Tuesday, May 01, 2007

AAAHH!! I finally have a minute to post. I'll try to make this quick!
OMG!! What a great weekend!
First - Friday shopping all day... Penny's had buy one get one .88 sale!!!!!! So I spent $36.00 for a pair of jeans and got the 2nd for .88!!! You can't beat that... oh it was so much fun! I got a ton of stuff and had a blast shopping and drinking Starbucks new Dulce De Leche frappachino! YUMMY!
Max Lucado was amazing, simple and on point and he didn't seem intimidated by the 18 THOUSAND women he was surrounded by. Yep you read right - 18,000 women all in one little corner of the world. Oh my goodness... it was madness! Sandy Patty - geesh incredcible! Here she was singing to little ol' us and she was singing at Carnegie Hall today! She's great. There is a comedian Anita Renfroe - HELLO! Can you say hysterical? We ALL had tears in our eyes, our sides hurt and our jaws hurt from laughing. I am going to buy some of her DVDs and even if you aren't a Christian... I suggest her... she's a great comedian! Luci Swindoll insightful, Marilyn Teberg amazing and free, Sheila Walsh straight to the heart, and Patsy Clairmont a spitfire!
What a great time! I was so glad to get home and go to bed though! I was exhausted!
Now today, I have my first CTMH party amongst strangers. I'm nervous but I know it'll be just fine as the product sells itself. But still say a little prayer for me. Thanks!
My hubby missed me terribly! (yeah)! I finally saw him Sunday after church and he said come here and gave me a huge hug! That is very unlike my husband! I was so excited and felt so welcomed it was very nice. It was nice to know that I was missed. It was also nice to have a whole weekend where I never spoke to him or my child. It was truly a real break! I think it was good for Tim and I as we realized - hey we do love and need each other! LOL!
Welp, that's all for now.
Hope this finds you all having a great Tuesday! SPIDERMAN -3 OPENS FRIDAY!!! We are SOOOO going!!! Tucker came home from school and announced "Well mom today is the day of April" I said "yep". He said " You know what that means don't you? Only 5 more days!" And I said "AHA! until Spiderman-3"! And we both jumped up and down and were so excited! LOL!
I love his age, I love who he is. I LOVE these celebrations of the little things! He's so awesome!


Elliemarie said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend-good for you! Good luck with your CTMH party!

And even though I am waaaay too old, I'm excited about Spiderman 3 too!

Kristi K. said...

So many good things are going on for you, and I am so happy for you!

How exciting!

pat said...


neicybelle said...

spiderman rocks!
so does the women of faith!
my wof is in july...can't wait!
there's nothing like a little time away to make your family appreciate you...i'm glad for you!