all the years i've been. I think it's something my husband would enjoy being an antique collectore and all.
(pardon all my typo's...it's getting late and I've got to get to bed)
OH! yesterday... I took Tuck to see Wizard of Oz at a close by dinner theater. We loved it! We were 5" from stage and the witch flew RIGHT over our heads. He was in awe!! I think I might take him back at Christmas time.
Please be in prayer for my marriage. For those of you that have been around for the past year know my ups and downs. Right now - I'm in a down. I hate how nasty his job has made him. He's so negative and nasty and ugly all the time. He never has a nice word to say about anyone and that is so hard for me to be around. I'm such an up person who believes in the good of all people and he so brings me down. I'm struggeling with my prayer life and christian walk in result of it. I need to hold tightly to our Lord Jesus! He is our Savior - He is MY savior and He will not ever leave or forsake me! I so need to keep repeating that to myself tonight.
Other than that... my life is moving along. Tucker is wonderful. GORGEOUS little boy!
We went and visited Tim's family Sat. evening. David and Beth are doing much better and David is moving around pretty well. It was so great to see them! I think Tim really enjoyed hisself.
Well... I'm sure I have more to say...but I've got to get to bed... I love you all and I do pray for you all each and every day!
Kris - looks like you had a wonderful time... I am soooo glad... what a blessing!
Neicey - I would've went to Denver too...life is too short! Hope you have a rockin good time!! Be safe!
Pat - I'm so proud of you... going alone would've been so hard for me... so really I applaud you!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Please don't think I don't love you.

My work has blocked access to all blog pages. I knew it would come eventually. So, I can no longer visit and comment on your pages daily. I am SO going to miss you guys. I will still check in from home but probably only once a week. I very rarely use this computer.
Really, I feel like I've lost my best friend... it was the first thing i did in the mornings. While i ate my toast and drank my coffee, I read all my friends lives and prayed for them! I'm very sad.
So, if there is something you need or want me to know during the day send me an email at work holli.smith@wpafb.af.mil
So. I had a great weekend with my family. All of us girls went out for brunch w/ mom Sat morning and then shopping. We've never been shopping all together before. That was fun! We went to a waterpark Friday and had a blast - before my husband ruined it. But we won't go there.
Just pray for him and his salvation please.
I trust the Lord. He will answer and I will be blessed for what I have lived with. I try to be the best wife I can be - I keep telling myself it's for the Lord. Don't get me wrong - I'm not abused or anything... well verbally I am... but I'm strong enough and confident enough in myself to handle it. and when I'm not... I hand it to the Lord at the alter and He takes it for me and heals me.
Well, I really need to get to bed after I snuggle with my incredibly beautiful boy.
OH! We went through some old pics at moms... that was hysterical. I was such a dork growing up! LOL! We had some great laughs. I truly am blessed and thank the Lord for the great and normal childhood I had growing up. I know I am rare to have had it so good!
Hope you all have a great week. Check in with you as soon as I can!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Why we fight the traffic and the crowds: a great big WOW!

Happy birthday/happy anniversary Kris! I pray that the day was everything you wanted it to be!!
We had a great cook-out (or should I say cook-in) despite the rain. My dear hubby stood in the downpour and grilled all the food! A great time was had by all. We got it cleaned up, took the kids to the pool when the rain stopped they played in the ice cold water, we came home and played Chatter (so fun) and then watched fireworks... that sums up my day.
I truly enjoyed spending the time with my family!
Tomorrow the rain clears up and gives way to sunny skies, thank goodness! We are all going to the Beach waterpark and going to enjoy fun in the sun!
Hope you all had a great 4th of July (especially you Kris)!
Talk to you soon.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Oh joy it's Monday...
I should be elated but I am so PMS -y I can't stand it!
Again, I've been waiting for this day so we can start trying for babies again but it's such bad timing and I'm so angry with this one! I'm a challenge for God right now! He's keeping His hand over my mouth and His other arm around my shoulder. I want so badly to start spurting out the things that are driving me crazy to my husband but of course now is not the time and the things I'd say are not the things I should say...
Oh Lord God, please give me peace in my soul. Give me the strength to keep my big mouth shut - EVEN if provoked! I trust in You oh Lord and I believe in your awesome power and You Lord can do all things, which includes keeping me quiet... thank you my Heavenly Father!

