Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I hate computers - my home computer is so very slow. I stay as far away from it as possible - as you can tell!
I've been busy reading and researching, planning, shopping for the holidays (no gifts yet) and crafting and scrapbooking.
Tucker has been diagnosed w/ ADHD. The meds (the 1st ones) are working great so far!
His grades shot up in the very first week. He has become the example EVERYWHERE of what TO do instead of what NOT to do! CAn you believe it? I was shocked!! I had no idea I could expect this kind of result. However... (you knew that was coming right) there is a down side. The meds only work for 6-8 hours. It gets him through school. Then when he comes 'down' from the meds - oh my my. He is mouthy and hateful and argumenative. It's just awful. I try to hard to be patient - to remember it's out of his control...but I can only take so much. He does have an appt tomorrow to see how the meds are going - we will discuss this!
Thanksgiving was SO great. I was total Martha Stewart! She would have been so proud of me. We used the good china, I had the house decorated w/ fall leaves and pie pumpkins, and had the house smelling of fall spiced candles. The food was incredible (if I may so myself).
Tim and I were together all weekend ALONE! What a great weekend.
We're broke - two cars broke down $2000.00 to fix them both - so we are down to one car (the new one) guess we got that just in time. But of course that means Christmas will be next to none in my house. The one thing Tucker wants is a Sansa Shaker MP3 player it's only 30.00 and that' s all he was going to get - but it's sold out everywhere! BAHUMBUG!
I guess we'll learn the true meaning of Christmas for real in my house this year!
Oh well - I'm still blessed beyond measure!!!
I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy and blessed also.
Pat - I'm praying for you - and Josh. I'm praying for Bills' recovery.
OH! And God has blessed me some more friends that are here local. I am so excited to be meeting people that will drop in and have coffee... and sit and visit.
Thank you Lord.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

You probably don't remember me...


Things have been so crazy that I'm not even about to catch you up.

Schools been very rough for Tucker... which makes things very rough at home... which makes the marriage very rough...

so in a nutshell... Tucker goes Wed @ 8:45am to get tested for ADHD. Lord I'm praying for healing and a breakthrough for this child. Something has to give. Please pray for him.

The marriage is really going pretty well - we just disagree on how to discipline Tucker at this point. Tim now has Friday and Sat. off. I can't even tell you how nice it is to actually spend an entire day w/ my husband! I forgot how wonderful Saturdays could be. We love having him home with us all day.

Church is fantastic - God is fantastic. Work sucks but then it wouldn't be work would it?

I pray for you all every single morning!