Monday, July 02, 2007

Oh joy it's Monday...
I should be elated but I am so PMS -y I can't stand it!
Again, I've been waiting for this day so we can start trying for babies again but it's such bad timing and I'm so angry with this one! I'm a challenge for God right now! He's keeping His hand over my mouth and His other arm around my shoulder. I want so badly to start spurting out the things that are driving me crazy to my husband but of course now is not the time and the things I'd say are not the things I should say...
Oh Lord God, please give me peace in my soul. Give me the strength to keep my big mouth shut - EVEN if provoked! I trust in You oh Lord and I believe in your awesome power and You Lord can do all things, which includes keeping me quiet... thank you my Heavenly Father!

My sister made it in Friday night and it was awesome to see her and her dh! We spent a couple of hours together then and then again Saturday evening. She's going to come over tomorrow night and visit a bit. Then the cookout is Wed. I can't wait to have us all together!
Tucker and I enjoyed our weekend. It was pretty quiet. We hung out at the pool yesterday for a few hours. Then he came home and zonked out in the recliner for a couple of hours.
OH! I went on ebay and looked at scrapbook stuff. I am SO not into ebay so it's the 2nd time ever I've ever bid. I won it (I won the 1st time too). I got a cricut w/ 2 cartridges! I SOOOO can not wait to get it and start using it. Kris - you can use it any time! So can any of you - come on over! I got a good deal - $150 and that includes shipping! Still more than I really wanted to pay but a good deal still.
Now... I have to tell you about service yesterday! Oh my gosh! The presence of the Lord was so amazingly powerful! Let me tell you what...we never even got to service! We were in praise and worship, typical Sunday morning... then the Lord spoke through one of our congregation members... and it was on! We had people going to the alter right then... then we had people going up to pray w/ and for those people, THEN the WHOLE church was down there on the steps and at the alters and on the front pew! People were shouting their praise, they were giving their testimonies, and repenting! There were tears of joy everywhere... it was such a mountaintop! Such a victory for my church whose numbers have been suffering greatly lately. I mean... I can't even explain it in words... even me (who doesn't speak out in church or even pray out loud) gave my shouts of praise to God for saving my life... from saving me from disease and alcholism, and reaching out to save me from the depths of my hell and changing my life. I am living PROOF that God is alive and working! I am a walking testimony! The spirit of the Lord was in the house and it was so wonderful to see and to feel! I am so blessed to have been in His presence! I just can't even tell you! There is such a breakthrough coming I feel it!
We are talking about reaching out to the lost... not just inviting them to church but befriending them. Loving them, never giving up on them, even if it takes 8 years or 34 years... loving your new friend and being God's light in their life. YOU maybe the only true contact they have with Jesus... what kind of example are you to your lost friends? Do you have friends that are lost? Or are you a "cocooner" you've wrapped yourself around with all christian friends? I'm bad about keeping the two groups seperate. I am so afraid one group may offend the other group. Now how crazy is that?! If my christian friends are really christian then they will accept my lost friends and they will tolerate (only somewhat) their lanquage... my friends do try to watch that around me... but together we can be a great light to these lost friends of mine! I have neighbors down the street who helped start a church in our community - this church has grown from 8 people 10 years ago to 2008 people!! BUT... do you know why everyone is there? Because they are getting the feel good message... they aren't being convicted because God isn't there! I've been to that church and it isn't there. The preacher is a politican! Well, my neighbors don't go there anymore... the husband/father was raised in a christian school and church and now they don't go anywhere after the really bad experience with that church. I am so going to love on them and be God's light in there life and be as real as possible and pray for them and when God leads invite them to church.
Man, I love my pastor and his wife. They are truly spirit led and spirit fed!
Welp, have a nice Monday! Don't know when I'll post again... maybe Thursday!
Love you all!

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