My sister made it in Friday night and it was awesome to see her and her dh! We spent a couple of hours together then and then again Saturday evening. She's going to come over tomorrow night and visit a bit. Then the cookout is Wed. I can't wait to have us all together!
Tucker and I enjoyed our weekend. It was pretty quiet. We hung out at the pool yesterday for a few hours. Then he came home and zonked out in the recliner for a couple of hours.
OH! I went on ebay and looked at scrapbook stuff. I am SO not into ebay so it's the 2nd time ever I've ever bid. I won it (I won the 1st time too). I got a cricut w/ 2 cartridges! I SOOOO can not wait to get it and start using it. Kris - you can use it any time! So can any of you - come on over! I got a good deal - $150 and that includes shipping! Still more than I really wanted to pay but a good deal still.
Now... I have to tell you about service yesterday! Oh my gosh! The presence of the Lord was so amazingly powerful! Let me tell you what...we never even got to service! We were in praise and worship, typical Sunday morning... then the Lord spoke through one of our congregation members... and it was on! We had people going to the alter right then... then we had people going up to pray w/ and for those people, THEN the WHOLE church was down there on the steps and at the alters and on the front pew! People were shouting their praise, they were giving their testimonies, and repenting! There were tears of joy everywhere... it was such a mountaintop! Such a victory for my church whose numbers have been suffering greatly lately. I mean... I can't even explain it in words... even me (who doesn't speak out in church or even pray out loud) gave my shouts of praise to God for saving my life... from saving me from disease and alcholism, and reaching out to save me from the depths of my hell and changing my life. I am living PROOF that God is alive and working! I am a walking testimony! The spirit of the Lord was in the house and it was so wonderful to see and to feel! I am so blessed to have been in His presence! I just can't even tell you! There is such a breakthrough coming I feel it!
We are talking about reaching out to the lost... not just inviting them to church but befriending them. Loving them, never giving up on them, even if it takes 8 years or 34 years... loving your new friend and being God's light in their life. YOU maybe the only true contact they have with Jesus... what kind of example are you to your lost friends? Do you have friends that are lost? Or are you a "cocooner" you've wrapped yourself around with all christian friends? I'm bad about keeping the two groups seperate. I am so afraid one group may offend the other group. Now how crazy is that?! If my christian friends are really christian then they will accept my lost friends and they will tolerate (only somewhat) their lanquage... my friends do try to watch that around me... but together we can be a great light to these lost friends of mine! I have neighbors down the street who helped start a church in our community - this church has grown from 8 people 10 years ago to 2008 people!! BUT... do you know why everyone is there? Because they are getting the feel good message... they aren't being convicted because God isn't there! I've been to that church and it isn't there. The preacher is a politican! Well, my neighbors don't go there anymore... the husband/father was raised in a christian school and church and now they don't go anywhere after the really bad experience with that church. I am so going to love on them and be God's light in there life and be as real as possible and pray for them and when God leads invite them to church.
Man, I love my pastor and his wife. They are truly spirit led and spirit fed!
Welp, have a nice Monday! Don't know when I'll post again... maybe Thursday!
Love you all!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hi! I know I've been MIA this week. Just really nothing to talk about and I've been really busy here at work. I've been drowning in paperwork and serial numbers! I've muttled my way through that and now on to the next task.
I've been reading the book of Kings. I have never read the bible through. I have never been able to make it past the first couple of books. Well for some reason Kings has been on my heart so I've started reading it. And because of Leigh's wonderful posts and the DVD she sent me I am making time for God in the morning not at night. Pastor Aaron preached Sunday about putting on your belt of truth. How that holds everything together. And he was right, I never thought of it like that, I need my belt during the day not at night before I go to bed. And... it makes a difference in my day. It starts it off and I pray before I read that God gives me understanding and that I get what He's trying to tell me through His word. Which... too helps throughout the day.
Lets see if I can catch you up on the past few days:
Friday: Tiff and I had a GREAT massage and so loved the new cafe Cup of Grace we went too. So nice to be in a christian atmosphere! We really enjoyed our girl time and can't wait to do it again! Tim and I went to dinner that night, I had ribs which I never ever get because of the mess but Max & Erma's has THE best ribs ever! The fall off the bone and I love them!
Then we went to see Ocean's 13. If you saw Ocean's 11 or 12 then you've seen 13. They are all the same. But who can pass up an opportunity to see Al Pacino, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon AND George Clooney all on the same screen. SO HOT! LOL!
Sat: got my kid back *YA* took him to a birthday part he was so bad (so tired) we left early and went to bed at 7:30!!!!!!!!!! Yep 7:30 pm (still very light out) on a Saturday night we went to bed!
Sunday: We went to church, HUBBY TOO! YA!! Then we went together to the Dragon's baseball game. Instead of a summer picnic my company takes us all to the baseball game. OMG! We had such a blast! Tucker was very good and it was his 1st ball game with daddy. We all enjoyed our time together.
Monday: I went to the library and got a book for Tucker so we can start his summer studies so he's ready for 1st grade and a scrapbook book for me (it's not very useful at all and it's really old)! Oh well. Then Tucker and Spencer played all night. It was a very peaceful night.
Tuesday: Ballgame - my dad came up to watch. We won 31-30. We played Tucker's BF team. that was alot of fun. Tucker played pretty well. It's just so cute to watch these kids! We got home about 9:30 and got to bed around 10ish. That is SO very late for us! I get up at 5am and I get TK up at 6am. So 10pm is too late for us!
Welp, that catches you up on my life. So boring but I love it!
Today my hubby is working 1st shift so it was so nice to start the day seeing him. He'll get to go to church tonight w/ us! I love when he works 1st shift.
I'm actually going to make an actual dinner! (hope he doesn't faint) haha!
I usually feed Tucker ramen noodles, soup or lunchable or spaghetti o's or hot dogs. I usually eat a bag of steamfresh vegies. Those by the way... are so good! Stick it in the microwave 5 min it's done, rip the top off the bag poor it in a bowl and wa-la! A yummy veggie!
I'm all about easy baby!
I am SOOOOO excited about this weekend and next week. My little sis flies in Friday night w/ her hubby. We haven't seen him in over 2 years! It's been a yr since we've seen her. My other sister (the preacher) is coming down from up north and we are having a big 'ole family picnic on July 4th at my house. Then Friday to a waterpark. All of us...together! Man I wish my sisters lived local! I can't wait to have us all together in one place. Tucker can't wait for his cousin Nate to get here. Nate is almost 16 and is SOO good with Tucker. Tucker idolizes Nate. They ride skateboards together and do cool bike tricks. So stinking cute! And my beautiful nieces! Me-Me (Megan) and PJ... wow they are so beautiful. I can't wait to spend time with them too.
This next week is going to be so much fun!
Well, that catches you up on my life.
Pray about something for me will ya'? I really really feel God telling me to do something. It's something REALLY risky finacially, and it's something that I have no knowledge about. But of course I know God will open all doors, and provide me all the knowledge I need if it's His will.
Pray that opportunities arise if it is His will and that I will go forth boldly.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
What a glorious week this has been. Today will be no expception! It started out wonderfully already. I listen to a local christian radio station that is a couple of towns away. They play alot of stuff from old hyms, to quartet, to newer contemporary stuff. Anyways... I half heard what the DJ said as I was driving into work, I heard her say something about Sandi Patty CD...call now... so she answers and says 2nd caller and I thought I lost... NOPE I won it! I also won a gift certificate for a new christian coffee/sandwich shop (Cup of Grace). Isn't that cool?! And...I have worked over all week so I can leave early today. My friend and I are leaving early and going to get massages and then hang by the pool ...however it is supposed to rain so I think we'll go to this new coffee shop and hang out! God is great how he works it all out.
I was supposed to get my haircut yesterday (1st time since August of LAST year). I know, and I'm a beautician... I SO know better! But she had to cancel, her baby was sick, so I just went home. I got some more invites done for the family cookout on the 4th and then I woke Tim up and we went and laid around the pool, then came home and did hambugers and french fries, watered the plants and watched a little Oprah that I DVR'd. Pretty boring night, nice and quiet, just like I like them! It was nice to have my and Tim time. Although he TOTALLY ticked me off...but since I'm trying to be "over it" I'm not going to talk about it or else I'll have myself all riled up again. See, God is working on me still!
Yesterday afternoon Tiff and I went for a walk instead of lifting and we just praised God the whole time, just lifted Him up for all the things He's done for us. Gave Him thanks for the small victories that add up to the big victory of salvation. God is so good and that was such a fun walk to be on!
Thought for the day: 2 Cor 10:5 We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.
I thought of my blogger friends when I read this one... ladies we need to stop berating ourselves, we need to stop focusing on the negatives, and we need to hold captive those very thoughts that bring us down. We need to bound them up for what is bound on earth is bound in heaven. We need to keep our thoughts focused on Christ and think positive, and say over and over "God I trust you in this situation, or I trust you for this healing, or I trust you for this finance" He is big enough and great enough. We need to change our way of thinking and start thinking and believing (I mean REALLY believing) that God will work it out!
God bless you all and have a beautiful Christ filled weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I received this in email this morning - I love these things. I had a post up HUGE post about service last night - and now it's gone... and I did Publish Post and I viewed it and all... even had a mispelled word and I didn't bother to fix it... where is it now Blogspot?!

