Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hi everybody... I finally found a minute (& literally it's only a minute).
I wanted to say hello to everyone so you wouldn't forget about me. I feel so left out! I'll tell ya' being without the internet for a whole week is AWFUL! I felt so out of touch. So, I got caught up on most of the blogs, Pamie - is yours not there anymore? Please email me an update of your life. I won't pass judgement - I'll just listen and pray.
So, North Carolina was wonderful. It was cloudy everyday so no tans. We did have a great time though and did one thing a day and the pool every evening. Lots of GREAT GREAT food. We ate at La Strada in Lake Lure - great pizza and pasta. Gregory's ( a hole in the wall) in Rutherfordton had the BEST chicken wings ever... I tried to buy the sauce but they weren't sellin', we had the BEST onion rings ever at Spears Barbeque and Resteraunt in Linville. Wow... good southern food! The best service too. I just love the south. I see myself living in the south one day. I'd be the perfect southern bell sitting on my plantation wrap around porch or on a blanket under the willow tree sipping my very sweet southern tea! I pick up the accent in just a matter of days being down there. It's so my pace!
We hiked in the mountains of Chimny Rock and that was the best time we had. We laughed and played and really enjoyed each other. I also realized w/ this time w/ my kid how very smart and witty he truly is! He's very wise... I can't even tell you. Something happened and I said we'd pray and he said yep, that's the best thing we could do mom is pray! I thought I'd fall apart at that very moment! I just truly love that kid.
Work has been so busy - but since they've blocked blogs - I'm really kickin' butt!
I started eating healthy again yesterday. Not that I stopped - but I started junking out when I got home. Well... I bought this new pill called Alli. It's a fat blocker. So... now I HAVE to eat low fat or else I'll get sick! That's one way to do it. I only got a 20 day supply to start and see how it works. I'm also back in the gym and hitting the weights full swing. I did alot of swimming and treading water and hiking while I was on vacation so I didn't take a total break. So, my goal is 25 lbs by this time next year. It's very realistic and puts me at a very healthy weight. So... that's what is new in my life. OH tomorrow is mom's b-day and I'm taking her out to lunch. She picked the Cheesecake Factory!!!! I've been dying to go there... and now... all I can have is soup! Man this bites! LOL! But - it'll be worth it this time next year.
Also, pray for me... the desire to smoke is so very strong! Especially now that I'm trying not to eat. I know it's a habit that I don't want to pick back up in my mind... but my body is saying yes. So please pray that the Lord will give me strength and wisdom in this matter. OH and will power! Thanks ladies - I know I can count on you.
We cleaned house before we left so when we came home there would be nothing to do. Man, it just confimred how much I love my house. We walked in and it smelled so good, and I love the colors. It's so soothing and warm. It's just a modest 3 bedroom ranch but it's so open and filled wtih old things and new things that blend so wonderfully. Very homey and I just praise God for providing it! He is so good.
So, that is my life... no news on the baby front. We haven't much time to practice lately either! haha - we were so tired every night on vacation we hardly kept our eyes open to crawl into bed! LOL
Well, I pray for you all every day and I pray that all is going well in your lives. I was so happy to read tonight that everyone seems really blessed and in a mode of praise. That is sooooo fantastic!! God is good to us isn't he girls?
Well - love ya all! It's time to get Tucker in the bath.

