Thursday, September 27, 2007

God as always, comes along and picks me up and makes me feel better.
Sunday morning in church it's like every song played was just for me. Every verse spoke was just for me... it's amazing how He does that.
He came along and gave me peace. I also had to humble myself before him. I have to sacrifice my dreams and let them go. For they are no longer my dreams but the Lords' dreams for me. It's no longer about what I want and my own selfishness it's about what the Lord wants for me. And I DO want what the Lord wants for me - I just don't it know it yet! :-)
So, I am doing better and feeling better. Thanks for your love and hugs and prayers. You guys are awesome!
Not that I don't still want those things... my flesh self does. My spiritual self says - when the Lord is ready for me to have them then I will have them.
But with my new life as a christian I have to have new dreams and be open and willing to accept the blessings the Lord has for me. Blessings that i don't even know I want yet! He's so awesome and I praise Him today for His tendermercies and His never ending love! Trust me if God can love stubborn hard headed me - He can surely love you!!!

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neicybelle said... amazing to me that all the earthly wisdom and love we can receive comes no where near to comparing to what God can do for us!