1. What is your occupation? Inventory specialist (whatever) and assistant system admin 2. What color are your socks right now? none wearing flip flops 3. What are you listening to right now? the hum of the computers and printers 4. What was the last thing that you ate? skyline 5. Can you drive a stick shift? Yes6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? feeling tan today 7. Who is the person you last spoke to on the phone? Tim 8. Do you like the person who sent this to you? Yeah, I guess so (only kidding Hol) 9. How old are you today? 35
10. Favorite drink?
Mt Dew 11. What is your favorite sport to watch? NFL football .
12. Have you ever dyed your hair? Yes...
13. Pets? nope 14. Favorite food? Mexican
15. What movie did you see last and did you like it?
Music and Lyrics and yes, I actually laughed out loud a couple of times
16. Favorite month? Any of the warm ones !
17. What do you do to vent anger? Clean my house and yell 18. What was your favorite toy as a kid?
Light Bright
19. Favorite season? Summer 20. Hugs or kisses? hugs
21. Cherries or Blueberries? Blueberries22. Do you want your friends to write back? Sure 23. Who is most likely to respond? Rachael
24. Who is least likely to respond? Holly (since she sent it to me to begin w/) 25. What is best about your living arrangements? I don't know... I guess because I'm alone alot I get alot done!
26. When was the last time you cried?
Two weeks ago Tuesday.
27. What is on the floor of your closet? Shoes, laundry baskets, purses and bags
28. Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending this to? Chris Baker 29. What did you do last night? slept by the pool alone, church, skyline with Shelly 30. Who is your favorite music group? Of all time, Allman Brothers, single artist, Melissa Etheridge, right now really into Bela Fleck 31. What inspires you?
People who live their lives how they want to w/o any concern of who's watching and people who stand up and make a difference like foster parents 32. What are you afraid of? Losing Tucker
33. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers? cheese 34. What is your favorite dog breed? Doberman 35. Number of keys on your key ring? 2 36. How many years at your current job? 15 this December!
37. Favorite day of the week? Saturday38. What states/Provinces have you lived in? OHIO & California 39. Favorite Holiday ? Tucker's birthday? No kidding, Christmas 40.Ever driven/owned a motorcycle? nope just a rider
41. WHO ARE YOU~(YOUR FULL NAME) Holli (y) Christian Branham, Huffman, Scoggins, Smith (thought you'd all get a laugh at that) Geesh, such a loser!
Church was so good last night!
We are supposed to be studying the Holy Spirit right now but my wondeful and amazing pastor can take off on another track sometimes. I fully believe he's led by the spirit. The msg surely touched me.
We talked about "walking across the room" we can witness that easily. See someone sitting in a corner, go over and talk to that person, get to know them, smile at them. Make them feel noticed, and loved. Guess what... you were just a witness for Christ. You showed His love and His light that is w/in you. You want to be a witness? What is your testimony? Who can benefit from it? Mine? Well, I could talk to teens and young adults about sex and the vicious circle of trying to feel beautiful and loved and how sex makes you feel that way for a minute... then you feel worse and uglier afterwards. I could talk about alcohol and partying. I could talk about the addiction to porn. I could tell them how they will be only disappointed in sex and in their partner after watching porn. I could witness that you can be a christian and a straight female after living the lesbian lifestyle! Yep, I am an awesome witness for God! I am totally changed and am holy in the eyes of theLord! Yep, me, little old me. Honey, I was down in it... I was in the middle of hell and didn't even know it until I got to the bottom of it! Then I turned my eyes upward to the Lord and my heart followed and then the Lord our Jesus our Savior reached down, plucked me out of hell and has washed me clean in His blood. He witnessed to me, He set my path straight and said Go, go tell My people about Me and what I have done.
Oh thank you Lord!
My night was so awesome. I laid by the pool and on the raft and fell asleep as I floated around all by myself. Everyone else had left the pool, it was an amazing moment! Then after church a new friend and I went to Skyline (oh I have put on a few pounds this week)! Then I went home so filled with love and joy and went to bed!
My hubby is off today and I can't wait to spend time with him this evening, and tomorrow night we have a date. Saturday, well it's back to reality as Tucker comes home. I can't wait to see my boy! Tomorrow I am leaving work early w/ my BFF Tiff. We are going to the school of massage and getting massaged (duh) and then going to go lay by the pool for the afternoon. Then I'll be home by 4ish and take a shower and spend the evening w/ hubby (my other BFF) hehe.
It's been a great week and I thank the Lord for it. He knew I needed it!
Love you all!
Rememember scrapbookers and cardmakers check out my site www.scrapping4u.myctmh.com
Go to the shoponline and then at the bottom the discounts page. That's stuff that is retired and I can't get even as a consultant. They have some great deals! Our acrylic stamps ROCK! Better than any you'll find in the scrapbook store. If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Oh! Thanks for asking Kristi - I forgot to update ya'll. David and Beth (the BIL and SIL) are doing well. They got to bring David home Monday night. He's still in a TON of pain and not moving around alot but is getting better. Beth is healing well too. We kind of think that they sent David home early because he has no insurance. He was two days, yep 2 days away from having insurance! That family can't get a break. They can never get ahead and just as soon as it looks like they'll make ends meet something happens. It's a shame. Keep on praying for them!
I'm hoping that since he was new to his job that they will hold his job for him! We don't know how long it will be before he gets to go back to work but w/ no insurance that means no short term/long term ins. So, if he's not working, he's not getting paid! Beth doesn't work because she could get a mimimum wage job and then not be able to afford child care and then NOW, who would be there to take care of David at this point. GEESH! Vicious cycle! BUT! The positive note... they are alive, they will recover and God is good!
I had my last blood test yesterday, they will call today with the results and it should be a zero!
I SO enjoyed myself last night. I laid on the couch and watched whole programs no interuptions. I ordered a pizza with EVERYTHING on it, no cheese pizza for me! YA! I also sat on the couch and ate it, under a blanket, with the TV on.... aaaahhh that's the life!
I painted my nails and let them dry! I did clean his room (quickly) and came out with a garbage bag of trash. Everytime he leaves I clean his room and dwindle down the toys. Gotta pitch those happy meal toys!
Went to bed at 8:15 and had a great nights sleep!
I could get used to this. Okay, not really, I miss my kid tons but am going to make every minute of this time count!
Happy Wednesday to everyone. May God bless and keep each of you!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

AAAAhhh, the single life....life before kids.... WHATEVER DID I DO?!?!??!

