Thursday, April 26, 2007

WOMEN OF FAITH.... HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get off work today and go home to do laundry, pack, and water my plants (because my hubby won't remember to do it Saturday). Then I am off tomorrow at 7:30 am. So, I won't be posting until Monday. I pray that Monday I will still be on my "spiritual high". I am totally psyched!
Last night - service was awesome. Wednesdays are very casual and usually more of a bible study but we talked about the 'baptism in the Holy Spirit' and tongues and such. It really was an awesome service!
I looked at my sales to date (since April 7th) and I've sold $1,057 worth of product!!!! HOW EXCITING is that?! I've almost made my 90 day goal in 30 days! How good is our God?!
And my diet? Well, I've been really good, I ate a salad today for lunch... so that I could eat dessert! LOL! Brownie obsession... oooo boy.... I've been eating so clean my system is on a sugar overload at this very moment! My clothes are fitting better and I definately see definition and shape coming back to my body. I got a HUGE (backwards) compliment from my hubby. He called and said "You want to win $1000?" I said okay yea, he said I want to enter you into a MILF (mother I'd like screw) contest. LOL!! So, my husband thinks I'm sexy enough to enter a contest like that... I was thrilled! I felt so cool after that! hahahaha !
Well you all have a fabulous weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This day I confide in God and remain confident that He who has helped me before will do so again.

Today has been another good day. Nothing to report... business is booming.
You are all in my prayers!
Peace and Love

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Good morning. Sorry I didn't post yesterday... I was so busy and had (still have) so much on my mind.
Well let's start with the happy part of the weekend... that would be Saturday. I had the all day crop that a friend from the gym invited me to set up at. Well on Friday I was in a bit of a panic because no one has booked any parties or workshops and I was saying that Saturday was my last planned event as far as my business goes and I didn't know what to do next! Well on the way to the crop Sat morning I prayed... and I wasn't there an hour and someone booked a party! Is God good or what! So he answered my prayer and he did it quickly so I was able to enjoy my day. I got alot of pages done, several cards made and just really enjoyed the ladies. It was a beautiful day so only 6 of us were there. I guess there is usually 20 or so! But it gets better! By the end of the day, the ladies want to do a monthly workshop at $15 per person and I will have a project ready for them to do. They want to make cards so every month I'll prepare a new workshop and make alot of cards. I am SOOOO excited! How blessed am I?!
After the crop and I got home I had alot of laundry to get caught up on and had to get everything put away and I had to place some orders. So I was EXHAUSTED! I skipped church Sunday morning and laid around and relaxed. My mom came up at 1:00 for us to color each others hair and then I had to take Tucker to yet another b-day party (he had one Saturday also that daddy dropped him off at) and that was at the park. We got home about 7:30 and it was bathtime, bedtime and Desperate Housewives time for mom! HAHA! I just LOVE that show!
So.... here's the bad part of my weekend... Friday night Tim and I were outside watering the lawn and just doing some work and such... Tucker went 3 houses down and was playing w. a little girl that's in his class. Her grandma was there watching them. They were all the front porch and Tucker had taken his new book set down and they were looking at it... well!

