Monday, July 16, 2007

It's ALIVE!!! Alive I tell you!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey all!! Oh my gosh - I miss you all so much. I've got caught up a few of your lives but not all of you yet...
my life has been so hectic. I can't even tell you what all I did last week (it seems so long ago). I do know that Tucker had his last T-ball game Wed. night. I am SO glad that's over. He does not want to play soccer this year. So... I get a break until basketball.
I can't believe 5 weeks until school starts. It feels like they just got out. Summer is not nearly long enough!
Jungle Jaunt VBS started this week. I am teaching the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders this year. AAAHHH, a much better age than 5yr olds! Thank you Jesus - you knew what I could handle this week. Tonight was alot of fun and I a looking forward to tomorrow night.
Next week I'll be very quiet... I'll be in Lake Lure North Carolina!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh it so beautiful there. I love the mountains! I'm sure we'll do Chimney Rock we always do, that's where Last of the Mohicans was filmed. FABU! We might do the Biltmore Estates because I never have all the years i've been. I think it's something my husband would enjoy being an antique collectore and all.
(pardon all my typo''s getting late and I've got to get to bed)
OH! yesterday... I took Tuck to see Wizard of Oz at a close by dinner theater. We loved it! We were 5" from stage and the witch flew RIGHT over our heads. He was in awe!! I think I might take him back at Christmas time.
Please be in prayer for my marriage. For those of you that have been around for the past year know my ups and downs. Right now - I'm in a down. I hate how nasty his job has made him. He's so negative and nasty and ugly all the time. He never has a nice word to say about anyone and that is so hard for me to be around. I'm such an up person who believes in the good of all people and he so brings me down. I'm struggeling with my prayer life and christian walk in result of it. I need to hold tightly to our Lord Jesus! He is our Savior - He is MY savior and He will not ever leave or forsake me! I so need to keep repeating that to myself tonight.
Other than that... my life is moving along. Tucker is wonderful. GORGEOUS little boy!
We went and visited Tim's family Sat. evening. David and Beth are doing much better and David is moving around pretty well. It was so great to see them! I think Tim really enjoyed hisself.
Well... I'm sure I have more to say...but I've got to get to bed... I love you all and I do pray for you all each and every day!
Kris - looks like you had a wonderful time... I am soooo glad... what a blessing!
Neicey - I would've went to Denver is too short! Hope you have a rockin good time!! Be safe!
Pat - I'm so proud of you... going alone would've been so hard for me... so really I applaud you!


pat said...

Nice to see you back. I for one have missed you. Hang in there with the marriage. I am sure all will work out.

Kristi K. said...

Thank you for the update! Hope you have a wonderful trip. Maybe that's just what you and Tim need...some time away to refresh and renew. We want pictures upon your return! ;)


neicybelle said...

my thoughts are with you...hope your vacation does you as much good as mine did...*hugs!*