I did lay by the pool and sleep and float around for a couple of hours, went to Olive Garden w/ the ladies from church and then got home...
and had no idea what to do!
I'm starting to miss boy! It's only Tuesday... and when I get him back on Saturday I'll be so happy and by next Tuesday will be begging for another day off! hahaha!
That's part of the fun of motherhood.
I go today for my last bloodtest. That's my only plan for the whole day and night.
Think I'll go to bed at 8:00 tonight... I stay up so late when Tucker isn't home. Trying to do all those things I want to do when he's there that I can't get done.
Anywho... hope you are having a blessed day!
Hoping some rain comes your way if you need it as bad as we do!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Monday morning to ya'll!!
What a wonderful weekend. My Tucker left Saturday to go w/ Nana and Papa & mamaNae (from Georgia) for a WHOLE WEEK!! WOO-HOO!!!
So, I scrapbooked and made cards Saturday night, got Music & Lyrics off of PPV. Cute movie btw. Sunday went to church, SO nice not to get anyone else ready but myself! Came home, watched a video Leigh Gray sent me (finally) and what a beautiful, adorable, funny, and spirit led woman she is! WOW! She's an awesome speaker and I am hoping that my MOPS leader from church invites Leigh to come! I'm not part of MOPS but if she comes - I'm going! She sent me the DVD because she talks about a miscarriage - however the video was about living a balanced life. It was great and backed up all w/ scripture. I've posted her link on here before. One of these days I'll have Kris show me how to put links down the side of my page! OH! And Leigh, let me know if you want me to send that back to you. I don't want to keep it if it's your only copy!
Anyways... then I took Daddy out to El Dorado's for dinner and then we came back and put Bela Fleck & The Flecktones (an AMAZINGLY talented trio) on in the garage and listened to music and talked and just really enjoyed his company! He went home and I made some more cards. I'm making the cutest picnic invitations for July 4 for a cookout when my baby sister is home from Montana. I also worked on the recipe card kit that I'm making for my cousin who is getting married. I'm going to put a couple of my Grandma's recipes in there, a couple of my favs and ask some of the family (other aunts and such) for a couple of their favs! Cute idea huh? I'm getting pretty crafty in my old age! LOL!
I am really looking forward to tonight. It's Joy Fellowship at church. We are meeting at 5:30 and heading off to Olive Garden! Stuffed chicken marsala here I come!!!! OH YA! I love Joy Fellowship. I love getting together with the ladies from church and learning from each of them and getting to know them as friends! Have a great day ya'll, I pray the Lord will bless you all and I pray that you keep Him first in your thoughts!
PS Leigh, that video touched me more than you know... thanks for being obedient! I pray that God will bless your socks (and shoes) off with your ministry!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Friday, June 15, 2007

Good Friday mornin' to ya'!
I was out yesterday... Tim's (my hubby) brother David and his wife were in a very serious car accident. It's amazing they survived! And this time... no seat belt was a good thing!
David pulled into an intersection with a hill and a truck (carrying cars) popped over the hill doing 70mph and plowed into the side of them. David has 3 fractured ribs, 3 fractured vertebrae in his neck and is (understandably) so very sore all over. He had surgery Wed. on his neck and it went well no paralysis! Praise the Lord! Beth is wife has suffered a head injury and has 12 staples in her head but has been released from the hospital. She has serious road rash on her shoulder where she was hanging sideways out of the car and drug along the road! Now go back and read that again and then praise the LORD! She said she yelled David's name and when he answered her she said the only thing she could think to do is get on her knees and she started praying. The 1st person on the scene came up to her and she asked him are you a christian man and he said I'm a preacher! He ran to his car grabbed a towel prayed over it and laid it on her head to help the bleeding and started reading from the bible. He started with the Lord is my shepard and Beth stopped him and said NO! They read that one at funerals and the Lord said I'm not going home yet! WOW WOW WOW! She said she has no pain in her head! She said the pain she feels is in her shoulder! Well I say YEP, that's proves it again there is a God! He reveals Himself to us daily! Do be in prayer for the family they have two kids who were w/ Grandma at the time (again Praise the Lord)! They are missing mommy and daddy very much. Haven't been away from each other for more than a day! David is still in ICU and was talking a little yesterday. They were hoping to stand him up and do some more xrays of his spine this time to make sure everything in his back lines up. Both of them recently (w/in the past year) gave their lives to the Lord. This accident could have had a much different outcome! Scary to think!
Tim and I did have a very blessed day together even though we had to go to a hospt. We really enjoyed each others time and company. We went to the pool last evening with Tucker and Tim and I were swimming around and kissing and hugging and Tucker was totally grossing out! I LOVE IT! It totally cracked me up and it was one of those moments in time that you knew would freeze in your brain forever and when everything felt right in the world. I love those moments and cherish those times because they come few and far between.
We are going to the comedy club tonight w/ a couple of other couples. Tim got free tickets. That ought to be a good time and I am looking forward to it!
Tomorrow I have relay for life walk and a last minute baby shower that I want to pop in at. Other than that a peaceful weekend is planned! YEAH! Hoping you have lots of sunshine and good times. I pray for each of you that cross this blog and I pray for my friends who have connected to me through this site I pray God blesses you abundantly not with things but with health, peace, family and friends!! God bless you all!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lifes been boring and routine so here's a laugh!

A little Christian humor
Jesus and Satan were having an on-going argument about who was better on the computer. They had been going at it for days, and frankly God was tired of hearing all the bickering. Finally fed up, God said, "THAT'S IT! I have had enough. I am going to set up a test that will run for two hours, and from those results, I will judge who does the better job." So Satan and Jesus sat down at the keyboards and typed away. They moused. They faxed. They e-mailed. They e-mailed with attachments. They downloaded. They did spreadsheets! They wrote reports. They created labels and cards. They created charts and graphs. They did some genealogy reports They did every job known to man. Jesus worked with heavenly efficiency and Satan was faster than hell. Then, ten minutes before their time was up, lightning suddenly flashed across the sky, thunder rolled, rain poured, and, of course, the power went off. Satan stared at his blank screen and screamed every curse word known in the underworld. Jesus just sighed. Finally the electricity came back on, and each of them restarted their computers. Satan started searching frantically, screaming: "It's gone! It's all GONE! "I lost everything when the power went out!" Meanwhile, Jesus quietly started printing out all of his files from the past two hours of work. Satan observed this and became irate. "Wait!" he screamed. "That's not fair! He cheated! How come he has all his work and I don't have any?" God just shrugged and said, JESUS SAVES