Something very disturbing happened Friday evening. We had an issue with the mom (remember me saying in the beginning of the school year let's have Tucker talk to the counsler before some crazy parent pressed sexual harasment charges? Well, she'll be the lunatic parent that does it!) Here’s what happened… Tucker was down on the front porch playing (Tim and I were outside out front) and apparently Tucker kissed and hugged the girl. Well I hear the mom screaming at him (3 houses down). She said "Get out of here, your not a normal little boy, I don't care mom (apparently her mother told her to be quiet) that's not normal to hug and kiss on your friends now get out of here!" I sent my husband down and he asked is everything ok and the mom says yes everything's fine (in a very sweet tone) I went marching down there and said OH NO IT'S NOT! I heard what you said to my child! She's in the garage with a rag wiping the girls face off (rubbing it over and over where Tucker had kissed her). She tells me … (her exact words) "Tucker almost ruined her life the first three weeks of school, she came home crying everyday because she didn't like him kissing her." (yes ruined her life - no exageration on my part) and she continued to say " no one in the class has learned anything, and the entire class is disrupted all because of you son Tucker!" The little girl starts crying stop it mommy stop it, and the mom hugs her and says I know it's just so upsetting sweetie. She said she has spoken to his teacher and the prinicpal regarding Tucker. I went on to say that it is normal to hug friends, and that we are a very affectionate family and we have discussed it with Tucker to not hug or kiss anyone but mom and dad and that's it and that we have punished him for it and we can not control what he does. I said that she was to NEVER EVER speak to my child like that or tell someone that they are not "normal" and that if she has a problem she needs to come to us! Now, I'm a christian woman so I was kind (even though I wanted to grind her face into her driveway) my husband said a few choice words to her. I have instructed Tucker to not even look at her before her pshycho mother has him put in jail! I could see Tucker was visibly upset by the situation.
So, I pray that he doesn’t let this bother him. Tim and I talked to him about how he didn't do anything bad, that some people don't like to be touched and that this is why we keep telling him to keep his hands and lips to himself. That he is a good boy and he didn’t mean her any harm but that we can't do that! That he is perfectly normal and that there is nothing wrong with him but that (and I shouldn't have said this but I was angry) the girls mommy was a crazy lady who's mind was broke and she had man issues. So, I went in the house and was so mad I cried. How DARE anyone to speak to my child like that. I have never and will never speak to any child like that. I have problems with his little friend Spencer that comes down and I tell him he won't act like that in my home, he'll follow my rules or I say don't try to be sneaky or you won't be welcome back or I just flat out send him home for the day. I don't yell at him, I don't call him names. And I mean - come on lady! He kissed her, he didn't lick her, he didn't punch her! For pete's sake! This little girl is 5 and looks 9 she's really really large and he could be making fun of her for her size but instead he's so excited to be playing with her that he hugs her! GOOD GRIEF!!! So, I am still trying to deal with my anger of it, the old me is a very vengeful person and a fighter. So, I've been praying not only for me but for the mom and daughter also. I need to let this go it's just so hard. My mind starts drawing up all kinds of stories and things I should've said and then my heart starts beating faster and I get tense and then I have a choice to make at that point... to let it make me even more angry or pray. So, I am trying to pray.
Pray for me! On an upnote:
