Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Lord is MY shepard! Do you know what that means? That means He guides us, He watches over us, if we got lost He'll find us, He protects us! Such BIG meaning is such a simple verse.
I thank you this morning dearest Father for being my shepard!
Things are going well for me. The Dr office called yesterday and my blood levels are at 100something. I was disappointed. I have to go again next Tuesday to have more blood drawn. I am growing weary (it feels like it's been weeks and then I realized it's only be one week today). I just want this to be finished. I want to stop cramping every evening. I sat in church last night and had to keep leaning forward and biting my lip trying to ignore the pain I felt! Please keep praying. We are studying the Holy Spirit, the Helper on Wednesday's. Understanding the Trinity, each distinct personality or purpose of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit and why He is here and the miracles that can and are still performed today by the Holy Spirit. It's got my FULL attention! I was raised in a Nazarene church so being baptized by the Holy Spirit isn't something that was ever taught to me. Now that I'm going to an Assembly of God (penecostal) church I'm enthralled with all I'm learning!
My mom came home from the hospital yesterday (forecefully I might add). She is one stubborn cookie! I guess they diagnosed the problem as Fiberticulitis (pockets in your colon) and seeds and such get stuck in these pockets and it can become very swollen and painful and apparently your colon can burst. Which is what they were afraid of. She does go back to her Dr today to be checked out and the surgeon (who was her Dr in the hosp.) next week for follow ups. She is still in pain so remember her in your prayers still. Thank you!
My card workshop - oh God is good! I started cramping and bleeding horribly on my way home from work Tuesday night but I was not going to call and cancel! Well i prayed that the big group wouldn't show and only have a couple there. WELP! Three women! That's it! The group still had to place their orders even if they don't come to the workshop, so it was very laid back, I got to sit down most of the night and I swear God is so good! The group is a group of Christian ladies that I met at the Church of Christ crop in Xenia (through a lady here at work). They are the funniest bunch of women and so fun to be around. They truly are lovers of the Lord and I feel so blessed that God has led us together. I see big things! :-)
So, that is my life in a nutshell. Our pool finally opened and Tucker went swimming for a little while last night. Too cold for me still but today is to be 91 and I might have to leave work early and hit the pool with my family. Today is Tim's day off and I could use some hubby time. I miss him terribly all week long! God has so re-newed my love and strengthend and deepend my love for my husband! This miscarriage has been a blessing as far as seeing my husband in a new light. It's also been a great testimony for those people who've known me for years. They say how are you okay and I get to say it's God! It's God that has given me peace. They walk away shaking their heads and they have to know that I'm telling the truth because they know the old bitter angry Holli. They have to know it really is God! ISN'T THAT COOL?!??!?!
Well, enjoy your Thursdays. I pray there is sunny skies where you are and I pray that the Lord meets your needs right where you are at today! If you don't know the Lord as your Savior then I pray that you will ask Him for forgiveness today because TRUST ME there is NOTHING to great for Him to handle. Nothing you could have done so wrong that you can't be forgiven and you don't have to go anywhere but on your knees and He, our great and mighty God will come to you right where you are!
Thank you LORD!


neicybelle said...

our pool opened too and i haven't been able to go...i'm glad the weather has been too cool...or i'd be so upset...i guess i could keep my head above the water the whole time, but still don't think it's a good idea to go swimming when i'm so dizzy...
thanks for the encouraging words! God is indeed good!

Kristi K. said...

You are always such an encourager.

I hope you get some quality pool time...and hubby time...real soon!

Love and many hugs!

The Eckerts said...

Even though I'm not too excited about you sharing that story from "in the trenches" (that was my half thought out question that she responded to) I'm encouraged to see another sister in Christ who is seeking to know more about the Holy Spirit. I'd love to share sometime what we've been learning! I come from a Baptist background, so this is very new to me as well.

Take Care!