Monday, April 16, 2007

It's Monday morning and I'm getting ready to head off to the gym.
Today starts the Weight Loss Challenge that I joined here at work. It's 3 ladies friends, me and 1 guy. None of us has a ton to lose. I think my friend P and I both have the most with about 30 lbs. T and D only have about 10 to lose and the Major only wants to stay in shape and lose a little. So wish me luck! I ate everything in sight yesterday and baked a cinnamon swirl cake w/ yummy buttercream icing. My sweet tooth was so bad yesterday I was eating (don't gross out) marshmallows dipped in buttercream icing. Yep, you read right, marshmallows covered in icing. It was DELICIOUS! But I only ate 3 that way before my teeth started to hurt from the sugar! (just kidding)!
Okay, so now it's afterno0n. Didn't have time to finish this before. I had a great work out. I can really see a body starting to take shape! Wow - I have a body - who knew?! LOL!
My weekend was great. Friday went to dinner w/ the family, Saturday grocery, birthday party for one of Tucker's friends from school. Now this is a whole 'nother story all in it's own so I'll come back to it, went to dad's went to lowes' and got the tiles and paint for him to finish the island he's built for my kitchen. Took him to dinner, Sunday church and baked that cake.
So... the party... it is crazy how small this world is!
The last name was Gallion so thought maybe I'd run into a girl from school there with the same last name. But, they are no relation. However, I get to talking to a friend of this families and she was related to who I was refering to and I found out this girl was murdered 4 years ago! I was shocked! I guess she got very heavy into drugs and was stabbed. She was a beautiful girl, popular, cheerleader, perky, had alot going for her. I was shocked!
But I'll go on, so people at this party are looking familiar to me... come to find out... they are!
Back from my Jamestown days. The grandma of the little girl graduated with my oldest sister, the aunt (Karen Smart) graduated in between me and my sister Paige. So then I here someone say Holli what are you doing here? There stands a woman from my work (now this is a tiny town away from everything way far out) come to find out she's married to the brother Smart. WILD! So, were all like, Oh my gosh, I remember that and so they call their mother in, she says that name sounds familiar (my maiden name) and I said you may know my Grandma Devore. She said OH!!! Yes, I graduated a year before your mother! She knew my moms family and said somehow way way way down the line the Devores are related to her Foster side of the family down in Manchester KY. WEIRD! So, then some how a girls name was mentioned (Tanis) that I was friends with in elementary school and haven't seen since she moved away in like 5th or 6th grade. Come to find out - she is best friends with the Grandma of the little girl and she (Tanis) lives in the same town I do!! WHAT A WACKY CRAZY WORLD!
So, it was a blast to be at this party and Tucker had a blast and so what a great day!
Today is a Monday (and boy is it) I have the drop-sies and it's taken me all day to type this because I'm having a can't type day!
hope this finds you well!

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