I did have a good Monday! Had a good day at work, Tucker had a good swim lesson (oh he's so stinking cute) I had a good workout, I ate GREAT nothing bad for me yesterday. So happy Monday... I have one more person signing up as a consultant under me!! So that makes two and if Kris' Bipsy signs up that'll be three. That's pretty cool (it sounds good but doesn't do anything for me finacially). But still... awesome! So, today I'm out of here at 1:30. I have the appt with the ENT today to look at my X-rays. I'm sure he'll send me to an allergist after todays appt. But I can go home and get a nap before Tucker gets home. I slept awful the sherriff's office called at 1:30 am and then again at 2am and then Tim had to get up and go in I was awake and couldn't fall back asleep!
Okay... I'll shut up now... have a great and blessed day! Philippians 4:8
that's what I need to remember!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Geez, is it only Tuesday. Man, seems like it should be Thursday I don't know why I feel this way.
Everything is going very well, makes for a pretty boring blog!
Tucker had his first swim lessons last night at the Y. OMG!!!!! He is SOOOOO cute. He did so well, he listened, he was patient, he did everything she asked, he showed no fear (even if he was afraid) he did it! I was so very proud! I took loads of pics (but of course those are at home) and the home computer is ill.
He's been so very sweet lately. He has such a great sense of humor. Get this, the other night he told a typical 6 yr old made up joke and I didn't laugh enough to please him. He told me "Mom, how come you don't always laugh at my jokes? From now... you laugh okay... at all of them."
Well then of course I laughed! I'm still laughing!
It's a beautiful day today, I just love the sunshine! Something about spring though, it always brings the partier me to surface. I was so badly to roll my window down, crank the rock-n-roll, grab a wine cooler and smoke a cigarette. I don't do any of those things of course as I know it's the enemy praying on the old me and the good times. The Lord than reminds me of the bad times and drama that comes with those so called good times. It'll be two years Sept 5th since I quit smoking. Something that everyone around me thought I'd never do. I was a die hard, hard core smoker. Isn't God good? He's truly an awesome God! Not a day of withdraw did I go through, He just removed it from me. I don't know why He chose me of all people but He did and I am grateful! I give Him all the glory because quitting was not of myself!
I had another good workout today. I ate a great lunch, got in 3 full servings of veggies just at lunch. Had my fruit and whole grain for breakfast - which let me tell you - it REALLY does fill you up longer. It's amazing the difference I've noticed in how I stay full longer. It's awesome!
I only had about 210 cals at lunch, around 210 at breakfast. I'll have an apple for an afternoon snack and then a sensible dinner (if I eat dinner). Usually that ends of being vegies too.
I keep thinking, I have a community pool, I only own two pieces boy I better hurry or else they are going to be blinded!! LOL!!!
Only 9 days until Women of Faith retreat. I found out Max Lucado is going to be there!! WOW! I am way excited about that, he's an amazing author and inspirator. Beth Moore will also be there. I've heard her name and heard wonderful things about her but I don't know her work. Sounds like it's going to be a great time. I've saved up money so I can go shopping with the ladies too and we'll eat out alot. oooo - I just thought of something. I have to be good at these resturaunts! BUMMER! Oh well, I need to remember two things 1.) Nothing tastes as good as thin feels 2.) I am not there to celebrate the food, I am there to celebrate the relationship with women friends! YEAH! I think I'll have to write that down to keep with me. I'm so weak!
Okay, for someone who had nothing to say... I've said enough and bored you to tears.

