Tuesday, August 28, 2007

HI YA'LL!!!!

Happy Wednesday (by the time you read this probably). Life is going smoothly. No complaints... believe it or not!

Did I tell you I was taking Alli? I did - and finished the 20 day supply - lost 7.5 lbs in those 20 days! Woo-HOO! Ya' know, it's amazing the difference 7 lbs makes! So, I'm done with the pill and going to continue on my own. I did learn something, it's not the fat content or the calories ...it's the fat AND the calories together that make a difference. Wish me continued success.

School is going great as far as I know... no notes from the teacher yet.

Car is super!

Anniversary was fun. I got dressed up ( a little for me) actually wore a nice casual dress. Will post a pic if I get a chance. I bought Tim a watch and we went to a great italian rest for dinner. Then walked around the book store for a few and then home. I was a little disappointed I have to admit that we came home so early. I really wanted to go and do something else...stay out late and run away from reality for a little while longer...but he was too full and tired from dinner. LOL! So we came home. But we did have a good time. I got 3 Boyd's bears in a basket for a present and a card!! A real honest to goodness card!! I was so suprised and so happy you'da thought it was a diamond! hahaha! Silly how the littlest things thrill us to pieces!

That's about all that's going on here.

Sunday service was amazing! We raised the roof with our praises, the Spirit was so obvious! Another girl in service was moved to come pray with me. Come to find out we were both there alone and praying for our spouses to be with us. So...we are going to start praying for each other (because the wait is so long and hard sometimes) and praying for our spouses. It's so nice to know and such a comfort to know that someone else is in my position, sitting in church praising our awesome God alone, wishing that their spouse would come to know God's salvation.

So, it was so awesome that the spirit moved her to come pray with me... the Lord is so good!

Well... happy days to you and pray that all is going well.

Morning devotion time with Tucker is going great - I really have to give a shout out to Leigh Gray for making see how morning time (rather than night) is so much better!!! Thanks girl!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First Day of School!

It was a success! He dressed like a "skateboarder" wore his hair like a "skateboarder" and carried his "skateboarder" backpack. I have a future Tony Hawk (and my child says he's Tony's #1 fan)! Man I love this kid!

When he got home he said he loved first grade, loved his teacher, and had fun! HOORAY!!

We started our day off with the Keys for Kids and it was about being postive and based from Psalm 34:1. I'm going to love this new tradition we are starting!

Hopefully I can get his dad to read it on the days I can't be here.

Well, I'm exhausted - just got home from church and must get to bed!

See ya!

