Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Not much to talk about's very cold and rainy. Went to the gym anyways... to be a good little girl... walked around the track twice and they closed it so they could do a time trial for some military I went over to a mat thought, crunches... wasn't feeling it so I went and sat in the sauna for 10 min. That was a wasted trip in the cold!
Yesterday was cool but sunny. Tucker and I played some basketball (Btw he was so good for me here at work yesterday we made it all 8 hrs) then we played 5 games of crazy 8s and 3 games of old maid! (not at work that was at home inthe evening)
He's so much fun.
I got my website up and running: So if anyone wants to try scrapbooking this is a good place to start.
That's about all I did last night. Watched AI. This has to be the worst season of AI ever!
Sanjaya needs to come back in a few years when he gets his man voice, Phil Stacy just sucks, Hayley is all legs and no talent. I like Lakisha but personally, I'm tired of looking at her boobs and she needs to cover up! I like Melinda but neither of them did well last night. I like Blake okay - he's the most 'pop' of them all. I did think Jordyn (adorable) did very good last night and I enjoyed her performance. Chris - yeah whatever... move on.
Welp, that's my AI update and I predict that Hayley goes home tonight... I'd rather Phil go first because honestly (I know this sounds horrible) I can't look at him, I have to close my eyes when he's on. Something creepy about him.
Alright, I've rambled on enough about nothing at all!


pat said...

I just checked out your website. I like your products.

Holli said...

Pat - I thought of you the first time I saw the Heirloom kit. If you go to scrapbook kits then the my reflections 12x12 and then Heirloom you'll see it.
I can't wait to start on that with my grandparents and parents pics!

Elliemarie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds Phil creepy! Blake and JOrdin are defitiely my favourites and I wish someone would launch Sanjaya into space!!

neicybelle said...

i'm sorry...i got to watch one episode and that's been it this whole season...just no time for tv right now...maybe after i get settled into my new place...

congrats on the website!