Monday, June 04, 2007

Hello all! I had a nice long post started... then had to leave my desk... came back and closed out of IE (I had it minimized) and did not click the return to post list link...eeerrrr!!!
Basically - had a nice weekend. My hubby kept me home Friday - I think he wanted to keep me close so he could keep an eye on me. He landscaped and it is beautiful! It looks better than the yards that were professionally done. I'm so proud of him and how hard he works!
Friday night I started cramping really bad, I felt like I was going to throw up! I finally took a darvocet and it made me fall asleep. I felt better Saturday. We had a cookout for Tim's birthday and I had a graduation party to go to. The cookout was nice and relaxing. We invited a couple of the neighbors and got to know them a little better and had a good time. Sunday went to church and laid around the house. Took a nap which is always a bonus! Started cramping again last night. Then today felt better. Took a 2.75 mile walk at lunch and started cramping during the walk. I'll really be glad when this is done. I am grateful to God that is happend so quickly and that I didn't have to wait days or weeks for it to start! I am grateful to God for the peace that He has filled me with and that positive outlook and attitude that He has surely blessed me with! I couldn't do this without my Lord and Savior!
I thank you ALL for your prayers. For they have made the difference! The Lord heard our cries and has answered. Praise Him today for the good things He has done!
I called the Dr office this morning to talk about things. I have to go have another blood test tomorrow to see where my levels are. Anything under 10 is considered not pregnant and that means my body has shed it all - so that's the prayer for the day. That it will be less than 10 so I won't have to have anymore tests! :-)
My first card workshop is tomorrow night! This is a group of ladies who decided they want to spend $15 a month for the next 10 months (that way each lady gets to be hostess once) and we'll get together once a month and do a card workshop and a couple of scrapbook layouts. I'm nervous as this is my first workshop. I have everything ready (I hope)! Now it's just how to get it started and teach?! Well, again , I'll trust God for it. He brought me this business and he brought me these Christian women and so I'll trust Him that He'll bring me a nice, relaxed atmosphere and self confidence! :-) I have a home gathering on Saturday and am hoping to get a gathering booked from it. I had a neighbor say she wants to have a party so I'll pray that God is behind each one of these! He truly is so good to me!
I've never been very creative but the Lord has brought such awesome ideas to me recently!
Well... don't forget to check out my website every so often.
That is the only place you can get discount items. I even order from my website for those because even though I'm a Close to My Heart consultant I can't see deals except through our websites. Good discounts out there!
Okay, so that was my plug for the day.
Enjoy your Monday!!! I love you all and mostly I love the Lord!!! YEAH!!


pat said...

Glad you posted. I have been thinking about you all weekend.

neicybelle said...

love you too! *hugs*