Monday, July 16, 2007

It's ALIVE!!! Alive I tell you!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey all!! Oh my gosh - I miss you all so much. I've got caught up a few of your lives but not all of you yet...
my life has been so hectic. I can't even tell you what all I did last week (it seems so long ago). I do know that Tucker had his last T-ball game Wed. night. I am SO glad that's over. He does not want to play soccer this year. So... I get a break until basketball.
I can't believe 5 weeks until school starts. It feels like they just got out. Summer is not nearly long enough!
Jungle Jaunt VBS started this week. I am teaching the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders this year. AAAHHH, a much better age than 5yr olds! Thank you Jesus - you knew what I could handle this week. Tonight was alot of fun and I a looking forward to tomorrow night.
Next week I'll be very quiet... I'll be in Lake Lure North Carolina!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh it so beautiful there. I love the mountains! I'm sure we'll do Chimney Rock we always do, that's where Last of the Mohicans was filmed. FABU! We might do the Biltmore Estates because I never have all the years i've been. I think it's something my husband would enjoy being an antique collectore and all.
(pardon all my typo's...it's getting late and I've got to get to bed)
OH! yesterday... I took Tuck to see Wizard of Oz at a close by dinner theater. We loved it! We were 5" from stage and the witch flew RIGHT over our heads. He was in awe!! I think I might take him back at Christmas time.
Please be in prayer for my marriage. For those of you that have been around for the past year know my ups and downs. Right now - I'm in a down. I hate how nasty his job has made him. He's so negative and nasty and ugly all the time. He never has a nice word to say about anyone and that is so hard for me to be around. I'm such an up person who believes in the good of all people and he so brings me down. I'm struggeling with my prayer life and christian walk in result of it. I need to hold tightly to our Lord Jesus! He is our Savior - He is MY savior and He will not ever leave or forsake me! I so need to keep repeating that to myself tonight.
Other than that... my life is moving along. Tucker is wonderful. GORGEOUS little boy!
We went and visited Tim's family Sat. evening. David and Beth are doing much better and David is moving around pretty well. It was so great to see them! I think Tim really enjoyed hisself.
Well... I'm sure I have more to say...but I've got to get to bed... I love you all and I do pray for you all each and every day!
Kris - looks like you had a wonderful time... I am soooo glad... what a blessing!
Neicey - I would've went to Denver too...life is too short! Hope you have a rockin good time!! Be safe!
Pat - I'm so proud of you... going alone would've been so hard for me... so really I applaud you!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Please don't think I don't love you.

My work has blocked access to all blog pages. I knew it would come eventually. So, I can no longer visit and comment on your pages daily. I am SO going to miss you guys. I will still check in from home but probably only once a week. I very rarely use this computer.
Really, I feel like I've lost my best friend... it was the first thing i did in the mornings. While i ate my toast and drank my coffee, I read all my friends lives and prayed for them! I'm very sad.
So, if there is something you need or want me to know during the day send me an email at work holli.smith@wpafb.af.mil
So. I had a great weekend with my family. All of us girls went out for brunch w/ mom Sat morning and then shopping. We've never been shopping all together before. That was fun! We went to a waterpark Friday and had a blast - before my husband ruined it. But we won't go there.
Just pray for him and his salvation please.
I trust the Lord. He will answer and I will be blessed for what I have lived with. I try to be the best wife I can be - I keep telling myself it's for the Lord. Don't get me wrong - I'm not abused or anything... well verbally I am... but I'm strong enough and confident enough in myself to handle it. and when I'm not... I hand it to the Lord at the alter and He takes it for me and heals me.
Well, I really need to get to bed after I snuggle with my incredibly beautiful boy.
OH! We went through some old pics at moms... that was hysterical. I was such a dork growing up! LOL! We had some great laughs. I truly am blessed and thank the Lord for the great and normal childhood I had growing up. I know I am rare to have had it so good!
Hope you all have a great week. Check in with you as soon as I can!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Why we fight the traffic and the crowds: a great big WOW!

