Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hi baby! You are definately growing because I am growing! So, I know you need to grow and I of course want you to grow but could you find room somewhere inside where it's not pushing so much on the outside? I do believe this will be my last week in normal pants. Even my low riders are uncomfortable when sitting down. I had to wear maternity shorts and top to Tucker's ball practice last night because I have no shorts to fit me. Today things are definately moving and growing because my belly hurts and its already starting to harden up across the top. Well, you didn't waste any time did ya?! Well, I guess I might as well get used to it now... I just really thought I'd have another month or so before this happened. Your brother was pushing on my belly yesterday singing you got a chubby belly mommy! Oh how comforting that was! NOT!
I did go home and catch a 20 min nap before he got home from school. You are making me sleepy with all the growing you are doing - BUT don't stop okay?!

So... girls... pray for me finacially please! I screwed two of my 3 accounts up royally (don't ask me how as I check online almost everyday). But it's bad... like $170 bad! I know it's my fault as I'm the one who does the bills. I got lazy for one thing and didn't check the joint account book against the online statement. I thought I had more money in there than what was in there. Then of course... I have $120 budgeted for gas... well I'm spending $171! Somethings gotta give on these gas prices. I don't have any money in the budget to shift around to cover it. So, I'm taking money from my business account to cover my personal account and praise the Lord tomorrow is payday so I can cover it all tomorrow EXCEPT that it's going to make me short then the next week for bills. So... I need the Lord to bless me finacially to cover my stupidity!
I know we've all been here and we've all done it but now I'm trying not to worry about it since there is nothing I can do to cover it but it still has my stomach in knots (which baby was doing just fine on it's own).
So anyways... that's my drama. Tucker has his first game tonight and he's so excited because Papa Bert is coming and it's daddy's day off so he'll have a fan base for his first game! LOL!
Church was so awesome last night. We've started this small 10 chapter book on the Miraculous something or other (I know how lame am I) it's about the Holy Spirit and how and why He was sent to us as our helper and how to receive Him. I'm very excited about this new study. I'm hoping to learn alot. Our pastor is so intuned and so led by the Holy Spirit it's so fabulous! We somehow got on to forgiveness and I just left a msg on someone blog yesterday about how amazingly free I am and it finally dawned on me that I am forgiven! The Lord also pointed out some scripture to me that I am going to read over the baby after it's born. It was in I John 3 but I don't have my bible right here with so I can't tell you what verse it was. Anyways, I just know, the Lord has filled me with the knowledge that this child will be my peaceful child, that this child is going to be knowledgable in and live the Word. Of course it is my job as a parent to fill the childs atmosphere with the Word and teach it to pray and teach it to praise. So those are my ramblings for the day...
Have a peaceful Thursday. I can't wait for tomorrow to get here!

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Kristi K. said...

Oh boy have I been there, done that on screwing up our account. Sigh. Live and learn. And yes, those gas prices are nasty. How can the average family adjust their budjet accordingly? Ugh.

You have such a lovely thread to your posts lately. So sweet, so precious. I rejoice for you. You are such a good mommy. ;)