Monday, June 11, 2007

Oh and while I'm at it...
I collect Longaberger baskets (but I use them)
I am 16th cousins w/ Queen Elizabeth (but don't know which one)
If I am on time for something I am late... I like to be 10 min. early for everything and I expect everyone to be on time! I feel so put off if you are late.
I know... how anal!
Okay, I am so boring this is going to be tough... but here we go!
1.) My name is Holli born w/ a y changed it legally in 99 .
2.)I was born a week for before Christmas therefore the name... and middle name is Christian. 3.) I have 3 sisters 44, 41, and 28. We are very spread apart in age.
4.) I have a 6 year old Tucker
5.) Tucker means to torment ( I didn't know that when I named him).
6.) I will have been married to my husband, Tim 4 yrs in August.
7.) I love dogs and most animals but HATE cats. Find them to be very dirty nasty critters!
8.) My 1st dog was a mini poodle Suzette.
9.) My favorite dog was Niesha - a red doberman. THE BEST DOG I EVER OWNED! I miss her terribly
10.) My husband has OCD and can't stand the thought of an animal in the house.
11.) I have lost two children. One miscarriage at 7 weeks and one when I was 18 at 5 months
12.) I look back at the one when I was 18 - wow what a blessing that was now!13.) We just built our home a year ago. I LOVE my home.14.) God is using my home as a blessing to others... I just know it!
15.) My father is a gifted furniture maker and artist. You should the art in my house!
16.) My husband and I love antiques. He got me into it.
17.) He collects antique fruit jars.. (really expensive glass) geesh! 18.) I was a WILD child starting at age 14 and didn't stop until 30. 19.) I am PROOF that God is alive and working and that he still performs miracles
20.) I have worked for my company for 15 years this December
21.) I was a hair dresser before this job 22.) I was a cheerleader in HS. I wish now that I would've played sports so that I could play sports now.23.) I love the beach, I love to swim
24.) I am a total sun woshiper. I lay out for hours.
25.) In my old age -and after a cancer scare I now where sun screen and still get a glorious tan! who knew?!
26.) I love nature and hiking
27.) I HATE riding a bike
28.) I LOVE to drive fast (really fast) and drove a race car once in a powder puff. Most fun time ever!
29.) My friends (once I turned 16) called me Maria Andretti
30.) I grew up in a Nazarene church my entire life. I now go to a penecostal church and love it!
31.) I have no pttience for people who aren't willing to stand up and take charge of their lives.
32.) I have no patience for complainers - get up and change it!
33.) I had a very normal childhood. Rode bikes till dark etc.
34.) I was raped/attempted raped... 4 times by the time I was 18. By different people
35.) My life choices were based on those experiences. But I have been cleansed by God's blood. 36.) I have 2 nephews and 2 nieces. 37.) My husband is 1/2 Korean (his mother) and 1/2 caucasion (his father)
38.) He's incredibly sexy in his deputy uniform39.) His uniform is the only thing I like about his job40.) People think Tucker is Tim's - they have the same eyes. It's crazy!41.) I was artificially inseminated w/ Tucker 42.) I have two uterus, two cervix and only one kidney
43.) I was a tomboy - had to have a boys bike and all!
44.) My life long friend is Angie - knew her since I was 5
45.) I was born in Mt. View California
46.) I wish we were still there!
47.) I have huge gaps in my memory as far as school days - must've been the drugs I did!
48.) I could've been an alcoholic if the Lord did not have a design for me - I used to drink ALOT
49.) My parents were very strict - I thank them now
.50.) We had alot of chores - now Tucker will too
51.) I can't stand clutter - collections are clutter if its not being used
52.) I love to scrapbook and just started selling Close To My Heart (the best stuff on earth)
53.) I now love to make cards. I love to let people know I am thinking of them
54.) I love NFL - go Dallas Cowboys
55.) I've come in 2nd place three years in a row in my football pool (out of like 30 people)
56.) I HATE seafood
57.) I am a steak and potatoes kind of girl
58.) I wish I lived in the country
59.) I go to Lake Lure, NC almost every summer for vacation.
60.) I LOVE the mountains
61.) I host a crop interest based group for my church every 3rd Friday of the month
62.) I hope to win a few souls through it
63.) I have recently connected to several people from my past... I think it's so I can be a witness now that I was supposed to have been then.
64.) All my grandparents have passed on years ago
65.) I quit smoking almost 2 years ago by the grace of God - literally!
66.) My favorite food is Mexican food.
67.) I hate pecans, macadamia nuts and walnuts.
68.) I love chocolate and I crave it daily!
69.) My mother makes the best mexican food ever (it's the only thing she can cook well)
70.) I ate at El Dorados twice a day when I was pregnant w/ Tucker. He now loves mexican also
71.) I am terrible at math.
72.) I spell well (lol if I mispell it's generally typos)
73.) I love music and I love to sing.
74.) I love Janice Joplin and Melissa Etheridge. When I smoke my voice sounded like that
75.) I'm 5'6.5"
76.) I'm very average but blessed w/ a great and inviting smile (thanks God)
77.) I went to prom 4 times and hated it each time.
78.) I am pretty liberal and totally believe my way is right (I know how annoying)!
79.) I have an astigmatism and should wear glasses when I drive but I like never do!
80.) since I quit smoking my night blindess has improved by 75%!
81.) My first job was a gas station attendant. We still had one lane of full service and I pumped gas and had to deal w/ nasty people over car repair bills.
82.) I've had more boyfriends than I could possibly remember (and no that's not bragging that's a regret)
83.) I love the my child has my outgoing personality - everywhere he goes he draws attention
84.) My 41 yr old sister is a minister
85.) I have 2 uncles that are ministers
86.) I have two (at least) cousins that are ministers
87.) My favorite color is lime green and I own every type and style of shirt in that color
88.) I tan very easily and always have a natural tan all summer long
89.) I love to lift weights. It makes me feel so powerful and independant!
90.) My baby sister lives in Montanna and I HATE her being so far away from home. I miss her so terribly!
91.) I can not listen to Janice Joplin, Grateful Dead and etc anymore... it makes me want to drink and smoke and I can't ever go back there again!
92.) I love comedies. I DVR Ellen everyday because she cracks me up.
93.) I love Family Circle and Garfield comic strips
94.) I HATE HATE HATE roller coasters - I almost fell out of one as a child... my dad reached out and grabbed me and saved my life. That was at Cedar Point
95.) I hate crowds! I don't like being herded like cattle
96.) I don't have time for irrational fears (like of MRI machines, elevators, daddy long legs)
97.) I am very tell it like it is ... I try to be gentle but sometimes it just comes out but I am working on that
98.) People either hate me or love me because of it... there is no in between
99.) Wow - this wasn't that hard - I have natural curly hair and used to hate it and now I just deal with it.

There ya go! Anything else you want to know? Feel free to ask I am an open book!

Friday, June 08, 2007

SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad it's Friday!!!
We went to the pool last night and Tim and I laid out while Tucker swam. Still too cold for me!
But the sunshine felt so wonderful!
Other than that... nothing exciting in our house. I made dinner while Tucker and Tim practiced baseball out in the yard. Remember when you were a little girl and you daydreamed about watching your family outside as you stood at the kitchen window? Well, at least I did anyways. It's so awesome to see it in real life! It was one of those moments when life felt complete.
I love summer time in my neighborhood too. Everyone outside and as you walk to the pool (at the end of my street) everyone comes out to talk. It's so great. Tim and I got to snuggle on the couch before bed and watch some TV. It was really a boring yet wonderful evening. I got creative and made a waterfall card and couple of demo scrapbook pages.
I have another party Saturday and am pretty excited about this one. Doing a whole tropical theme and going to try to spice it up and make it fun.