Monday, April 16, 2007

It's Monday morning and I'm getting ready to head off to the gym.
Today starts the Weight Loss Challenge that I joined here at work. It's 3 ladies friends, me and 1 guy. None of us has a ton to lose. I think my friend P and I both have the most with about 30 lbs. T and D only have about 10 to lose and the Major only wants to stay in shape and lose a little. So wish me luck! I ate everything in sight yesterday and baked a cinnamon swirl cake w/ yummy buttercream icing. My sweet tooth was so bad yesterday I was eating (don't gross out) marshmallows dipped in buttercream icing. Yep, you read right, marshmallows covered in icing. It was DELICIOUS! But I only ate 3 that way before my teeth started to hurt from the sugar! (just kidding)!
Okay, so now it's afterno0n. Didn't have time to finish this before. I had a great work out. I can really see a body starting to take shape! Wow - I have a body - who knew?! LOL!
My weekend was great. Friday went to dinner w/ the family, Saturday grocery, birthday party for one of Tucker's friends from school. Now this is a whole 'nother story all in it's own so I'll come back to it, went to dad's went to lowes' and got the tiles and paint for him to finish the island he's built for my kitchen. Took him to dinner, Sunday church and baked that cake.
So... the party... it is crazy how small this world is!
The last name was Gallion so thought maybe I'd run into a girl from school there with the same last name. But, they are no relation. However, I get to talking to a friend of this families and she was related to who I was refering to and I found out this girl was murdered 4 years ago! I was shocked! I guess she got very heavy into drugs and was stabbed. She was a beautiful girl, popular, cheerleader, perky, had alot going for her. I was shocked!
But I'll go on, so people at this party are looking familiar to me... come to find out... they are!
Back from my Jamestown days. The grandma of the little girl graduated with my oldest sister, the aunt (Karen Smart) graduated in between me and my sister Paige. So then I here someone say Holli what are you doing here? There stands a woman from my work (now this is a tiny town away from everything way far out) come to find out she's married to the brother Smart. WILD! So, were all like, Oh my gosh, I remember that and so they call their mother in, she says that name sounds familiar (my maiden name) and I said you may know my Grandma Devore. She said OH!!! Yes, I graduated a year before your mother! She knew my moms family and said somehow way way way down the line the Devores are related to her Foster side of the family down in Manchester KY. WEIRD! So, then some how a girls name was mentioned (Tanis) that I was friends with in elementary school and haven't seen since she moved away in like 5th or 6th grade. Come to find out - she is best friends with the Grandma of the little girl and she (Tanis) lives in the same town I do!! WHAT A WACKY CRAZY WORLD!
So, it was a blast to be at this party and Tucker had a blast and so what a great day!
Today is a Monday (and boy is it) I have the drop-sies and it's taken me all day to type this because I'm having a can't type day!
hope this finds you well!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Well, Haley's gone! I really wish Phil would've went first.
Why is everyone making such a big deal about Sanjaya? Yes, he sucks. Yes, he's a joke.
Does anyone remember Kevin (aka Chicken Little) from last season? He was an even bigger joke that Sanjaya and he made it forever! Every season they have some poor unsuspecting loser on that makes it to the top 5.
Anywho... that's my take on American Idol for this week.
I went to church last night and then a friend (who forgot about my party) came over to see all my stuff. She also is a Creative Memories consultant and she is going to deactivate to sell CTMH. Her last party is Friday and then she'll have made her quota for her CM quarter.
Tonight, Tim is off and we have no plans. Lay around and do nothing. Think I'll make some homemade pizza's. Pillsbury has some great pizza crust in a can. Walmart brand pizza sauce rocks too! I think I'll try to make a few demo cards tonight. Thursday nights are my "night off" when I don't have to cook, clean or bath Tucker. Tim gets to do it all. (I want to make the pizza's because it's something Tucker and I can do together). So this is the night I try to get lots of scrapbooking, cardmaking, stamping done. I sit and think about it all day so my creative juices will be flowing by the time I get home. haha!
Hope this finds you warm cause I'm sure as heck not!
It was too cold to go outside to the gym today... so I got creative... I made 6 trips on a round trip of 60 steps (that's 360 steps) and around the hallways after each trip. Shew! I was worn out afterwards!
So, that's my work out for the day... and I needed it after eating an ENTIRE bag of Andy Capps cheddar fries yesterday! Yep... I was so bad and it tasted so good! LOL!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Not much to talk about's very cold and rainy. Went to the gym anyways... to be a good little girl... walked around the track twice and they closed it so they could do a time trial for some military I went over to a mat thought, crunches... wasn't feeling it so I went and sat in the sauna for 10 min. That was a wasted trip in the cold!
Yesterday was cool but sunny. Tucker and I played some basketball (Btw he was so good for me here at work yesterday we made it all 8 hrs) then we played 5 games of crazy 8s and 3 games of old maid! (not at work that was at home inthe evening)
He's so much fun.
I got my website up and running: So if anyone wants to try scrapbooking this is a good place to start.
That's about all I did last night. Watched AI. This has to be the worst season of AI ever!
Sanjaya needs to come back in a few years when he gets his man voice, Phil Stacy just sucks, Hayley is all legs and no talent. I like Lakisha but personally, I'm tired of looking at her boobs and she needs to cover up! I like Melinda but neither of them did well last night. I like Blake okay - he's the most 'pop' of them all. I did think Jordyn (adorable) did very good last night and I enjoyed her performance. Chris - yeah whatever... move on.
Welp, that's my AI update and I predict that Hayley goes home tonight... I'd rather Phil go first because honestly (I know this sounds horrible) I can't look at him, I have to close my eyes when he's on. Something creepy about him.
Alright, I've rambled on enough about nothing at all!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Well, I hope this finds you all had a happy easter! I went out to read all that I had missed that past few days.

