Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Okay, my pool finally opens and now it's only 69 degrees!! What's up with that?
I am glad it's Tuesday. I'm nervous as all get out about my workshop tonight and I pray that it all goes well! I know that 3 of the 10 women won't be there for sure so I'm glad for that. That way the less people that I have to help on first try! I can't believe I'm going to stand in front of 7 women and teach them how to makes cards and show them a new design. When! I just started and they've been doing it for years. That's where the prayer for confindence comes in. You know the verse... I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me! And strength comes in my joy! And I am celebrating in Him.
I had a neighbor come over last night, she asked "Are you sure you are really ok? I miscarried once and I pretended to be okay to people but inside I was dying." I said yes, I really am okay. The Lord has brought me peace. I'm ready for this to be done so I can move on. I said I really feel as the though the Lord prepared my heart for this as soon as I needed Him too. I said I also prayed that it would happen quickly and virtually pain free. And BOY! Did he ever answer!
I went today to have my blood drawn and the guy (who hurt me by the way) said he'd probably see me next week and I said Nope! My levels will be less than 10 today. I am so confident in what the Lord is doing I know that the miscarriage is done and complete and my body is already healing! I feel it! Do you know what it feels like when God is healing your body? Have you ever felt the powerful difference? It's unexplainable - but I can really feel something different. I'm sure alot of it has to do with the absolute pure peace in my heart.
So - enough about that!
Tucker had his first day of Daycamp yesterday. His counsler is a college kid named Zach who Tucker said was the coolest ever! I am so glad! I really think he'll have an absolute blast this summer at the camp. Sounds like they do so much fun stuff everyday and keep the kids really busy all day long!
I gave him his mohawk (I thought of you Jeff) on Friday and everywhere he goes he wants attention for it! What was really hysterical to me... this morning dropping him off, there were 3 boys (including TK) that had mohawks! His was the coolest of course (in mom's opinion). His was the only one that was gelled and spiked on top. He asked (OKAY GET THIS) to have his belly button pierced or the thing between your nostrils 0 he wanted to look like a bull!!!!!
Dad and I both VERY QUICKLY said OH NO! Absolutely not!! Not until you are 18 AND out of our house. I never thought I'd have to say that. It was a sad moment for me. LOL!
I really need to read his Keys for Kids to him more often! Study his Sunday School lessons more often. Okay, what I really need to do is start praying for wisdom and that his desires to be different will become a desire to be different and serve the Lord not the world!
So, anyways... I better get back to work!
Praying for you all and that the Lord will meet your needs whatever they may be.
Oh! And please pray for my mom. She's in the hospital w/ severe side pain and had an ultrasound this morning, and has talked to surgeons. They think it could be appendix. So keep her in your prayers please.
And I thank each of you for your prayers and loving support. As you can see God is good and He answers prayers!


Leigh Gray said...

hey girl - just wanted to check in and see how things are going??? It sounds like they are going great. When I miscarried i had the same kind of immediate peace like you have had... Praise Him!!

He is soooooooooo good!!

Love, Leigh

PJ said...

Oh Holli, i was so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. You have come to mind a lot lately. I'm glad you have peace about it. Still prayin - love, Pam

Kristi K. said...

Holli, I hope all went well with your workshop and with your mom.

Please keep us posted about everything, okay? I know you're doing fine, but I still feel better hearing from you regularly.

Love and hugs....

neicybelle said...

thanks for the update...i'll pray for you and you pray for me...deal? *hugs*