Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A love story:

My friend Chris's first love Brandyn. She loved him since she was 14 years old. Her first everything. They were together a couple of times throughout high school but never officially dated. He was a typical high school boy take what he could get and go. She's loved him all these years. She dated a guy her Jr year in HS got pregnant, was terribly sick and had to quit school. They married, he joined the military and they moved. She was so unhappy. Her mom passed away when Chris was like 19-20. She had a pretty hard life, no father around her mom had MS and they didn't have much money. But you would never know it. She always had a smile on her face, love in her heart for people, an easy giggle (that she still has now). Well, the guy she married was a young skateboarder party punk. They divorced. Now a single mom, she did meet a nice guy. (I actually worked with him for a short time). He came from money. They dated, got married, and eventually the father gave up rights and the hubby J adopted her little girl. She was almost 2 years old when Chris and J got together. He started his own business they lived in a nice town and had a nice house, had money. His office was above the garage and he taught her alot of things that as a girl she didn't know. She is loyal. She loves to love people. Well, J was OCD and was pretty hard to live with but she was still happy and in love. 16 years of being together, he started getting mean, and things started changing. Well, finally she decided she had to leave. Come to find out, he was doing cocaine and lost alot of money and business. So, she moved in with her sister and her sisters kids. Well, she started dating someone else after a few months alone. A nice enough guy but had lots of baggage. Then... one day... from classmates.com she gets an email. FROM BRANDYN!!!! Says, hey what have you been up to. He lives in NC is divorced, 2 kids, a good steady job. Well, his father just passed away from cancer so when he came up he made arrangements to see Chris. Said he always regreted not giving her a chance and apologized for the way he treated her in HS. So.... now after spending the week together she will be going to NC in June and in July. My guess is she'll be moving there by August. They have already discussed what the wedding plans will be!

I am so happy for her... in all the years I've known her she has mentioned his name at least once in every conversation. He truly is the love of her life! This is the stuff dreams are made of!

Can we say hey Lifetime... here's a movie for ya'?! The total happily ever after movie package right here! CONGRATS CHRIS & BRANDYN for FINALLY finding each other and true love!


Elliemarie said...

That is such an amazing story-thank you for sharing it!

neicybelle said...

that is just awesome! i'm so glad for her! thank you for sharing!

Kristi K. said...

I wish them all the happiness in the world!