Thursday, May 31, 2007

* this may be more info than you want to know...

I started bleeding this morning. Here at work. Nothing terrible and not alot of cramping. Just like a very mild period so far. I know it will get heavier before it gets lighter but I hope the cramps stay like they are.
I have to say...even though this is horrible news God is good. My church prayed for me last night and all of you have been praying for me. The prayers I requested was that this happen quickly and painfree. Let me tell you, when God answers He answers! This is quick. The Dr said it could happen in a week it could happen in a month. It happened in a matter of days. Thank you God for your swiftness. Thank you for having mercy on my suffering. Thank you for your saving Grace.
I really am okay. I'm not depressed. I'm not down. I am praising God through this and thanking Him for the opportunity that this has presented to talk to my husband. To see how wonderful and supportive my husband really is. The opportunity to talk to my child, a serious pretty adult conversation, and see how mature and grown up he really is. What a blessing this has all been.
I also know with all confidence that I will conceive again and it will live and be healthy.
I heard a song yesterday and it said something about praying my child into heaven. Isn't it funny how God sends us words? My daily word yesterday was Psalm 18:1. I love you Lord, You are my strength. Also Exodus 15:2.
He truly is my rock!
How grateful I am for you Lord!!! Just like the song... I have in my life... proved him o'er and o'er!! My life is a testimony to Him and I want to shout it from the street side! GOD SAVED MY LIFE AND HE CAN SAVE YOURS TOO!!!


Kristi K. said...

I am so glad that you are being lifted up by your supportive church.

You know, I miscarried between Josh and Jess. Robert and I still talk about it some even now.

I truly believe I am a mother of four, one just made it to heaven before me. That's how I look at it. We all have to handle things in our own way.

I think you are a beautiful and mature woman whose faith and perserverance amazes me.

We just don't know why things happen, but God does and He is good.

You remain in my thoughts and prayers, Holli. I love you, girl.

pat said...

You take care.........

neicybelle said...

holli...i've been sick all week but something told me i needed to come check your blog...i, too, have miscarried. i love you and am in prayers for you and your family! *hugs*