Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Geez, is it only Tuesday. Man, seems like it should be Thursday I don't know why I feel this way.
Everything is going very well, makes for a pretty boring blog!
Tucker had his first swim lessons last night at the Y. OMG!!!!! He is SOOOOO cute. He did so well, he listened, he was patient, he did everything she asked, he showed no fear (even if he was afraid) he did it! I was so very proud! I took loads of pics (but of course those are at home) and the home computer is ill.
He's been so very sweet lately. He has such a great sense of humor. Get this, the other night he told a typical 6 yr old made up joke and I didn't laugh enough to please him. He told me "Mom, how come you don't always laugh at my jokes? From now... you laugh okay... at all of them."
Well then of course I laughed! I'm still laughing!
It's a beautiful day today, I just love the sunshine! Something about spring though, it always brings the partier me to surface. I was so badly to roll my window down, crank the rock-n-roll, grab a wine cooler and smoke a cigarette. I don't do any of those things of course as I know it's the enemy praying on the old me and the good times. The Lord than reminds me of the bad times and drama that comes with those so called good times. It'll be two years Sept 5th since I quit smoking. Something that everyone around me thought I'd never do. I was a die hard, hard core smoker. Isn't God good? He's truly an awesome God! Not a day of withdraw did I go through, He just removed it from me. I don't know why He chose me of all people but He did and I am grateful! I give Him all the glory because quitting was not of myself!
I had another good workout today. I ate a great lunch, got in 3 full servings of veggies just at lunch. Had my fruit and whole grain for breakfast - which let me tell you - it REALLY does fill you up longer. It's amazing the difference I've noticed in how I stay full longer. It's awesome!
I only had about 210 cals at lunch, around 210 at breakfast. I'll have an apple for an afternoon snack and then a sensible dinner (if I eat dinner). Usually that ends of being vegies too.
I keep thinking, I have a community pool, I only own two pieces boy I better hurry or else they are going to be blinded!! LOL!!!
Only 9 days until Women of Faith retreat. I found out Max Lucado is going to be there!! WOW! I am way excited about that, he's an amazing author and inspirator. Beth Moore will also be there. I've heard her name and heard wonderful things about her but I don't know her work. Sounds like it's going to be a great time. I've saved up money so I can go shopping with the ladies too and we'll eat out alot. oooo - I just thought of something. I have to be good at these resturaunts! BUMMER! Oh well, I need to remember two things 1.) Nothing tastes as good as thin feels 2.) I am not there to celebrate the food, I am there to celebrate the relationship with women friends! YEAH! I think I'll have to write that down to keep with me. I'm so weak!
Okay, for someone who had nothing to say... I've said enough and bored you to tears.


PJ said...

Holli! So many things to say about this post!! First, congrats on 2 years of not smoking. I'm at 7 years and the Lord did the same thing with me! Our God is so good and gracious to us.

Second, I LOVE Women of Faith! I go almost every year and enjoy it so much. I have seen Beth Moore before - what an amazing speaker! You will love her.

And finally, I love the new look to your blog! It's really bright and cheery, just like you! :)

pat said...

I really think you ought to be nice and share that sunny day so if you would not mind, send that spring weather down my way......

Congrats on the 2 years.

Holli said...

Pat - I am sending sun your way (SMILE)! Did you get it?
Thanks ladies for being such a blessing in my life!

deputyswife said...

Nice to meet you Holli! And you're right, us cop's wives have to stick together. LOL.

Congratulations on your quitting smoking. I am still stuck with the habit, but will try to quit once again soon.

I hope to see you again!

neicybelle said...

yay for being smoke free for two years!

yay for women of faith retreats!
Yay for max and beth! (you'll love her)

yay for being brave at swimming lessons!

yay for keeping on your goals!

have a great weekend!!