Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ok... I don't know why...but I can not upload the photos... it keeps saying this page can not be displayed. I can't imagine the file size is too big but perhaps I've messed up the setting... will try and take new pics and see if that helps.
Oh well...
Today is a GORGEOUS day! I wish all summer had been like today. We hung at the pool for 4 and half hours (and now I'm crispy). Apparently waterproof doesn't mean all day. Oh well, it'll turn brown tomorrow. I went and got all of Tucker's schools supplies...all we need now is shoes.
Tucker and I went to Taco Bell and had dinner. What a glorious day the Lord has made!
He knew how much I needed it!
I can't wait till tomorrow. I love praising Him and singing and being in His presence!
Hope you all had a blessed day too!

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