Check out this amazing website I was sent:


I had a wonderful weekend. I had my grand opening party which went very well. My friends love me enough to be honest with me and told me what I could do to be a better presenter. They spent lots of money (God love 'em)! and I received $80 worth of free stuff! So, I'll be building my inventory. A couple talked about hosting a workshop (aka crop) which would be awesome. I have a crop I'm going to set up my stuff at on the 21st and a business expo that got moved to the 28 (I can't go personally but I'll have a display board at).

Easter, I went to sunrise service alone (which was really kind of nice) and had breakfast at church, then my hubby came to church which I was thrilled with!!! However, I had nursery duty. I picked Tucker up (he spent the night w/ a friend and went to church w/ them) went home, grilled steaks, made au gratin potatoes (boxed) and rolls (frozen) and corn (frozen) and then we went to bed for 2 hours! SHEW! I needed the lazy day. About 6 Tim hid easter eggs and Tucker found 7 and me 3! Tucker and I colored them Friday night. And me, the scrapbooker FORGOT to take any pics of the coloring because I was so into coloring them! LOL! How do you give up one art for another?

Here is the pic Tim took of Tucker after he beat the pants off mom hunting eggs. This is the look of ornry if I ever saw it!

Tucker is at work with me today, and I have a conference room behind me, and a TV and toys here but geesh... he just isn't sweet and quiet like Jo (Kris' son) EVERYONE knows Tucker is here. It's gonna be a long day and I bet we don't make it 8 hours! LOL!
I stayed home yesterday one so Tucker wouldn't have to sit a daycare all day two because I forgot how vicous this time of month is when not on birthcontrol! The back pain, the bloating, the heaviness of it all! GEEZ O! After I have the kid I want this stuff yanked out! Who needs it?! So, I'm feeling pretty miserable still. Oh well... I guess we've all been there right?!
Okay, happy Tuesday God bless.
Oh! And Tim was off for 4 whole days! And we enjoyed each other so very much! It was so nice for all of us to be together and for he and I to have some alone time. It was truly a blessing!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hello, Global warming... can we talk? You see you have the word 'warming' in your title because YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE WARMING THE PLANET!! So, can you explain to me why it is snowing here today this 5th day of April?!?!? See, it's spring time... spring time is when it warms up not cools down. Um, you think you could fix that for me? Okay thanks!
So, the roads were so bad this morning... wrecks everywhere. The bridges were solid ice it was the craziest thing!
Tucker is spending the night tonight w/ his old babysitter and tonight is my hubby's night off... you know what that means? KID FREE YOU KNOW WHAT!!! Woo-HOO!!! LOL! I can't wait to see my hubby. I pray that we have an awesome time together doing whatever... running errands, watching TV, just being together.
This morning was donuts with dad at TK's school. He was so excited to have Daddy come to his school just the boys, and tomorrow evening Tim wants to take Tuck and his friend to a movie (Tim's idea)! He's such a good dad and Tucker idolizes him. I pray that Tim will find the Lord so he can imitate our Father so Tucker will imitate his fathers Father... get it?
I'm getting nervous, butterflies, sick to my stomach about Saturday. Talking in front of people... it will all go well I know. The business is being blessed by the Lord and He will bless me also. Besides, the people that are coming are my friends and family the people who love me whether I mess up or not. Okay, I feel better now. (I'm praying for that one)
Last night was missionettes. I made little Easter treat bags and we made little foam chick and bunny bookmarks for the girls to give to whoever for an Easter present. They really enjoyed doing it. I felt like a good little teacher. hahahaha!
The gym has been awesome! I've lost another pound and nothing motivates you to push really hard then pounds lost! It's amazing how big a difference 6 lbs makes... my pants keep slipping down today. Today was leg and butt day... if I didn't lose an 1" off of each hip and butt cheek I'll be suprised! (just kidding) But wow, I'll be lucky to walk w/o crying tomorrow. GOOD WORK OUT! Tomorrow is my big cardio day. I love it, I love running on the treadmill with my MP3. It makes me feel so strong, like I can conquer. You know Pat, I know you have shoulder problems but I really think walking or running or some sort of gym stuff might help you to feel better. It really gives me such a self esteem boosts. Like oh, if I can do this then I can surely handle that. I don't know... just a thought.
I guess I also give the Lord the praise for it because He is truly changing me. Making me more social, making me more outgoing. He has given me a peace and a joy. Not to say that I'm not going to get down, or depressed. But really, He is teaching me to be happy where I am at.
What turned my thinking around from negative to positive was every evening I wrote down something I was grateful for that day. Which somedays can be so hard especially when your spouse was horrible ugly to you that day. But something specific, i.e. I am grateful today for the acts17 website my friend shared with me today and it had some very specific information that answered some questions I had. And it helped me to focus on the good and it is turning the way I look at things. God is good! So very good!
Okay, I really ought to get to work... if I don't talk to ya'll have a blessed Easter. Praise Jesus for His sacrifice, Praise Him for loving YOU enough to die, Praise Him for the Holy Spirit, praise the Holy Spirit for it's conviction in our hearts and lives that we may ask for forgivness and be saved!
Kris, I will be praying for you and your family Easter morning that you will be very blessed in your new church!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

