Monday, June 11, 2007

Okay, I am so boring this is going to be tough... but here we go!
1.) My name is Holli born w/ a y changed it legally in 99 .
2.)I was born a week for before Christmas therefore the name... and middle name is Christian. 3.) I have 3 sisters 44, 41, and 28. We are very spread apart in age.
4.) I have a 6 year old Tucker
5.) Tucker means to torment ( I didn't know that when I named him).
6.) I will have been married to my husband, Tim 4 yrs in August.
7.) I love dogs and most animals but HATE cats. Find them to be very dirty nasty critters!
8.) My 1st dog was a mini poodle Suzette.
9.) My favorite dog was Niesha - a red doberman. THE BEST DOG I EVER OWNED! I miss her terribly
10.) My husband has OCD and can't stand the thought of an animal in the house.
11.) I have lost two children. One miscarriage at 7 weeks and one when I was 18 at 5 months
12.) I look back at the one when I was 18 - wow what a blessing that was now!13.) We just built our home a year ago. I LOVE my home.14.) God is using my home as a blessing to others... I just know it!
15.) My father is a gifted furniture maker and artist. You should the art in my house!
16.) My husband and I love antiques. He got me into it.
17.) He collects antique fruit jars.. (really expensive glass) geesh! 18.) I was a WILD child starting at age 14 and didn't stop until 30. 19.) I am PROOF that God is alive and working and that he still performs miracles
20.) I have worked for my company for 15 years this December
21.) I was a hair dresser before this job 22.) I was a cheerleader in HS. I wish now that I would've played sports so that I could play sports now.23.) I love the beach, I love to swim
24.) I am a total sun woshiper. I lay out for hours.
25.) In my old age -and after a cancer scare I now where sun screen and still get a glorious tan! who knew?!
26.) I love nature and hiking
27.) I HATE riding a bike
28.) I LOVE to drive fast (really fast) and drove a race car once in a powder puff. Most fun time ever!
29.) My friends (once I turned 16) called me Maria Andretti
30.) I grew up in a Nazarene church my entire life. I now go to a penecostal church and love it!
31.) I have no pttience for people who aren't willing to stand up and take charge of their lives.
32.) I have no patience for complainers - get up and change it!
33.) I had a very normal childhood. Rode bikes till dark etc.
34.) I was raped/attempted raped... 4 times by the time I was 18. By different people
35.) My life choices were based on those experiences. But I have been cleansed by God's blood. 36.) I have 2 nephews and 2 nieces. 37.) My husband is 1/2 Korean (his mother) and 1/2 caucasion (his father)
38.) He's incredibly sexy in his deputy uniform39.) His uniform is the only thing I like about his job40.) People think Tucker is Tim's - they have the same eyes. It's crazy!41.) I was artificially inseminated w/ Tucker 42.) I have two uterus, two cervix and only one kidney
43.) I was a tomboy - had to have a boys bike and all!
44.) My life long friend is Angie - knew her since I was 5
45.) I was born in Mt. View California
46.) I wish we were still there!
47.) I have huge gaps in my memory as far as school days - must've been the drugs I did!
48.) I could've been an alcoholic if the Lord did not have a design for me - I used to drink ALOT
49.) My parents were very strict - I thank them now
.50.) We had alot of chores - now Tucker will too
51.) I can't stand clutter - collections are clutter if its not being used
52.) I love to scrapbook and just started selling Close To My Heart (the best stuff on earth)
53.) I now love to make cards. I love to let people know I am thinking of them
54.) I love NFL - go Dallas Cowboys
55.) I've come in 2nd place three years in a row in my football pool (out of like 30 people)
56.) I HATE seafood
57.) I am a steak and potatoes kind of girl
58.) I wish I lived in the country
59.) I go to Lake Lure, NC almost every summer for vacation.
60.) I LOVE the mountains
61.) I host a crop interest based group for my church every 3rd Friday of the month
62.) I hope to win a few souls through it
63.) I have recently connected to several people from my past... I think it's so I can be a witness now that I was supposed to have been then.
64.) All my grandparents have passed on years ago
65.) I quit smoking almost 2 years ago by the grace of God - literally!
66.) My favorite food is Mexican food.
67.) I hate pecans, macadamia nuts and walnuts.
68.) I love chocolate and I crave it daily!
69.) My mother makes the best mexican food ever (it's the only thing she can cook well)
70.) I ate at El Dorados twice a day when I was pregnant w/ Tucker. He now loves mexican also
71.) I am terrible at math.
72.) I spell well (lol if I mispell it's generally typos)
73.) I love music and I love to sing.
74.) I love Janice Joplin and Melissa Etheridge. When I smoke my voice sounded like that
75.) I'm 5'6.5"
76.) I'm very average but blessed w/ a great and inviting smile (thanks God)
77.) I went to prom 4 times and hated it each time.
78.) I am pretty liberal and totally believe my way is right (I know how annoying)!
79.) I have an astigmatism and should wear glasses when I drive but I like never do!
80.) since I quit smoking my night blindess has improved by 75%!
81.) My first job was a gas station attendant. We still had one lane of full service and I pumped gas and had to deal w/ nasty people over car repair bills.
82.) I've had more boyfriends than I could possibly remember (and no that's not bragging that's a regret)
83.) I love the my child has my outgoing personality - everywhere he goes he draws attention
84.) My 41 yr old sister is a minister
85.) I have 2 uncles that are ministers
86.) I have two (at least) cousins that are ministers
87.) My favorite color is lime green and I own every type and style of shirt in that color
88.) I tan very easily and always have a natural tan all summer long
89.) I love to lift weights. It makes me feel so powerful and independant!
90.) My baby sister lives in Montanna and I HATE her being so far away from home. I miss her so terribly!
91.) I can not listen to Janice Joplin, Grateful Dead and etc anymore... it makes me want to drink and smoke and I can't ever go back there again!
92.) I love comedies. I DVR Ellen everyday because she cracks me up.
93.) I love Family Circle and Garfield comic strips
94.) I HATE HATE HATE roller coasters - I almost fell out of one as a child... my dad reached out and grabbed me and saved my life. That was at Cedar Point
95.) I hate crowds! I don't like being herded like cattle
96.) I don't have time for irrational fears (like of MRI machines, elevators, daddy long legs)
97.) I am very tell it like it is ... I try to be gentle but sometimes it just comes out but I am working on that
98.) People either hate me or love me because of it... there is no in between
99.) Wow - this wasn't that hard - I have natural curly hair and used to hate it and now I just deal with it.

