Monday, October 02, 2006

So, I had an awesome time w/ Kris Saturday. It was such a wonderful time to let the kids play and just chat girl talk for hours! It's been so long since I've done that.
Sunday, church was awesome. Do you ever those times where you feel like the whole sermon, preacher, church, is directed to you? Welp, that's how sunday was. I did become a full fledged member too. It's pretty exciting. Tim told me to wake him up about 6pm so we could talk. So, I did. Finally about 8 I said are we going to talk or what? He said he wasn't going to take the courthouse security position and I said I already knew that. He keeps asking me what I want him to do and what should he do. I can't answer that. He knows what I want, I want him to get out of law enforcement all together take this first shift job and be happy! I don't think that's going to happen.
So, this morning he said, maybe we can compromise and he stay on 3rd shift. He hates it and I'm not exactly crazy about it but that way we both get what we want. He has been told he can have 3 months of 1st shift on the road. He's not sure he wants to do that and then get bumped again and go back to 3rd. I say go for it! 3 months is better than no months and then he can get caught up on some sleep and routine, we can Christmas shop together and such.
I just have to trust God that he's going to work this out. He's going to carry me through and no matter what the outcome that it's His will!
I can't wait till next Monday... it's a holiday and Tucker still has school... YEAH!
I haven't been with my husband in weeks! OH MY GOSH - a 30 something year old woman shouldn't have to go without for weeks! LOL!!!! I may have to call in tomorrow (it's his day off).
Hope you all have a wonderful week - happy Monday!


pat said...

Welcome Holli.

PJ said...

Holli!!! You're here! Yay! I love reading about you and getting to know you more. I will add your blog to my links list.


Kristi K. said...

You did it! Your picture is up and running! Go Holli!

neicybelle said...

i hope you guys can work something out...i hate that you're going through this...i know what you mean about "being needy"...i hated doing everything by myself and practically being a single parent. hope it all works out for you!