So, Friday afternoon I was writing a post about the shopping trip I was going on and the pedicure I was going to get and how pretty it was out, and how I was going to spend the afternoon w/ a girlfriend and how for you all not to be jealous. Then... the phone rang.
The school called, Tucker was sick. I had to go get him. My Friday afternoon was ruined! I left work in tears as my plans got ruined and I so desperately needed time away!
So, I got home got my kid off the bus, he had a fever of 102.3 and off to CVS to get MORE ibuprofen. It brought his fever down w/in the hour and he was fine the rest of the night and all day Saturday. Saturday I grocery shopped (and I SO hate the grocery store)! Then I had to be at the church at 2:00 for dress rehearsal. The play was great! We had such a good time and I was so blessed in doing it. Tucker ended up running a fever again Saturday evening. Saturday night he woke me up 3 times, soaked with sweat and cold and clammy. His fever had broke! Praise God! He's been fine ever since. Sunday the play was again at 7pm and it again went fabulously! Turns out, I have quite the dramatic flair (who knew)! I had people coming up saying you are my favorite actress! (lol)! But I had to tell them, it wasn't me. It was truly the Holy Spirit moving me. I just really felt the emotions as if it were really happening. So, I hope that lives were touched and that hearts were healed and that God was glorified because of this play. It was alot of fun doing it!
I went to the church last night and helped tear down the set. Tucker was thrilled because the guys let him help with the drill and carry boards, and pull out staples and some real 'guy' stuff. He was SO excited! And now those two guys are his new favorite people. He's not stopped talking about them since! I think he even talked about them in his sleep! LOL!
Things here at work are fine. I don't have end of month stuff to deal with like poor Ellie! THANK YOU JESUS! Things are starting to slow down now that I am finishing up my yearly inventory. Now, I just have to catch up on all the paperwork I couldn't do during inv.
Marriage is doing fine - it's hard for it to not be fine when I haven't seen him! Lol! Let's see, it feels like it's been two weeks since I've seen him. He went to the grocery Sat and I saw him about 30-40 minutes Sunday after church, and that's the last time I have laid eyes on my husband. Hard to have a fight if you don't see each other right? Funny! OH! He did get Thurs and Friday's off now. Did I already tell you that?
I am pretty excited to have date night again at least once a month. And family night the other nights, and I'll actually get a girls night out once in awhile too!
So, that's my life. That sums it up... nothing exciting.
I have Women of Faith conference coming up the 27-28! I get to leave home for a weekend! CAN'T WAIT! And they say this is truly a wonderful experience. So, I'm looking forward to it.
Well you have a blessed day!