There ya go! Anything else you want to know? Feel free to ask I am an open book!


neicybelle said...

yay!! it feels like forever, but when it was done, i thought of so much more to talk so glad you did this!! thank you for taking the time to let me get to know you better!

Kristi K. said...

Great job getting through it! It's easier once you are on a roll. ;)

I, too, hate seafood. In fact, I can't walk past the seafood case at the grocery store without getting somewhat nauseated. Ugh. Makes my stomach hurt just to think about it.

I, too, had more boyfriends than I can remember, but not all of them were serious. Sometimes I forget I even dated a person until I read it in one of my diaries. I wish I had not wasted my teen years worrying so much about guys.

You and I have the same favorite restaurant. Yum! El Dorados! Woo-hoo!

Did you know my name, Kristi, means follower of Christ? But Christian is so much cooler. That name rocks!

And Tucker the Tormenter...sounds like a gladiator! ;)

I do have to say that in my experience, cats are the cleanest animal I've ever owned. After all, cats bury their poo. They groom themselves one cat smells like she's been sprayed with a freshner every day. Her fur is always sleek and feels like silk.

With my Noah's Ark, I think both our dogs and guinea pigs are a toss up for our nastiest animals. After all, they will eat their poo if you aren't careful! And dogs... you have to bathe them or they smell like...wet dog. For years I wouldn't own a dog just because of wet dog smell. :) Egads!

Cats...folks either love em or hate em. Same way with dogs, I guess. I used to hate dogs because of the potty training, cleaning, chewing, rowdiness. Plus I got attacked as a kid. But one dog stole my heart and I haven't gotten it back since.

I still wish the cats would teach them to bury their poo, though. Or groom themselves. :) Doubt it's going to happen.

Kristi K. said...

P.S. What size underwear do you wear? haha. just kidding. You SAID you were an open book. Thought I'd ask. teehee.

Holli said...

Size 6 but soon back to a 5