Thursday, June 21, 2007

Church was so good last night!
We are supposed to be studying the Holy Spirit right now but my wondeful and amazing pastor can take off on another track sometimes. I fully believe he's led by the spirit. The msg surely touched me.
We talked about "walking across the room" we can witness that easily. See someone sitting in a corner, go over and talk to that person, get to know them, smile at them. Make them feel noticed, and loved. Guess what... you were just a witness for Christ. You showed His love and His light that is w/in you. You want to be a witness? What is your testimony? Who can benefit from it? Mine? Well, I could talk to teens and young adults about sex and the vicious circle of trying to feel beautiful and loved and how sex makes you feel that way for a minute... then you feel worse and uglier afterwards. I could talk about alcohol and partying. I could talk about the addiction to porn. I could tell them how they will be only disappointed in sex and in their partner after watching porn. I could witness that you can be a christian and a straight female after living the lesbian lifestyle! Yep, I am an awesome witness for God! I am totally changed and am holy in the eyes of theLord! Yep, me, little old me. Honey, I was down in it... I was in the middle of hell and didn't even know it until I got to the bottom of it! Then I turned my eyes upward to the Lord and my heart followed and then the Lord our Jesus our Savior reached down, plucked me out of hell and has washed me clean in His blood. He witnessed to me, He set my path straight and said Go, go tell My people about Me and what I have done.
Oh thank you Lord!
My night was so awesome. I laid by the pool and on the raft and fell asleep as I floated around all by myself. Everyone else had left the pool, it was an amazing moment! Then after church a new friend and I went to Skyline (oh I have put on a few pounds this week)! Then I went home so filled with love and joy and went to bed!
My hubby is off today and I can't wait to spend time with him this evening, and tomorrow night we have a date. Saturday, well it's back to reality as Tucker comes home. I can't wait to see my boy! Tomorrow I am leaving work early w/ my BFF Tiff. We are going to the school of massage and getting massaged (duh) and then going to go lay by the pool for the afternoon. Then I'll be home by 4ish and take a shower and spend the evening w/ hubby (my other BFF) hehe.
It's been a great week and I thank the Lord for it. He knew I needed it!
Love you all!
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