Thursday, May 10, 2007

My blog will be going on a new path...


Hi baby... I am so excited!! I am now 5 weeks along, you will be due right around your big brothers birthday. He thinks you will be the best birthday present ever. When bubby found out I was pregnant he said "YES, FINALLY"! He also ran into church last night and annouced (to the entire church before I could get in there) My mommy is pregnant and she JUST got pregnant TODAY! Oh, little one, your big brother is so very excited for you to get here already. He's already laying his hands on my tummy asking is it growing yet, is your tummy going to get big today, he laid in bed last night talking to you.. did you hear him? No not yet your ears haven't formed yet but I know you feel our love from your cozy little home. He was saying Hi cutie, Hi cutie little baby. He already promises to share his toys and my time and carry all poopy diapers to the trash! He's so very funny. What a lucky mommy I am to have him and now to have you! I know you will be a child of peace that our lives will be forever blessed for knowing you. I already have your name picked out if you are a girl... I had them picked from the bible and decided to look them up... peace and peace and quiet is what they mean and a light in the dark. Boy will you ever be! So, you are developing your brain and your heart right now. I'm eating lots of vegies and protien so you can grow to be strong and smart! Your father is very smart so I know you will be too! I pray that you have your daddies looks (if you are a girl). Your daddy has your name picked out if you are a boy. He has had it picked out for years. He's scared... he won't really say it but I know he is. He's afraid of how very much he's going to love you and of being wrapped around all 10 fingers and toes! He's a big softie in a big metal shell.
My heart is soaring and I am so excited. Of course I am scrared too, this is new and different and lets face it, it's been a long time since I've had a baby around. But I know that God will work it all out. He's good like that, He always provides and keeps us! I trust Him and one day... you will too. There are lots of people already looking forward to meeting you!
Mommy already loves you tons!


pat said...

I am thrilled for you. Congrats a thousand times over.

Kristi K. said...


I am sooooo glad for you!

Yay! Yay! Yay!

This is awesome! Print that blog post and keep it forever!

Did I mention "yay?!"

Elliemarie said...

Congratulations, Holli!!

PJ said...



neicybelle said...

oh holli...that's the most beautiful post!!! *hugs her and wishes you all the best!*