Friday, May 18, 2007

My heart does flip flops in my chest when I start thinking to much. I get so nervous. I want everything to be so perfect for you. I am so afraid Tadpole of doing something to hurt you. I know how silly it is, I know you are so very protected in there but I think it's a natural fear that all mommy's feel. Especially since my pregnancies are so very hard. I am trusting God for you. I am trusting Him for a healthy pregnancy and safe and not having to be on bedrest the whole time this time. He is good! I can't wait to start taking you to church. I pray over you already , I can't wait to teach you to pray. Your big brother and I pray together every night and he requests that I pray for you every night. He lays his hands on you in my tummy and he says hello to you and that he loves you. Oh my little tadpole you have no idea how mommy's heart melts! I can't imagine how it will be to have both of you in my arms. I can't imagine being any more blessed! I'm trying to feed you really well. I don't want to gain to much weight so I am eating healthy. Boiled egg, whole wheat toast, cantelope for breakfast, light yogurt snack, Healthy choice 300 cal or less plus a side of vegies for lunch, apple for snack, 3 oz of meat, 2 helpings of vegies and/or a spinach salad for dinner. Usually some reduced fat crackers in there somewhere too. I'm hoping I'm feeding you enough! I take my vitamins everyday and am still exercising to keep that blood and oxygen pumping to you. I'm going to talk to you alot out here because I'm trying not to bore everyone in the real world with all the pregnancy talk. I don't want them to roll their eyes everytime I say something! haha! I only feel sick one time a day and I have been able to breath through it and I think that I may be eating to fast when I feel like that so I am trying to slow down. Habit - to wolf my food down like it's going out of style! haha!
Well tadpole... that's it for today. I'm going to go look for some maternity clothes today. My belly is starting to poke out. Daddy was laughing at me last night because my tank top kept raising up over my belly and my sweatpants kept riding down under my belly so there was a couple of inches showing. Oh well, guess I can't hide it forever!'s Friday. The week has been pretty uneventful since Tucker is better. We cleaned house last night and Tucker and I snuggled in his bed and talked about school. I got some scrapbooking done, I made a little brag n tag book for Dad for Father's day of his retirement party. I'll post pics one of these days of it. I made a pork roast last night (I think bob evans) it's microwavable like 7 min and it's done! OMG they are so good, comes w/ gravy. Microwavable mashed potatoes (country crock) again so good! So easy and that's what I'm all about! haha
Tk has T-ball practice tonight and I have my scrapbook interest based group (IBG) at church. I have lots to do so it'll be nice to get away from the house for a few hours and get it all done w/ no interuptions! I used to have the IBG at my house but we 1.) outgrew the place and 2.) my husband said that was to much estrogen in his house. HAHA! So we are at the church now.
Saturday I believe we are taking Tk to see Shrek 3. There are so many good movies coming out! Started w/ Spidey 3, now Shrek 3 and then Fantastic 4 - 2 ... I'll be spending money at the theater this summer!
Well, I guess I've made this like WAY long. Sorry! Happy Friday and have a truly blessed weekend! And Neicey - you'll find the church just listen to God. Kris- yes I was not a fan of Devil wears Prada either.

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Kristi K. said...

These posts are so neat, Holli. They are so insightful and I feel privelaged to get to read them.

I hope you have a wonderful time at your crop!