Happy birthday/happy anniversary Kris! I pray that the day was everything you wanted it to be!!
We had a great cook-out (or should I say cook-in) despite the rain. My dear hubby stood in the downpour and grilled all the food! A great time was had by all. We got it cleaned up, took the kids to the pool when the rain stopped they played in the ice cold water, we came home and played Chatter (so fun) and then watched fireworks... that sums up my day.
I truly enjoyed spending the time with my family!
Tomorrow the rain clears up and gives way to sunny skies, thank goodness! We are all going to the Beach waterpark and going to enjoy fun in the sun!
Hope you all had a great 4th of July (especially you Kris)!
Talk to you soon.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Oh joy it's Monday...
I should be elated but I am so PMS -y I can't stand it!
Again, I've been waiting for this day so we can start trying for babies again but it's such bad timing and I'm so angry with this one! I'm a challenge for God right now! He's keeping His hand over my mouth and His other arm around my shoulder. I want so badly to start spurting out the things that are driving me crazy to my husband but of course now is not the time and the things I'd say are not the things I should say...
Oh Lord God, please give me peace in my soul. Give me the strength to keep my big mouth shut - EVEN if provoked! I trust in You oh Lord and I believe in your awesome power and You Lord can do all things, which includes keeping me quiet... thank you my Heavenly Father!

My sister made it in Friday night and it was awesome to see her and her dh! We spent a couple of hours together then and then again Saturday evening. She's going to come over tomorrow night and visit a bit. Then the cookout is Wed. I can't wait to have us all together!
Tucker and I enjoyed our weekend. It was pretty quiet. We hung out at the pool yesterday for a few hours. Then he came home and zonked out in the recliner for a couple of hours.
OH! I went on ebay and looked at scrapbook stuff. I am SO not into ebay so it's the 2nd time ever I've ever bid. I won it (I won the 1st time too). I got a cricut w/ 2 cartridges! I SOOOO can not wait to get it and start using it. Kris - you can use it any time! So can any of you - come on over! I got a good deal - $150 and that includes shipping! Still more than I really wanted to pay but a good deal still.
Now... I have to tell you about service yesterday! Oh my gosh! The presence of the Lord was so amazingly powerful! Let me tell you what...we never even got to service! We were in praise and worship, typical Sunday morning... then the Lord spoke through one of our congregation members... and it was on! We had people going to the alter right then... then we had people going up to pray w/ and for those people, THEN the WHOLE church was down there on the steps and at the alters and on the front pew! People were shouting their praise, they were giving their testimonies, and repenting! There were tears of joy everywhere... it was such a mountaintop! Such a victory for my church whose numbers have been suffering greatly lately. I mean... I can't even explain it in words... even me (who doesn't speak out in church or even pray out loud) gave my shouts of praise to God for saving my life... from saving me from disease and alcholism, and reaching out to save me from the depths of my hell and changing my life. I am living PROOF that God is alive and working! I am a walking testimony! The spirit of the Lord was in the house and it was so wonderful to see and to feel! I am so blessed to have been in His presence! I just can't even tell you! There is such a breakthrough coming I feel it!
We are talking about reaching out to the lost... not just inviting them to church but befriending them. Loving them, never giving up on them, even if it takes 8 years or 34 years... loving your new friend and being God's light in their life. YOU maybe the only true contact they have with Jesus... what kind of example are you to your lost friends? Do you have friends that are lost? Or are you a "cocooner" you've wrapped yourself around with all christian friends? I'm bad about keeping the two groups seperate. I am so afraid one group may offend the other group. Now how crazy is that?! If my christian friends are really christian then they will accept my lost friends and they will tolerate (only somewhat) their lanquage... my friends do try to watch that around me... but together we can be a great light to these lost friends of mine! I have neighbors down the street who helped start a church in our community - this church has grown from 8 people 10 years ago to 2008 people!! BUT... do you know why everyone is there? Because they are getting the feel good message... they aren't being convicted because God isn't there! I've been to that church and it isn't there. The preacher is a politican! Well, my neighbors don't go there anymore... the husband/father was raised in a christian school and church and now they don't go anywhere after the really bad experience with that church. I am so going to love on them and be God's light in there life and be as real as possible and pray for them and when God leads invite them to church.
Man, I love my pastor and his wife. They are truly spirit led and spirit fed!
Welp, have a nice Monday! Don't know when I'll post again... maybe Thursday!
Love you all!