Friday, May 04, 2007

Okay, so P was talking about forgiveness on her blog... let me tell you about the revelation I had at women of faith.

Sandy Patti... I guess several years ago had an affair... here she was singing about Christ's love, preaching it to people and having an affair while doing it! I thought... Lord, if she can fall someone who is living your word everyday, if she can fall WHAT MAKES ME THINK I'M EXEMPT?! If she can fall (this fine upstanding christian lady) than SURELY I too will fall daily. It all just clicked to me, it all just made sense to me, and if she could be forgiven for singing his praises while sinning then I could be forgiven! It was the most amazing freedom I have ever felt! Funny, because the title of the conference was amazing freedom. And you know what, I was changed, I was healed from a thought that the Lord gave me. It wasn't something she or any one else said. It was a word from the Lord planted into my heart and mind. I know I am forgiven! I know I am loved! And I also know that the Lord uses me! I also know that the Lord will use my experiences of sin as a testimony to His greatness!

If we are obedient to the Lord He will open the windows of blessings and pour out onto us and He also moves us to another level in our relationship with Him. I don't know alot of scripture by heart... but I do know Psalm 30:5 we will cry tears at night but our joy will come in the morning. Trust in the Lord put your full faith in Him and HE WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN!

Okay, so now onto the mundane of life...

I went to the ENT with my xrays (finally)! I have to have surgery. The passageway between my nose and into my cheeks is completely blocked and full of polups (sp?). So, he's going to go in and recontruct those passageways. I am pushing the surgery back to the fall when I will have some more vacation time. I will have to be off work for a week. Then after surgery I will still have to see an allergist. Geesh... I so didn't see this coming. I'm not upset or worried or anything, just bummed about having to be in terrible pain for a week AND because I'm going to have to rely on people to help me do things and I HATE to rely on anyone because I have such high expectations I'm usually disappointed. That would be the perfectionist in me.

My dad brought up my kitchen island that he built for me. OMG!! It is so beautiful! He did such an amazing job. He's so awesome. I just love him! It's a truly beautiful piece of furniture. I'll try to post a couple of pics of it but you have to know... it does not do it justice!

He made the spice rack on the side and that papertowel holder on the side, can you imagine being able to look at a block of wood and making that out of it? I sure can't!

Anyways... happy Friday and happy Spiderman 3 day. My son will probably pee himself in excitement before the day is up! LOL!!


Kristi K. said...

Oh, that is an awesome island! Too neat! You are so blessed to have such loving, supportive parents. I know you know that!

It's also awesome that your heart was blessed by the conference in such a deep way! You are loved and valued!

I know what you mean about getting disappointed when expectations you have of others are not met. I always think people are just like me. They're going to give as much as me, they're going to reach out like I do, they're going to offer help like I do. I found out that I was setting myself up for disappointment. People are not carbon copies of me. We as human beings are all motivated by different things. We don't all have the same time, energy, resources, etc.

However, you are in a close knit church with a body of loving believers. I think you are going to be blessed and they are going to step in and help you more than you can know. Let them! You'll be robbing them AND you of a blessing if you don't.

Hugs! Hope you have an awesome weekend.

Elliemarie said...

That island is great! Yay for dads who can build you cool stuff!! Have an awesome weekend!

pat said...

My brother had that surgery you need to have and I really do not think he had much pain but it was uncomfortable because they pack your sinus passages with gaze for a few days.

I like what you said about your women of faith weekend. I hope when I go on my own weekend in June, I feel just as great.

neicybelle said...

holli...i'm so glad God spoke to you in such a real way...i wish everyone could understand waht a gracious and loving Dad we have...

and your dad is amazing! how fun!