I just got a call from Tim. Poor Tucker and another kid collided at camp. Tucker knocked a tooth loose and busted his lip. He wanted daddy to come and get him so Tim was going to take him to get a slushy. You know, all that ice in his mouth will make it feel better! I love how dad's justify spoiling their children! hahaha!!!
No plans for this evening, which again - how nice!! Another peaceful evening w/ my family. Some pretty heavy T-storms are moving in so it'll be nice to get some rain. It's very much needed already. Also, if it storms... we all get to stay inside together and play games and hang out! Cool!!!
Hope you all have a blessed weekend.
BTW: the bleeding has almost stopped. God knew how much I can take! He's so good. So, we can say I'm pretty much done and ready to move on. Thanks again for all your prayers and support! YOU GUYS ROCK!
Love and blessings!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Lord is MY shepard! Do you know what that means? That means He guides us, He watches over us, if we got lost He'll find us, He protects us! Such BIG meaning is such a simple verse.
I thank you this morning dearest Father for being my shepard!
Things are going well for me. The Dr office called yesterday and my blood levels are at 100something. I was disappointed. I have to go again next Tuesday to have more blood drawn. I am growing weary (it feels like it's been weeks and then I realized it's only be one week today). I just want this to be finished. I want to stop cramping every evening. I sat in church last night and had to keep leaning forward and biting my lip trying to ignore the pain I felt! Please keep praying. We are studying the Holy Spirit, the Helper on Wednesday's. Understanding the Trinity, each distinct personality or purpose of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit and why He is here and the miracles that can and are still performed today by the Holy Spirit. It's got my FULL attention! I was raised in a Nazarene church so being baptized by the Holy Spirit isn't something that was ever taught to me. Now that I'm going to an Assembly of God (penecostal) church I'm enthralled with all I'm learning!
My mom came home from the hospital yesterday (forecefully I might add). She is one stubborn cookie! I guess they diagnosed the problem as Fiberticulitis (pockets in your colon) and seeds and such get stuck in these pockets and it can become very swollen and painful and apparently your colon can burst. Which is what they were afraid of. She does go back to her Dr today to be checked out and the surgeon (who was her Dr in the hosp.) next week for follow ups. She is still in pain so remember her in your prayers still. Thank you!
My card workshop - oh God is good! I started cramping and bleeding horribly on my way home from work Tuesday night but I was not going to call and cancel! Well i prayed that the big group wouldn't show and only have a couple there. WELP! Three women! That's it! The group still had to place their orders even if they don't come to the workshop, so it was very laid back, I got to sit down most of the night and I swear God is so good! The group is a group of Christian ladies that I met at the Church of Christ crop in Xenia (through a lady here at work). They are the funniest bunch of women and so fun to be around. They truly are lovers of the Lord and I feel so blessed that God has led us together. I see big things! :-)
So, that is my life in a nutshell. Our pool finally opened and Tucker went swimming for a little while last night. Too cold for me still but today is to be 91 and I might have to leave work early and hit the pool with my family. Today is Tim's day off and I could use some hubby time. I miss him terribly all week long! God has so re-newed my love and strengthend and deepend my love for my husband! This miscarriage has been a blessing as far as seeing my husband in a new light. It's also been a great testimony for those people who've known me for years. They say how are you okay and I get to say it's God! It's God that has given me peace. They walk away shaking their heads and they have to know that I'm telling the truth because they know the old bitter angry Holli. They have to know it really is God! ISN'T THAT COOL?!??!?!
Well, enjoy your Thursdays. I pray there is sunny skies where you are and I pray that the Lord meets your needs right where you are at today! If you don't know the Lord as your Savior then I pray that you will ask Him for forgiveness today because TRUST ME there is NOTHING to great for Him to handle. Nothing you could have done so wrong that you can't be forgiven and you don't have to go anywhere but on your knees and He, our great and mighty God will come to you right where you are!
Thank you LORD!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Okay, my pool finally opens and now it's only 69 degrees!! What's up with that?
I am glad it's Tuesday. I'm nervous as all get out about my workshop tonight and I pray that it all goes well! I know that 3 of the 10 women won't be there for sure so I'm glad for that. That way the less people that I have to help on first try! I can't believe I'm going to stand in front of 7 women and teach them how to makes cards and show them a new design. When! I just started and they've been doing it for years. That's where the prayer for confindence comes in. You know the verse... I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me! And strength comes in my joy! And I am celebrating in Him.
I had a neighbor come over last night, she asked "Are you sure you are really ok? I miscarried once and I pretended to be okay to people but inside I was dying." I said yes, I really am okay. The Lord has brought me peace. I'm ready for this to be done so I can move on. I said I really feel as the though the Lord prepared my heart for this as soon as I needed Him too. I said I also prayed that it would happen quickly and virtually pain free. And BOY! Did he ever answer!
I went today to have my blood drawn and the guy (who hurt me by the way) said he'd probably see me next week and I said Nope! My levels will be less than 10 today. I am so confident in what the Lord is doing I know that the miscarriage is done and complete and my body is already healing! I feel it! Do you know what it feels like when God is healing your body? Have you ever felt the powerful difference? It's unexplainable - but I can really feel something different. I'm sure alot of it has to do with the absolute pure peace in my heart.
So - enough about that!
Tucker had his first day of Daycamp yesterday. His counsler is a college kid named Zach who Tucker said was the coolest ever! I am so glad! I really think he'll have an absolute blast this summer at the camp. Sounds like they do so much fun stuff everyday and keep the kids really busy all day long!
I gave him his mohawk (I thought of you Jeff) on Friday and everywhere he goes he wants attention for it! What was really hysterical to me... this morning dropping him off, there were 3 boys (including TK) that had mohawks! His was the coolest of course (in mom's opinion). His was the only one that was gelled and spiked on top. He asked (OKAY GET THIS) to have his belly button pierced or the thing between your nostrils 0 he wanted to look like a bull!!!!!
Dad and I both VERY QUICKLY said OH NO! Absolutely not!! Not until you are 18 AND out of our house. I never thought I'd have to say that. It was a sad moment for me. LOL!
I really need to read his Keys for Kids to him more often! Study his Sunday School lessons more often. Okay, what I really need to do is start praying for wisdom and that his desires to be different will become a desire to be different and serve the Lord not the world!
So, anyways... I better get back to work!
Praying for you all and that the Lord will meet your needs whatever they may be.
Oh! And please pray for my mom. She's in the hospital w/ severe side pain and had an ultrasound this morning, and has talked to surgeons. They think it could be appendix. So keep her in your prayers please.
And I thank each of you for your prayers and loving support. As you can see God is good and He answers prayers!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Hello all! I had a nice long post started... then had to leave my desk... came back and closed out of IE (I had it minimized) and did not click the return to post list link...eeerrrr!!!
Basically - had a nice weekend. My hubby kept me home Friday - I think he wanted to keep me close so he could keep an eye on me. He landscaped and it is beautiful! It looks better than the yards that were professionally done. I'm so proud of him and how hard he works!
Friday night I started cramping really bad, I felt like I was going to throw up! I finally took a darvocet and it made me fall asleep. I felt better Saturday. We had a cookout for Tim's birthday and I had a graduation party to go to. The cookout was nice and relaxing. We invited a couple of the neighbors and got to know them a little better and had a good time. Sunday went to church and laid around the house. Took a nap which is always a bonus! Started cramping again last night. Then today felt better. Took a 2.75 mile walk at lunch and started cramping during the walk. I'll really be glad when this is done. I am grateful to God that is happend so quickly and that I didn't have to wait days or weeks for it to start! I am grateful to God for the peace that He has filled me with and that positive outlook and attitude that He has surely blessed me with! I couldn't do this without my Lord and Savior!
I thank you ALL for your prayers. For they have made the difference! The Lord heard our cries and has answered. Praise Him today for the good things He has done!
I called the Dr office this morning to talk about things. I have to go have another blood test tomorrow to see where my levels are. Anything under 10 is considered not pregnant and that means my body has shed it all - so that's the prayer for the day. That it will be less than 10 so I won't have to have anymore tests! :-)
My first card workshop is tomorrow night! This is a group of ladies who decided they want to spend $15 a month for the next 10 months (that way each lady gets to be hostess once) and we'll get together once a month and do a card workshop and a couple of scrapbook layouts. I'm nervous as this is my first workshop. I have everything ready (I hope)! Now it's just how to get it started and teach?! Well, again , I'll trust God for it. He brought me this business and he brought me these Christian women and so I'll trust Him that He'll bring me a nice, relaxed atmosphere and self confidence! :-) I have a home gathering on Saturday and am hoping to get a gathering booked from it. I had a neighbor say she wants to have a party so I'll pray that God is behind each one of these! He truly is so good to me!
I've never been very creative but the Lord has brought such awesome ideas to me recently!
Well... don't forget to check out my website every so often. www.scrapping4u.myctmh.com
That is the only place you can get discount items. I even order from my website for those because even though I'm a Close to My Heart consultant I can't see deals except through our websites. Good discounts out there!
Okay, so that was my plug for the day.
Enjoy your Monday!!! I love you all and mostly I love the Lord!!! YEAH!!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

