Monday, May 07, 2007

I love weekends, I really do. I love Mondays at work too because I get to REST!
No really, I had a super weekend just really busy!
Friday, Tucker had T-ball practice, his first one of the season. Let me just say I AM SO PROUD! He did such a great job. He played first base and people were saying man, he's got a great arm on him. He tried very hard to catch the ball, he tagged a couple of the kids out, he paid attention, he hustled, we never once had to say Tucker stop that, Tucker pay attention I was beginning to wonder who's kid was out there! He loved it and he was great at it! Then... we straight from there to see Spiderman 3. Tucker loved it, he covered his eyes at the kissing scenes and said ooooo tell me when it's over. HAHAHA!! That was hysterical. He loved to movie, he loved the sandman, he loved venom and over all it's his new favorite movie. He's 6.
Now, my opinion, 1 and 2 were way better. Like the scene were spidey sense kicks in and he jumps on Mary Jane before Doc Oc crashes through the glass of the resturant... love that scene. This movie was just ok. A little long and I didn't really like what the did to Parker character making him cocky and all (even before the alter ego). Anways, would I pay to see it again, it is better to see some of the action (with New Goblin) on big screen but no I personally wouldn't pay to see it again. Now ask Tucker, he'd say YEAH!!
Saturday I got up at 7am and started cleaning immediatley! Then I prepared food for the Silpalda jewelry party I was having (in which TWO people showed). Then I cleaned up from it. Tucker fell asleep so I got dishes done and put away and I actually got to paint my nails! Something I've been wanting to do for the past month!
Sunday, church and a surpise b-day dinner for the pastors wife imed. following, had to leave there rush home change clothes and run to my upline (CTMH supervisor person) house and she showed me all kinds of new techniques and card workshop ideas. Got home, kid fell asleep again (must be a growth spurt) and I went out and mowed part of the backyard that still had grass. Then I folded clothes and then I worked on some scrapbook stuff while I watched Desperate Housewives. So shew... I'm tired!
I've got a meeting at 6 tonight, swim at 6:30 ball practice tomorrow church on Wed. and start painting my house Thursday and Friday and Satu and Sund. GEESH!! Will it ever end?!?!
Holy canoly!
And my dear husband has been so sweet lately. You can tell we both really miss each other.
I really enjoy hm having Fridays' off but we haven't got to enjoy it yet really. Always something going on!
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!!

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neicybelle said...

i saw spidy 3 this was the first one i saw...was afraid that i wouldn't know what was going on...but there were enough flashbacks that i understood...lots of action, lots of was good.

your weekends sound like mine...i need a weekend to recover from my weekend! lol!

take care and hope you have a great week!