Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hi everybody... I finally found a minute (& literally it's only a minute).
I wanted to say hello to everyone so you wouldn't forget about me. I feel so left out! I'll tell ya' being without the internet for a whole week is AWFUL! I felt so out of touch. So, I got caught up on most of the blogs, Pamie - is yours not there anymore? Please email me an update of your life. I won't pass judgement - I'll just listen and pray.
So, North Carolina was wonderful. It was cloudy everyday so no tans. We did have a great time though and did one thing a day and the pool every evening. Lots of GREAT GREAT food. We ate at La Strada in Lake Lure - great pizza and pasta. Gregory's ( a hole in the wall) in Rutherfordton had the BEST chicken wings ever... I tried to buy the sauce but they weren't sellin', we had the BEST onion rings ever at Spears Barbeque and Resteraunt in Linville. Wow... good southern food! The best service too. I just love the south. I see myself living in the south one day. I'd be the perfect southern bell sitting on my plantation wrap around porch or on a blanket under the willow tree sipping my very sweet southern tea! I pick up the accent in just a matter of days being down there. It's so my pace!
We hiked in the mountains of Chimny Rock and that was the best time we had. We laughed and played and really enjoyed each other. I also realized w/ this time w/ my kid how very smart and witty he truly is! He's very wise... I can't even tell you. Something happened and I said we'd pray and he said yep, that's the best thing we could do mom is pray! I thought I'd fall apart at that very moment! I just truly love that kid.
Work has been so busy - but since they've blocked blogs - I'm really kickin' butt!
I started eating healthy again yesterday. Not that I stopped - but I started junking out when I got home. Well... I bought this new pill called Alli. It's a fat blocker. So... now I HAVE to eat low fat or else I'll get sick! That's one way to do it. I only got a 20 day supply to start and see how it works. I'm also back in the gym and hitting the weights full swing. I did alot of swimming and treading water and hiking while I was on vacation so I didn't take a total break. So, my goal is 25 lbs by this time next year. It's very realistic and puts me at a very healthy weight. So... that's what is new in my life. OH tomorrow is mom's b-day and I'm taking her out to lunch. She picked the Cheesecake Factory!!!! I've been dying to go there... and now... all I can have is soup! Man this bites! LOL! But - it'll be worth it this time next year.
Also, pray for me... the desire to smoke is so very strong! Especially now that I'm trying not to eat. I know it's a habit that I don't want to pick back up in my mind... but my body is saying yes. So please pray that the Lord will give me strength and wisdom in this matter. OH and will power! Thanks ladies - I know I can count on you.
We cleaned house before we left so when we came home there would be nothing to do. Man, it just confimred how much I love my house. We walked in and it smelled so good, and I love the colors. It's so soothing and warm. It's just a modest 3 bedroom ranch but it's so open and filled wtih old things and new things that blend so wonderfully. Very homey and I just praise God for providing it! He is so good.
So, that is my life... no news on the baby front. We haven't much time to practice lately either! haha - we were so tired every night on vacation we hardly kept our eyes open to crawl into bed! LOL
Well, I pray for you all every day and I pray that all is going well in your lives. I was so happy to read tonight that everyone seems really blessed and in a mode of praise. That is sooooo fantastic!! God is good to us isn't he girls?
Well - love ya all! It's time to get Tucker in the bath.


pat said...

Great to hear from you and thanks for the pictures.

Kristi K. said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip! It sounds like just what you needed!

I'm glad you have so many wonderful goals in your life! You are so on the right track! You go girl!

PJ said...

Hi Holli! My blog is back, after a little revamping. :)