* this may be more info than you want to know...

I started bleeding this morning. Here at work. Nothing terrible and not alot of cramping. Just like a very mild period so far. I know it will get heavier before it gets lighter but I hope the cramps stay like they are.
I have to say...even though this is horrible news God is good. My church prayed for me last night and all of you have been praying for me. The prayers I requested was that this happen quickly and painfree. Let me tell you, when God answers He answers! This is quick. The Dr said it could happen in a week it could happen in a month. It happened in a matter of days. Thank you God for your swiftness. Thank you for having mercy on my suffering. Thank you for your saving Grace.
I really am okay. I'm not depressed. I'm not down. I am praising God through this and thanking Him for the opportunity that this has presented to talk to my husband. To see how wonderful and supportive my husband really is. The opportunity to talk to my child, a serious pretty adult conversation, and see how mature and grown up he really is. What a blessing this has all been.
I also know with all confidence that I will conceive again and it will live and be healthy.
I heard a song yesterday and it said something about praying my child into heaven. Isn't it funny how God sends us words? My daily word yesterday was Psalm 18:1. I love you Lord, You are my strength. Also Exodus 15:2.
He truly is my rock!
How grateful I am for you Lord!!! Just like the song... I have in my life... proved him o'er and o'er!! My life is a testimony to Him and I want to shout it from the street side! GOD SAVED MY LIFE AND HE CAN SAVE YOURS TOO!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I went to have another ultrasound yesterday and the baby was smaller than it was a week ago and it should have tripled in size. So, my body is going to miscarry. I had to have a blood test done which will check my hormone levels and then I'll go again next week and see if they dropped (which in all reality they will have). The dr couldn't give me a time frame but I am guessing within a month I will have miscarried and it'll be done. I was (obviously) upset yesterday but I am okay today. I know that God has a perfect plan and I am trusting Him for it. Tim is being very supportive and he was pretty upset yesterday also. We both agree that once I'm healthy we'll try again. The hardest thing in all of this will be to tell Tucker. He's so very excited it's going to suck! That and just having to tell this story over and over to all the people who know. Next time… we'll wait to tell Tucker (because he's the one who blabbed to everyone he saw)! So anyways… please pray that this happens quickly and with little or no pain. I just want to get it over with and not carry this non-growing baby in my body for a month! I just want this to be done and over so we can move on. I praise God that this happened now and not later and I also praise Him because now Tim is ready and prepared for another one and this has brought us closer. God is good!
I fully trust the Lord and His plan for my life. Father God, I come to you right now and I give you glory and honor. Lord you see the things that I can not see and can not yet understand but I fully trust You and know that Your will is perfect. I give you praise Lord, I rejoice Lord, my heart is full of joy. I prayed yesterday to you Father that you would comfort me and strengthen me and of course You did not fail. I have such a peace in my heart Lord and that is the peace that passes all understanding. How can I be at peace in such a hurtful time? Because I love You Father! Because you are my Comforter! Father God I pray that you will touch my body, that it will recover quickly, that it will be pain free, that it will conceive another healthy child in your perfect time. Lord please continue to bless our family and bring us closer through this. Lord I pray for your words to tell Tucker. I pray that you will touch his precious little heart and help him to understand such a painful, grown-up situation. Lord, please be Tucker's comforter as you are mine. Be Tim's comforter Father. I give you thanks for these things Lord. I know that Your hand is in our lives and the healing has already begun. Praise you Lord!
The enemy can not have me... for the victory is the Lords!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Things my husband says:

I can't have my fat pregnant wife and baby driving around w/o AC in the car - translation:
I have to use the word fat because I don't want her to think I really care but yet I really do!

How's my pregnant *ss wife feeling today - translation: If I use a swear word it'll make me sound tough and like I don't care however, I really do care how she's feeling!

He came up behind me and was rubbing my belly and I chuckled. He said What - I said I think it's cute that you are rubbing baby. He gufawed (is that a word) and walked away like he wasn't doing anything.
Men - so funny, so predictable! We love them because we feel sorry for them! HAHA (I AM only kidding)!
He was so upset about baby at first but now he's getting so excited, it is so precious to hear the love and concern in his undertone. He's such a hard outershell man but really inside there is this softness. And when he comes to serve the Lord it will really show through. Then his true strength and power will come out in his gentleness! I trust the Lord for it today and everyday!
I'm wearing maternity clothes today. My jeans don't fit anymore. Do you know how devastating that is ... AT SIX WEEKS PREGERS!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh well, I look cute! HAHA! Hope you all have a blessed weekend. I pray that you truly celebrate our Lord and savior all weekend. Dance around your house to praise music and turn your face to heaven and let Him see the glory in your face that He put there!
Love and peace to you all!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A quick note: GOD IS GOOD!
I had one more thing that hadn't cleared and I had a farewell luncheon I was going to have to miss today... but God provided EXACTLY the amount I needed to cover them both.
Thank you Jesus for always being here and for always providing my needs according to your perfect will!
Hi baby! You are definately growing because I am growing! So, I know you need to grow and I of course want you to grow but could you find room somewhere inside where it's not pushing so much on the outside? I do believe this will be my last week in normal pants. Even my low riders are uncomfortable when sitting down. I had to wear maternity shorts and top to Tucker's ball practice last night because I have no shorts to fit me. Today things are definately moving and growing because my belly hurts and its already starting to harden up across the top. Well, you didn't waste any time did ya?! Well, I guess I might as well get used to it now... I just really thought I'd have another month or so before this happened. Your brother was pushing on my belly yesterday singing you got a chubby belly mommy! Oh how comforting that was! NOT!
I did go home and catch a 20 min nap before he got home from school. You are making me sleepy with all the growing you are doing - BUT don't stop okay?!

