Thursday, August 02, 2007

I hate cars!
The AC went out at the beginning of the summer... had it charged... it didn't work. So, I've been driving around with the windows down - no biggie - until today.
The front right window already doesn't work - so that leaves me 3 windows to use. Today at 92 degrees - the 3 windows don't help alot... the back window decided not to go up today... so we bought a $54 motor... put it in just so we could get it up... now I can't put it down anymore.... I am now down to two windows! The neighbor checked the AC out and it is my compressor that is bad... we were quoted $900 in the beginning. My car is only worth $900! UGH!
And of course we in no way shape or form have that kind of money!
I am grateful to have a car that is paid for, I was grateful for a car that had windows, I was okay w/o the AC wasn't thrilled but I'm tough I could handle it. But now I have one front window that works and one back window that works... it's 90 outside... that doesn't make me happy.
My dear husband (after his fit was over) is going to take it around tomorrow and get some quotes and let me use his car to go to work... I love him!
The good part of my day.... I came home before I picked up Tucker and had kid free you know what.... oh! My husband is so gorgeous! :-)
See ya all!!

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Kristi K. said...

I'm with you! I hate cars, too! My Taurus has lovely, cool a/c and windows that go up and down just fine. But a dying engine & transmission. Yay! ;)

Our van runs great but the passenger side window motor is going dead. We've already fixed the driver side motor years ago.

A junk yard is a good place to find a used motor at a good may give that a try. (Of course, someone has to install it for you.)

Kid free you-know-what is fun! Yay you! ;)