Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Good morning. Sorry I didn't post yesterday... I was so busy and had (still have) so much on my mind.
Well let's start with the happy part of the weekend... that would be Saturday. I had the all day crop that a friend from the gym invited me to set up at. Well on Friday I was in a bit of a panic because no one has booked any parties or workshops and I was saying that Saturday was my last planned event as far as my business goes and I didn't know what to do next! Well on the way to the crop Sat morning I prayed... and I wasn't there an hour and someone booked a party! Is God good or what! So he answered my prayer and he did it quickly so I was able to enjoy my day. I got alot of pages done, several cards made and just really enjoyed the ladies. It was a beautiful day so only 6 of us were there. I guess there is usually 20 or so! But it gets better! By the end of the day, the ladies want to do a monthly workshop at $15 per person and I will have a project ready for them to do. They want to make cards so every month I'll prepare a new workshop and make alot of cards. I am SOOOO excited! How blessed am I?!
After the crop and I got home I had alot of laundry to get caught up on and had to get everything put away and I had to place some orders. So I was EXHAUSTED! I skipped church Sunday morning and laid around and relaxed. My mom came up at 1:00 for us to color each others hair and then I had to take Tucker to yet another b-day party (he had one Saturday also that daddy dropped him off at) and that was at the park. We got home about 7:30 and it was bathtime, bedtime and Desperate Housewives time for mom! HAHA! I just LOVE that show!
So.... here's the bad part of my weekend... Friday night Tim and I were outside watering the lawn and just doing some work and such... Tucker went 3 houses down and was playing w. a little girl that's in his class. Her grandma was there watching them. They were all the front porch and Tucker had taken his new book set down and they were looking at it... well!

Something very disturbing happened Friday evening. We had an issue with the mom (remember me saying in the beginning of the school year let's have Tucker talk to the counsler before some crazy parent pressed sexual harasment charges? Well, she'll be the lunatic parent that does it!) Here’s what happened… Tucker was down on the front porch playing (Tim and I were outside out front) and apparently Tucker kissed and hugged the girl. Well I hear the mom screaming at him (3 houses down). She said "Get out of here, your not a normal little boy, I don't care mom (apparently her mother told her to be quiet) that's not normal to hug and kiss on your friends now get out of here!" I sent my husband down and he asked is everything ok and the mom says yes everything's fine (in a very sweet tone) I went marching down there and said OH NO IT'S NOT! I heard what you said to my child! She's in the garage with a rag wiping the girls face off (rubbing it over and over where Tucker had kissed her). She tells me … (her exact words) "Tucker almost ruined her life the first three weeks of school, she came home crying everyday because she didn't like him kissing her." (yes ruined her life - no exageration on my part) and she continued to say " no one in the class has learned anything, and the entire class is disrupted all because of you son Tucker!" The little girl starts crying stop it mommy stop it, and the mom hugs her and says I know it's just so upsetting sweetie. She said she has spoken to his teacher and the prinicpal regarding Tucker. I went on to say that it is normal to hug friends, and that we are a very affectionate family and we have discussed it with Tucker to not hug or kiss anyone but mom and dad and that's it and that we have punished him for it and we can not control what he does. I said that she was to NEVER EVER speak to my child like that or tell someone that they are not "normal" and that if she has a problem she needs to come to us! Now, I'm a christian woman so I was kind (even though I wanted to grind her face into her driveway) my husband said a few choice words to her. I have instructed Tucker to not even look at her before her pshycho mother has him put in jail! I could see Tucker was visibly upset by the situation.
So, I pray that he doesn’t let this bother him. Tim and I talked to him about how he didn't do anything bad, that some people don't like to be touched and that this is why we keep telling him to keep his hands and lips to himself. That he is a good boy and he didn’t mean her any harm but that we can't do that! That he is perfectly normal and that there is nothing wrong with him but that (and I shouldn't have said this but I was angry) the girls mommy was a crazy lady who's mind was broke and she had man issues. So, I went in the house and was so mad I cried. How DARE anyone to speak to my child like that. I have never and will never speak to any child like that. I have problems with his little friend Spencer that comes down and I tell him he won't act like that in my home, he'll follow my rules or I say don't try to be sneaky or you won't be welcome back or I just flat out send him home for the day. I don't yell at him, I don't call him names. And I mean - come on lady! He kissed her, he didn't lick her, he didn't punch her! For pete's sake! This little girl is 5 and looks 9 she's really really large and he could be making fun of her for her size but instead he's so excited to be playing with her that he hugs her! GOOD GRIEF!!! So, I am still trying to deal with my anger of it, the old me is a very vengeful person and a fighter. So, I've been praying not only for me but for the mom and daughter also. I need to let this go it's just so hard. My mind starts drawing up all kinds of stories and things I should've said and then my heart starts beating faster and I get tense and then I have a choice to make at that point... to let it make me even more angry or pray. So, I am trying to pray.
Pray for me! On an upnote:
I did have a good Monday! Had a good day at work, Tucker had a good swim lesson (oh he's so stinking cute) I had a good workout, I ate GREAT nothing bad for me yesterday. So happy Monday... I have one more person signing up as a consultant under me!! So that makes two and if Kris' Bipsy signs up that'll be three. That's pretty cool (it sounds good but doesn't do anything for me finacially). But still... awesome! So, today I'm out of here at 1:30. I have the appt with the ENT today to look at my X-rays. I'm sure he'll send me to an allergist after todays appt. But I can go home and get a nap before Tucker gets home. I slept awful the sherriff's office called at 1:30 am and then again at 2am and then Tim had to get up and go in ..so I was awake and couldn't fall back asleep!
Okay... I'll shut up now... have a great and blessed day! Philippians 4:8
that's what I need to remember!


Kristi K. said...

So many good things are happening in your life, and I am so happy for you. God is richly pouring his blessings out on your life. I rejoice with you!

As for the neighbor, I know just what you mean. You did the right thing by standing up for your son. I am what I consider pretty mild mannered. I so seldom get in anyone's face, no matter how angry they make me. I can choke back my words with the best of them. But let someone mess with my child, and the gloves come off. I try my hardest to stay rational, but my mother bear instinct...must protect my child...must protect my child...is strong. I could overreact in a heartbeat and not think twice.

I think you are to be congratulated for handling that situation very well. I think you probably handled it better than I could. You're a good mom with a good son. A very loving son. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Holli said...

Thank you so very much Kris! Your words are so very needed and are taken to heart!

Elliemarie said...

What a freaking nutjob. I could see her getting upset if Tcuker went and punched and kicked her daughter, but hugging and kissing? Give me a break. It's general rule of thumb that you don't yell at somebody else's child-you speak to the parent if you have a problem. And to get so bent out of shape with a little boy who happens to be loving and affectionate? It's not a wonder our society is so messed up, when you have to teach your children not to be affectionate for fear of being accused of something "dirty". Poor Tucker-it must be so confusing for him.

I have to applaud you for not totally losing your cool with that woman-I would have torn a strip off her. And be proud of your son for being such a loving little boy!

And congrats on the success with your CTMH business!