Monday, February 25, 2008

This ultrasound was done about 3 weeks ago - it sure looks like a girls face! HAHA!

I don't know what babysmith looks like but I know this is a great profile shot! Baby is right on target and looks healthy! That's great news!

And I am now 16 weeks pregnant. I feel great except for these awful sinus' and terrible sinus headaches. Which I can't do anything about!

I have to remember this baby is SO worth it!

I had my surgery on the 20th and it went well. The Dr said he'd take the stitch out around 37 weeks so that equals the last week of July! I can't wait to get this baby here! My moms birthday is Aug 1st so I'd like to shoot for that day if at possible ( you do hear me right babysmith?)

Here's a pic of the belly at 14 weeks - not much diff then at 10 from the pics but I sure look bigger in person!

Daddy is getting SO excited! I think even he is starting to hope for a little daddy's girl. He got to hear the heartbeat for the first time and you shoulda seen his eyes light up! Man - it was such an incredible moment. I think that's when it all came together for him.
The Lord has so blessed my life.
Church is going fabulously and I have been reading the Word daily and even though some of it is so boring I at least start my day with an amazing connection to God. He will never abandon me - I may turn my back on Him but NEVER the other way around. Thank you God for your faithfulness.
We've had a relationship revival this month and Tim and Linda Buttery are AMAZING! I have learned so much about myself through this! I totally suggest you check them out - no matter how great your marriage is!