Oh -

and that's Gidgette on the top there - isn't she cute?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sharon from a Hoosier family (and my fellow Assemblies of God friend) tagged me... so here goes:
Accent - Pretty southern for a northern girl...
Booze of choice - none anymore - rum back in the day
Chore I hate - Mopping the floors, it really hurts my back and cleaning the tub (which my precious hubby does for me)
Dog or Cat - Dogs for sure (I have no pets yet) but am SO not a cat person
Essential electronics - Hair dryer, microwave, computer, cell phone
Favorite perfume(s)/cologne(s) - Happy Heart #1 and Happy # 2
Gold or Silver? - Gold but have recently started wearing silver from Silpada
Hometown - Jamestown and Xenia OH
Insomnia? - No not really - I sleep through tornadoes!
.Job Title - Child of God, Wife, Mother, computer inventory manager asst sys admin, missionettes Prims teacher
WifeKids? - wife to Tim, mother to 6 yr old Tucker (& working on # 2)
Living Arrangement - 3 br/2bath/ open floor plan brand new home on 1/2 acre which I am truly in love with and have awesome God blessing stories to go w/ it!
Most admired trait - Detailed oriented hard worker and organized and can find the most effecient way to do something by the 2nd try
Overnight Hospital Stays - Having Tucker and miscarriage when I was 18
Phobia - spiders and something happening to Tucker
Quote - Nothing tastes as good as thin feels
Religion - Pentecostal Christian (Assemblies of God)
Siblings - 3 Sisters
Time I wake up - 7:30 on my own 5:00am for work
Unusual talent/skill - Unusual huh? I guess I'm sort of psychic or prophetic I guess you'd call it. (I've never really told anyone this before) but things come to me a situation or story and then later someone will tell me the story that actually happenend to them... I can think about my dad and then he'll call me and say you were thinking about me today huh and vice versa... it's weird
.Vegetable I refuse to eat - Lima Beans - I'd starve first!
.Worst habit - swearing and yelling when I finally lose my temper
X-rays - Lot's of them with my most recent ones being related to my back issues (which the Lord has healed)
.Yummy foods I make - Cakes and a killer meatloaf (add sausage that's the secret) and I don't really know what else... I guess appetizers are my specialty
Okay - now if you are reading this...tag you're it!
School starts tomorrow! HOORAY! Tucker is totally excited. I met his teacher tonight and his class is pretty small (as is the classroom). There was only two names of kids I recognized from his class last year. And one of them is the horrible Samantha! He was scared to death she'd be in his class. She's a total bully and was horrible last year... Oh I pray that he continues with the GREAT behavior we've had all summer!!
I'm excited that we don't have to do any daycare this year. That should be a huge difference in his behavior... he gets to sleep in everyday. Which to Tucker is 7-7:30am.
I've been getting things ready for the Prims class I'll be teaching at church. Trying to be really organized this year so it'll be fun for the girls and I want to take them on a couple of field trips this year. I want to be the coolest teacher ever! LOL!
I will be celebrating my 4 yr anniversary this Thursday. Actually we'll be celebrating Friday night but the 23rd is the actual day. I am so looking forward to Friday night. I've got a sitter and I'm taking Tim to this really cool new mall/city they built. It's got all kinds of really nice resturants and a books and co that takes up a whole block! It's going to be so fun!
So, that's my life...
OH! I've gotta tell ya this! Wow, God is so awesome and for those of you who know Him personally already know that.
This morning during my morning prayer and bible time I was praying about doing devotions or something with Tucker and low and behold at 5:50am (10 min before i have to wake him) here comes Tucker walking out of his room! i said what are you doing and he said (as he crawls up in my lap ) I just wanted to spend some time with you this morning. So I finished my bible reading and read him his Keys for Kids (which I've not been reading to him for a long time). What an awesome way to start his day and mine too! Wow - what a blessing. It also showed me that I can work it into our mornings. I can teach and train Tucker to spend time with God in His word in the morning while I am training myself! Thank you Heavenly Father for answering prayer, heartfelt genuine prayer so immediately and graciously. I just want to love you and edify you Lord with my thoughts and my voice and that of my family! I lift them to you oh Lord and ask that You bless us each and help to show us the way. Thank you Father for your goodness and for the Holy Spirit that you have sent here to us to guide us and talk to us! Lord you are so great and mighty!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hi! I miss you!
Just wanted to post a little hello note!
Life is great.
Car is great.
Family is great.
God is GREAT!!!
This weather is great.
Today was like perfect.
Joy Fellowship (our women's ministry) had a garage sale scavenger hunt w/ the items we purchased being donated to the local womens center and the homeless shelter. We had 5 teams of about 4-5 women. WHAT A BLAST! We were all crazy women running around town. The team I was on won! WOO-HOO!
Last night was my scrapbook IBG at the church. I had 3 hours to work w/ no interuptions. I got 1 calendar page done that I'm making and 1 scrapbook page. Not bad!
Life has been going along really well. I've lost 6.5 lbs and I've been hitting the weights big time and eating very clean. Even if I go out to eat! Which is something I never could do but am making myself do it! I'm so proud!
Tucker starts school Wed. we are all ready and excited for it now. Supplies are bought and we got the shoes today.
Tucker and I went out to eat at a nice sit down resturant today...by ourselves and had wonderul conversation. It's amazing how they grow up over 1 short summer! I just love my kid.
I still haven't taken more pics of the car...sorry. I'm doing good to get out here to post a msg.
Tomorrow mom and I are coloring hair... and hanging out after church.
Sounds like another wonderful day!
Hope all is well with you. I do love and miss you each!
I find myself driving to work and thinking um.. I wonder what Pat is doing today? or sitting eating dinner and think, I wonder if Neicey is feeling better today. It's funny how each of you cross my mind. El - hows the wedding plans coming?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ok... I don't know why...but I can not upload the photos... it keeps saying this page can not be displayed. I can't imagine the file size is too big but perhaps I've messed up the setting... will try and take new pics and see if that helps.
Oh well...
Today is a GORGEOUS day! I wish all summer had been like today. We hung at the pool for 4 and half hours (and now I'm crispy). Apparently waterproof doesn't mean all day. Oh well, it'll turn brown tomorrow. I went and got all of Tucker's schools supplies...all we need now is shoes.
Tucker and I went to Taco Bell and had dinner. What a glorious day the Lord has made!
He knew how much I needed it!
I can't wait till tomorrow. I love praising Him and singing and being in His presence!
Hope you all had a blessed day too!

Friday, August 10, 2007

My new baby!
I'm so proud of her... 2005 Pontiac G6 GT and her name is Gidgett!
I told you of my car woes... so we went looking...to do that ...look. We found the greatest car at the greatest deal and we couldn't pass her up. Get this... she has seat warmers! No more cold winter time butt. Leather seats, 6 disc in dash cd, automatic OR manual transmission, I can press the info button and it will tell me how many more miles I have to drive before I need to get gas (like a trip but in reverse) so cool! OH! And the panoramic roof... I AM so loving it! She's got a lot of get up and go and that' s just what a speed demon like me doesnt need but totally loves!
So that's my good news. Praise God for it! He made it all possible. Other than that nothing going on here. It's been to hot to do anything.
My hubby is taking us out for dinner and a movie. Family night - how fun! We're getting along better (by the grace of God) so thanks for your prayers!
Miss you all!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I hate cars!
The AC went out at the beginning of the summer... had it charged... it didn't work. So, I've been driving around with the windows down - no biggie - until today.
The front right window already doesn't work - so that leaves me 3 windows to use. Today at 92 degrees - the 3 windows don't help alot... the back window decided not to go up today... so we bought a $54 motor... put it in just so we could get it up... now I can't put it down anymore.... I am now down to two windows! The neighbor checked the AC out and it is my compressor that is bad... we were quoted $900 in the beginning. My car is only worth $900! UGH!
And of course we in no way shape or form have that kind of money!
I am grateful to have a car that is paid for, I was grateful for a car that had windows, I was okay w/o the AC wasn't thrilled but I'm tough I could handle it. But now I have one front window that works and one back window that works... it's 90 outside... that doesn't make me happy.
My dear husband (after his fit was over) is going to take it around tomorrow and get some quotes and let me use his car to go to work... I love him!
The good part of my day.... I came home before I picked up Tucker and had kid free you know what.... oh! My husband is so gorgeous! :-)
See ya all!!