So... girls... pray for me finacially please! I screwed two of my 3 accounts up royally (don't ask me how as I check online almost everyday). But it's bad... like $170 bad! I know it's my fault as I'm the one who does the bills. I got lazy for one thing and didn't check the joint account book against the online statement. I thought I had more money in there than what was in there. Then of course... I have $120 budgeted for gas... well I'm spending $171! Somethings gotta give on these gas prices. I don't have any money in the budget to shift around to cover it. So, I'm taking money from my business account to cover my personal account and praise the Lord tomorrow is payday so I can cover it all tomorrow EXCEPT that it's going to make me short then the next week for bills. So... I need the Lord to bless me finacially to cover my stupidity!
I know we've all been here and we've all done it but now I'm trying not to worry about it since there is nothing I can do to cover it but it still has my stomach in knots (which baby was doing just fine on it's own).
So anyways... that's my drama. Tucker has his first game tonight and he's so excited because Papa Bert is coming and it's daddy's day off so he'll have a fan base for his first game! LOL!
Church was so awesome last night. We've started this small 10 chapter book on the Miraculous something or other (I know how lame am I) it's about the Holy Spirit and how and why He was sent to us as our helper and how to receive Him. I'm very excited about this new study. I'm hoping to learn alot. Our pastor is so intuned and so led by the Holy Spirit it's so fabulous! We somehow got on to forgiveness and I just left a msg on someone blog yesterday about how amazingly free I am and it finally dawned on me that I am forgiven! The Lord also pointed out some scripture to me that I am going to read over the baby after it's born. It was in I John 3 but I don't have my bible right here with so I can't tell you what verse it was. Anyways, I just know, the Lord has filled me with the knowledge that this child will be my peaceful child, that this child is going to be knowledgable in and live the Word. Of course it is my job as a parent to fill the childs atmosphere with the Word and teach it to pray and teach it to praise. So those are my ramblings for the day...
Have a peaceful Thursday. I can't wait for tomorrow to get here!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good Wednesday morning world!! Isn't it a glorious day? The sun is shining, it's going to warm all day and we are half way through the week (which is a good thing since I thought yesterday was Thursday)!!! Something else someone pointed out to me, it's a 3 day weekend! I've been so lost in the clouds that I forgot it was a holiday weekend! YAAA the pools open! Can't wait to start swimming.
I went yesterday to Once Upon a Child and got some more maternity clothes. A pair of jeans, a dress, and about 5 tops for $40! Can't beat that. My friend Tif bought me two tops and a Fit Mama DVD. She said if I was going to hang with her while pregnant I had to be a hot mama! LOL! She's my fashion diva!
The Dr office called yesterday afternoon and I have another ultrasound Tuesday morning since we didn't see the heartbeat yet. Please pray. I started to worry than said NOPE! My God is not a God of fear or worry. So, I praise Him instead for a Dr that is caring and wants to be fully aware of what's going on with my unique situation! I trust God. The Lord is just, He is my rock, there is nothing but goodness in Him Psalm 92:15!
I found some amazing websites lately. I don't know how to create links on the side. I always try and it never works. So they are: http://crownlaiddown.blogspot.com/ so amazing the wisdom of this Holly Smith. And http://leighhargisgray.blogspot.com/ she is so inspirational and this one http://flibbertigibberish.blogspot.com/ she seems so very sweet and mild. The total opposite of me. Sometimes I wish I could be more like that than I remember that God made me bold for a reason. He made me loud so I could be heard. LOL! Tucker had a rough day yesterday pray for a better day today please!
I'm getting ready to go for a walk and get some excercise in! I've put on 3 lbs!! GEESH!
Tonight is T-ball practice and I have to go to the dreaded walmart to get some flips flops for Tucker and some food for him to take to school for a party they have tomorrow!
Welp, that's my story... not exciting but that's it.
I did have my first bout of " I just need to close my eyes for a second" yesterday. After the 20 min nap I felt better! Love and prayers to you all!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Hello Tadpol-ette (hehe). Well, mommy just saw you on the screen. I had my first ultrasound today and there you were. Just a blip on the screen. A dot. A peanut a whole 2.23 m long. Amazingly enough, in exactly one week from today you will be 6 something m long! You have little arm and leg buds (which we couldn't see) and they will start moving around this week. You heart is there and dividing into two chambers this week but again we just couldn't see it today. We could see that there was blood flowing around you and that was good. We now know that I am pregnant in my left cervix. That's a first. I was pregnant in my right cervix the other two pregnancies. So, I have spoken that my left side is my strong side! I'm trusting God for an amazingly healthy pregnancy this time. He is good and He answers and I will accept His answer as His perfect will for my life. No matter what that answer may be. I am so excited. I have another appt next Tuesday to talk to the Dr about the game plan this time. I pray that it's good news. I still feel great! No sickness. Food totally agrees with me so far. Garlic leaves me with tons of indigestion. I'm not totally worn out yet either. I'm waiting for that to kick in. With me being home alone with Tucker most of the time I'm praying he'll let me take cat naps when I need them. I'm already popping out. I weighed myself this morning and you've put on three pounds already! (yes all the weight gain will be you not me). hehe! What's so bad about that is I've been eating really clean. I haven't had any junk food! But I guess it's to be expected and I'm not going to get worked up about it.
I'm going to my friend Em's house tomorrow to get some clothes. She just had Lola and I can't wait to see her! I do hope you and Lola will be great friends!
Well sweet baby mommy will write to you later! I love you.

so, for those of you who don't know... I was born with two cervix and one kidney. I've been told I have one uterus split in 1/2 and I've been told I have two seperate uteri. Honestly I don't think anyone knows for sure. When I graduated I was pregnant and lost the baby at 5 months and that's how we found out about the two seperate cervix. This is the first time being pregnant on the left side. So, pray that this will make the difference and be a strong pregnancy!
I had a fabulous weekend! Friday night, Tucker had ball practice and did great at 1st base. Then I went to do my scrapbook thing and had a good time. Saturday morning I laid around and enjoyed the quiet morning. Then I made a HUGE breakfast for Tucker. Bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, stawberries and pancakes. NO... I did not eat the pancakes (that would explain 3lbs if I did)! Saturday evening Tim took us to dinner at a great new mediterranian rest. and to see Shrek 3. That was a cute movie if you like Shrek. We got a huge kick out of it! Sunday was church and an all day birthday party. It was a sunny warm beautiful day and we had a great time. But last night... I felt pregnant! My feet were swollen and I was exhausted! I curled up in the recliner with a glass of OJ and didn't move for two hours! Anyone watch Desperate Housewives? OMG!! Didn't see the ending coming did you??? Surely they'll bring her back?!
Well, that's all I have to say today...
Happy Monday!
And to the praying world - pray for Josh and his entire family. He truly needs the miracle of God's healing in his life. And GOD CAN DO IT! Through the power of the Holy Spirit Josh can be free from his drug addictions and be healed and I trust the Lord for it!