Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First Day of School!

It was a success! He dressed like a "skateboarder" wore his hair like a "skateboarder" and carried his "skateboarder" backpack. I have a future Tony Hawk (and my child says he's Tony's #1 fan)! Man I love this kid!

When he got home he said he loved first grade, loved his teacher, and had fun! HOORAY!!

We started our day off with the Keys for Kids and it was about being postive and based from Psalm 34:1. I'm going to love this new tradition we are starting!

Hopefully I can get his dad to read it on the days I can't be here.

Well, I'm exhausted - just got home from church and must get to bed!

See ya!

Oh -

and that's Gidgette on the top there - isn't she cute?


Kristi K. said...

How fun! Love the color of the car!

And Tucker is adorable as always!


neicybelle said...

i read this post and thought i commented on it...hmmm....i think i am getting so sorry!

tucker looks amazing and i think my car is the same color of yours! how fun!