Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hello, Global warming... can we talk? You see you have the word 'warming' in your title because YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE WARMING THE PLANET!! So, can you explain to me why it is snowing here today this 5th day of April?!?!? See, it's spring time... spring time is when it warms up not cools down. Um, you think you could fix that for me? Okay thanks!
So, the roads were so bad this morning... wrecks everywhere. The bridges were solid ice it was the craziest thing!
Tucker is spending the night tonight w/ his old babysitter and tonight is my hubby's night off... you know what that means? KID FREE YOU KNOW WHAT!!! Woo-HOO!!! LOL! I can't wait to see my hubby. I pray that we have an awesome time together doing whatever... running errands, watching TV, just being together.
This morning was donuts with dad at TK's school. He was so excited to have Daddy come to his school just the boys, and tomorrow evening Tim wants to take Tuck and his friend to a movie (Tim's idea)! He's such a good dad and Tucker idolizes him. I pray that Tim will find the Lord so he can imitate our Father so Tucker will imitate his fathers Father... get it?
I'm getting nervous, butterflies, sick to my stomach about Saturday. Talking in front of people... it will all go well I know. The business is being blessed by the Lord and He will bless me also. Besides, the people that are coming are my friends and family the people who love me whether I mess up or not. Okay, I feel better now. (I'm praying for that one)
Last night was missionettes. I made little Easter treat bags and we made little foam chick and bunny bookmarks for the girls to give to whoever for an Easter present. They really enjoyed doing it. I felt like a good little teacher. hahahaha!
The gym has been awesome! I've lost another pound and nothing motivates you to push really hard then pounds lost! It's amazing how big a difference 6 lbs makes... my pants keep slipping down today. Today was leg and butt day... if I didn't lose an 1" off of each hip and butt cheek I'll be suprised! (just kidding) But wow, I'll be lucky to walk w/o crying tomorrow. GOOD WORK OUT! Tomorrow is my big cardio day. I love it, I love running on the treadmill with my MP3. It makes me feel so strong, like I can conquer. You know Pat, I know you have shoulder problems but I really think walking or running or some sort of gym stuff might help you to feel better. It really gives me such a self esteem boosts. Like oh, if I can do this then I can surely handle that. I don't know... just a thought.
I guess I also give the Lord the praise for it because He is truly changing me. Making me more social, making me more outgoing. He has given me a peace and a joy. Not to say that I'm not going to get down, or depressed. But really, He is teaching me to be happy where I am at.
What turned my thinking around from negative to positive was every evening I wrote down something I was grateful for that day. Which somedays can be so hard especially when your spouse was horrible ugly to you that day. But something specific, i.e. I am grateful today for the acts17 website my friend shared with me today and it had some very specific information that answered some questions I had. And it helped me to focus on the good and it is turning the way I look at things. God is good! So very good!
Okay, I really ought to get to work... if I don't talk to ya'll have a blessed Easter. Praise Jesus for His sacrifice, Praise Him for loving YOU enough to die, Praise Him for the Holy Spirit, praise the Holy Spirit for it's conviction in our hearts and lives that we may ask for forgivness and be saved!
Kris, I will be praying for you and your family Easter morning that you will be very blessed in your new church!


pat said...

Baby making tonight, perhaps, Holli?
Happy & Blessed Easter.

Kristi K. said...

Hahahaha! I had to laugh at Pat's comment! Good one!

Sounds like things are sooo going your way, Holli. Other than the weather that none of us here in Ohio are enjoying.

I am looking forward to your class, and you will do just fine. If not, I'll just throw rotten fruit at you. No big deal. :) heehee.

See ya then! Hugs!