Monday, July 09, 2007

Please don't think I don't love you.

My work has blocked access to all blog pages. I knew it would come eventually. So, I can no longer visit and comment on your pages daily. I am SO going to miss you guys. I will still check in from home but probably only once a week. I very rarely use this computer.
Really, I feel like I've lost my best friend... it was the first thing i did in the mornings. While i ate my toast and drank my coffee, I read all my friends lives and prayed for them! I'm very sad.
So, if there is something you need or want me to know during the day send me an email at work
So. I had a great weekend with my family. All of us girls went out for brunch w/ mom Sat morning and then shopping. We've never been shopping all together before. That was fun! We went to a waterpark Friday and had a blast - before my husband ruined it. But we won't go there.
Just pray for him and his salvation please.
I trust the Lord. He will answer and I will be blessed for what I have lived with. I try to be the best wife I can be - I keep telling myself it's for the Lord. Don't get me wrong - I'm not abused or anything... well verbally I am... but I'm strong enough and confident enough in myself to handle it. and when I'm not... I hand it to the Lord at the alter and He takes it for me and heals me.
Well, I really need to get to bed after I snuggle with my incredibly beautiful boy.
OH! We went through some old pics at moms... that was hysterical. I was such a dork growing up! LOL! We had some great laughs. I truly am blessed and thank the Lord for the great and normal childhood I had growing up. I know I am rare to have had it so good!
Hope you all have a great week. Check in with you as soon as I can!


Kristi K. said...

Looking at old pictures is so awesome. Of course, it gets me in the mood to scrapbook.... ;)

I'm sorry they're blocking you at work, but we'll take you when we can. Hang in there, okay?

neicybelle said...

wow...i would lose my mind if they took my blog away from me at work...i'm so sorry...

keep in touch when you can, please? *hugs!*