Monday, June 11, 2007

Oh and while I'm at it...
I collect Longaberger baskets (but I use them)
I am 16th cousins w/ Queen Elizabeth (but don't know which one)
If I am on time for something I am late... I like to be 10 min. early for everything and I expect everyone to be on time! I feel so put off if you are late.
I know... how anal!


neicybelle said...

i've been traced back to mary, queen of scots, and robert bruce, king of fun, eh? i'm the same way aobut being on time...i think that if i walk in "on time", i'm late...don't consider it anal...i consider it polite and giving yourself some breathing room....*smiles*

Kristi K. said...

Using your logic, I am going to rationalize my Strawberry Shortcake collection by saying:

I'm using it to be the kid I never got to be when I was a kid. I had to care for my aging grandparents and never really got to enjoy my childhood. Now, I'm living it up as an adult. :)

One day, if I ever have a granddaughter(s), I plan on devoting one entire room to Strawberry Shortcake. When she comes over, that will be her room. We'll play dolls, cuddle up under her blankets, and have a blast.

I never have a shortage of things for my neices to play with/color when they come over or a gift to give them on a special occasion. I'm their "Strawberry Shortcake" aunt. I'm always ready with a gift for a birthday when one of my friends' girls has a party. That's what I love about my collection. It's not just for me to hoard all to myself. I love to share it. It makes me smile when I can make someone else smile.

So I'm going to use my collection to bless others as long as I can! ;) Maybe it's a ministry?

Holli said...

That's good Kris! And as long as it's being put to use and not collecting dust than it's all good!