Monday, May 14, 2007

Good morning world.
It's Monday.
I'm feeling a little Garfield-ish today.
Tucker is sick - fever and sore throat. I got to work at 5:45am (did anyone know this time of day existed)? I have my first Dr appt at 8:50 and then I have to go home and get my sick kid to the Dr.
We painted (I should day my hubby and my dad) the whole interior of the house. I did my bathroom Saturday. It was a lot of work. Saturday evening my first downline had her "Jump Start" party (CTMH) and it went well. I enjoyed being there and answering questions and helping her out. She's going to be great!
Yesterday Tim and Tucker took me to breakfast and then I went to visit mom and that was my day. I laid around and read. Great day!
To my unborn child:
I'm nervous, I really want this pregnancy to be healthy. I don't want to be on bedrest this time. I also don't want to be sick. I never was with Tucker and I'm feeling a little nauseous right now so if you could kindly stop that it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
My boobs are growing at a rate of speed unknown to mankind. Daddy saw me get out of the shower the other day and said "Oh wow, you are already starting to show"! I sucked my belly in really fast and said "No I'm not"! LOL! But yes, he's right. Looks like I'll be in maternity clothes before I know it. They say you get bigger with your second one. Geesh!
Bubby is still so excited. He tells everyone he sees that you are on your way. I told Mimi about you yesterday (part of her mothers day) and she was very excited! Also, Grandma and Grandpa Smith were thrilled. You should have heard the excitement in their voices!
Right now, your devoloping so very fast. I'm sure all the sugar and fat that I had at Bob Evans' wasn't good but hey... it was my present to myself! haha! Your brain is developing and your heart is almost done. In about 4 weeks I'll be able to hear your heart beating. It'll all seem so much more real at that point. I can't wait!
Daddy was on the internet looking at nursery's last night. Trying to come up with the perfect room for you. See, I told you he was really a softie. He started asking questions about my pregnancy, when would I get sick (I said I wouldn't so remember that ok).
Mommy loves you punkin' seed!


neicybelle said...

holli, i'm so happy for you! those letters you write to your baby are just priceless! thank you for sharing this experience with us!! *hugs*

Kristi K. said...

This is all so exciting! I am thrilled for you!

How wonderful! Tucker is such a sweetie; he will make an awesome big brother.... and I am glad Tim is getting so involved as well!

YAY! You are blessed!