Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Monday morning to ya'll!!
What a wonderful weekend. My Tucker left Saturday to go w/ Nana and Papa & mamaNae (from Georgia) for a WHOLE WEEK!! WOO-HOO!!!
So, I scrapbooked and made cards Saturday night, got Music & Lyrics off of PPV. Cute movie btw. Sunday went to church, SO nice not to get anyone else ready but myself! Came home, watched a video Leigh Gray sent me (finally) and what a beautiful, adorable, funny, and spirit led woman she is! WOW! She's an awesome speaker and I am hoping that my MOPS leader from church invites Leigh to come! I'm not part of MOPS but if she comes - I'm going! She sent me the DVD because she talks about a miscarriage - however the video was about living a balanced life. It was great and backed up all w/ scripture. I've posted her link on here before. One of these days I'll have Kris show me how to put links down the side of my page! OH! And Leigh, let me know if you want me to send that back to you. I don't want to keep it if it's your only copy!
Anyways... then I took Daddy out to El Dorado's for dinner and then we came back and put Bela Fleck & The Flecktones (an AMAZINGLY talented trio) on in the garage and listened to music and talked and just really enjoyed his company! He went home and I made some more cards. I'm making the cutest picnic invitations for July 4 for a cookout when my baby sister is home from Montana. I also worked on the recipe card kit that I'm making for my cousin who is getting married. I'm going to put a couple of my Grandma's recipes in there, a couple of my favs and ask some of the family (other aunts and such) for a couple of their favs! Cute idea huh? I'm getting pretty crafty in my old age! LOL!
I am really looking forward to tonight. It's Joy Fellowship at church. We are meeting at 5:30 and heading off to Olive Garden! Stuffed chicken marsala here I come!!!! OH YA! I love Joy Fellowship. I love getting together with the ladies from church and learning from each of them and getting to know them as friends! Have a great day ya'll, I pray the Lord will bless you all and I pray that you keep Him first in your thoughts!
PS Leigh, that video touched me more than you know... thanks for being obedient! I pray that God will bless your socks (and shoes) off with your ministry!


neicybelle said...

what a blessing! time to yourself to recoop and refresh....ahhhhhh!!

i always enjoy the first couple of days...then start missing my amy girl...i hope you have a great week!!

Kristi K. said...

That sounds like an awesome day! I am so glad you have a wonderful relationship with your dad. What a blessing!

I have been super busy getting ready for our trip to Tenn., but I wanted to stop by and let you know I am thinking of you. Have a super great week!