Tuesday, August 28, 2007

HI YA'LL!!!!

Happy Wednesday (by the time you read this probably). Life is going smoothly. No complaints... believe it or not!

Did I tell you I was taking Alli? I did - and finished the 20 day supply - lost 7.5 lbs in those 20 days! Woo-HOO! Ya' know, it's amazing the difference 7 lbs makes! So, I'm done with the pill and going to continue on my own. I did learn something, it's not the fat content or the calories ...it's the fat AND the calories together that make a difference. Wish me continued success.

School is going great as far as I know... no notes from the teacher yet.

Car is super!

Anniversary was fun. I got dressed up ( a little for me) actually wore a nice casual dress. Will post a pic if I get a chance. I bought Tim a watch and we went to a great italian rest for dinner. Then walked around the book store for a few and then home. I was a little disappointed I have to admit that we came home so early. I really wanted to go and do something else...stay out late and run away from reality for a little while longer...but he was too full and tired from dinner. LOL! So we came home. But we did have a good time. I got 3 Boyd's bears in a basket for a present and a card!! A real honest to goodness card!! I was so suprised and so happy you'da thought it was a diamond! hahaha! Silly how the littlest things thrill us to pieces!

That's about all that's going on here.

Sunday service was amazing! We raised the roof with our praises, the Spirit was so obvious! Another girl in service was moved to come pray with me. Come to find out we were both there alone and praying for our spouses to be with us. So...we are going to start praying for each other (because the wait is so long and hard sometimes) and praying for our spouses. It's so nice to know and such a comfort to know that someone else is in my position, sitting in church praising our awesome God alone, wishing that their spouse would come to know God's salvation.

So, it was so awesome that the spirit moved her to come pray with me... the Lord is so good!

Well... happy days to you and pray that all is going well.

Morning devotion time with Tucker is going great - I really have to give a shout out to Leigh Gray for making see how morning time (rather than night) is so much better!!! Thanks girl!


Elliemarie said...

Good for you on losing the weight-you look fabulous!

I'm glad you had a great anniversary and I am very envious of the 3 Boyd's Bears!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Kristi K. said...

Oh how wonderful! Congratulations again...and Ellie is right! You look great!

Yay for no notes home from school and yay for a nice evening out! The basket n bears sound lovely! I'm so glad he made you feel special!

Rejoicing with ya and many hugs!

neicybelle said...

i wondered if that allie worked or not...did you have any bad side effects or anything with it? was it hard to do?
i've got 40 lbs i've got to get off...

congrats on the anniversary!