Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Well, I hope this finds you all had a happy easter! I went out to read all that I had missed that past few days.

Check out this amazing website I was sent: http://www.hechosethenails.net/


I had a wonderful weekend. I had my grand opening party which went very well. My friends love me enough to be honest with me and told me what I could do to be a better presenter. They spent lots of money (God love 'em)! and I received $80 worth of free stuff! So, I'll be building my inventory. A couple talked about hosting a workshop (aka crop) which would be awesome. I have a crop I'm going to set up my stuff at on the 21st and a business expo that got moved to the 28 (I can't go personally but I'll have a display board at).

Easter, I went to sunrise service alone (which was really kind of nice) and had breakfast at church, then my hubby came to church which I was thrilled with!!! However, I had nursery duty. I picked Tucker up (he spent the night w/ a friend and went to church w/ them) went home, grilled steaks, made au gratin potatoes (boxed) and rolls (frozen) and corn (frozen) and then we went to bed for 2 hours! SHEW! I needed the lazy day. About 6 Tim hid easter eggs and Tucker found 7 and me 3! Tucker and I colored them Friday night. And me, the scrapbooker FORGOT to take any pics of the coloring because I was so into coloring them! LOL! How do you give up one art for another?

Here is the pic Tim took of Tucker after he beat the pants off mom hunting eggs. This is the look of ornry if I ever saw it!

Tucker is at work with me today, and I have a conference room behind me, and a TV and toys here but geesh... he just isn't sweet and quiet like Jo (Kris' son) EVERYONE knows Tucker is here. It's gonna be a long day and I bet we don't make it 8 hours! LOL!
I stayed home yesterday one so Tucker wouldn't have to sit a daycare all day two because I forgot how vicous this time of month is when not on birthcontrol! The back pain, the bloating, the heaviness of it all! GEEZ O! After I have the kid I want this stuff yanked out! Who needs it?! So, I'm feeling pretty miserable still. Oh well... I guess we've all been there right?!
Okay, happy Tuesday God bless.
Oh! And Tim was off for 4 whole days! And we enjoyed each other so very much! It was so nice for all of us to be together and for he and I to have some alone time. It was truly a blessing!


Kristi K. said...

Tucker is such a cutie! I'm glad you had a good time egg hunting! ;)

pat said...

Good for all of you.

Elliemarie said...

I'm glad you had such a great Easter! And Tucker is just so darned cute-what an adorable face!