Friday, May 25, 2007

Things my husband says:

I can't have my fat pregnant wife and baby driving around w/o AC in the car - translation:
I have to use the word fat because I don't want her to think I really care but yet I really do!

How's my pregnant *ss wife feeling today - translation: If I use a swear word it'll make me sound tough and like I don't care however, I really do care how she's feeling!

He came up behind me and was rubbing my belly and I chuckled. He said What - I said I think it's cute that you are rubbing baby. He gufawed (is that a word) and walked away like he wasn't doing anything.
Men - so funny, so predictable! We love them because we feel sorry for them! HAHA (I AM only kidding)!
He was so upset about baby at first but now he's getting so excited, it is so precious to hear the love and concern in his undertone. He's such a hard outershell man but really inside there is this softness. And when he comes to serve the Lord it will really show through. Then his true strength and power will come out in his gentleness! I trust the Lord for it today and everyday!
I'm wearing maternity clothes today. My jeans don't fit anymore. Do you know how devastating that is ... AT SIX WEEKS PREGERS!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh well, I look cute! HAHA! Hope you all have a blessed weekend. I pray that you truly celebrate our Lord and savior all weekend. Dance around your house to praise music and turn your face to heaven and let Him see the glory in your face that He put there!
Love and peace to you all!

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