Thursday, April 12, 2007

Well, Haley's gone! I really wish Phil would've went first.
Why is everyone making such a big deal about Sanjaya? Yes, he sucks. Yes, he's a joke.
Does anyone remember Kevin (aka Chicken Little) from last season? He was an even bigger joke that Sanjaya and he made it forever! Every season they have some poor unsuspecting loser on that makes it to the top 5.
Anywho... that's my take on American Idol for this week.
I went to church last night and then a friend (who forgot about my party) came over to see all my stuff. She also is a Creative Memories consultant and she is going to deactivate to sell CTMH. Her last party is Friday and then she'll have made her quota for her CM quarter.
Tonight, Tim is off and we have no plans. Lay around and do nothing. Think I'll make some homemade pizza's. Pillsbury has some great pizza crust in a can. Walmart brand pizza sauce rocks too! I think I'll try to make a few demo cards tonight. Thursday nights are my "night off" when I don't have to cook, clean or bath Tucker. Tim gets to do it all. (I want to make the pizza's because it's something Tucker and I can do together). So this is the night I try to get lots of scrapbooking, cardmaking, stamping done. I sit and think about it all day so my creative juices will be flowing by the time I get home. haha!
Hope this finds you warm cause I'm sure as heck not!
It was too cold to go outside to the gym today... so I got creative... I made 6 trips on a round trip of 60 steps (that's 360 steps) and around the hallways after each trip. Shew! I was worn out afterwards!
So, that's my work out for the day... and I needed it after eating an ENTIRE bag of Andy Capps cheddar fries yesterday! Yep... I was so bad and it tasted so good! LOL!!!


PJ said...

you're right, i forgot about kevin! they do have one every season.

and i'm freezing too - if i wrap myself up in any more clothing i won't be able to move!

neicybelle said...

it is way too cold for this time of year! what is up with this weather???

sounds like a nice evening! love homemade pizza!!