Saturday, January 19, 2008

Me at 10 weeks prego looking more like 5 months prego!! GEESH!
Tucker swears he hears two babies talking back to him when he talks to my belly - there better only be one!! HAHAHAHAHA!
I'm feeling great. I had my 1st Dr appt and it went really well. My 1st ultrasound is Feb 4th and my surgery to stitch my cervix closed will be the week of Feb 18th.
Please keep my in your prayers. All really is going well - I feel healthy, I feel pregnant - but healthy! :-)
God is so great and I am so excited. If I think on it too long I start getting really scared! Like - Oh what was I thinking? What am I going to do w/ a baby in my life? I'm sure I thought all this when I had TK too. God will work it out!
Love you all and I still pray for you daily!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year!!
I was glad to see that I am not the only person that hasn't posted in a lifetime. The holidays were very stressful!
We had two yep two cars breakdown - Tim's and the backup. $2000 later and a very small Christmas later we got one sold for $300 rather than fix it and the other has a new engine.
Christmas was great and we enjoyed each other - we ate well. I fixed lots of new recipes and so now we are all fat and sassy! LOL!
Christmas eve I shared the news w/ my hubby that we are going to have a new addition to our family in August! I prayed that God would go ahead of me and prepare his heart and mind and of course God is good and He did. We are an excited house hold and had an exciting Christmas getting to share the news w/ our families. Everyone (I mean everyone) but Tim wants a girl. We shall see. I'm about 9 weeks now and conceived on Thanksgiving night - there is one to remember. I keep telling you kid-less sex is the best! haha!
Tucker is doing fabulous! I am so in love w/ my kid! He's so awesome!
Holidays were great - spent time with family and friends (new and old) and am I so blessed. I pray that 2008 will continue to see spiritual growth and bring even more new friends into our lives and that it will be the year my husband receives salvation! I am doing a 30 day prayer challenge for my husband right now - its really awesome - there are several of us doing at the same time - very powerful and we all expect big things from God! He never fails us!
God bless you and yours!