Thursday, October 05, 2006

Good Thursday morning everyone. Today is a great day (because we're only one day away from Friday). I woke up thinking it was Friday boy that makes it hard.
Tucker won his soccer game last night, 13-4. YEAH. He really doesn't even He just wants to run around. He played goalie again so we had to keep yelling at him to stand up. Tim is such a good daddy, he never misses a game! I am blessed to have found him. I was artificially inseminated with Tucker. I picked the donor out from a bank out of VA. The doc gave me a list about 4 pages long of donors. Then I went out to the internet and started shopping. Literally. It all sounds so hysterical now. His donor was my 3rd choice. They were sold out of the 1st two (really I am not kidding)! I was looking for athletic and this guy played baseball and football and was in college to be a history teacher. He's 5' 9", blond hair, green eyes (I really was hoping for green eyes but T has brown). On the internet you can buy the health history dating back to grandparents maternal and paternal. Health on all siblings and what they all do for livings. He never had or needed braces (and neither have I and Tucker's teeth are beautiful so far). Anyways, I wanted to have a kid before I was 30 and my life at the time was weird. (that's a story for another day). Anywhooos- Tucker was abouut 20 months old when I met Tim. I had sworn I would never marry or date ever again. And along comes this guy who just will not leave me alone... lol! He was different from anyone else I'd dated. I always liked musicians and hippies. Here is the marine looking korean/american. Good looking guy very clean and straight. WOW - did guys like this really exist?! So - I went out with him. The very first time I took Tucker to Tim's house - I knew what my fate was. Tucker walked in like he owned the place strut and all. Walked into the living room, to the couch and climbed up beside this man he'd never seen before, sat down RIGHT beside Tim put his hand on Tim's lap and there they sat and watched TV. Tim put his arm around him and they were buds from the very first second they met. I guess I have to believe in love at first site now that I've witnessed it.
I think Tim and I forget sometimes that he's not Tucker's biological dad. People say all the time, wow he looks like his dad... which scarily enough he does. It cracks us up seeing as my hubby is part korean! But he's always been there for Tucker. He disciplines him with love and firmness, he plays and wrestles, he helps with "homework" and he gives baths, and he lets him drive the mower, and he takes him places and just does all the awesome dad stuff. I am truly blessed to have this man in my life for my child. He is good to us.
Well, I had planned on coming out here to tell you all about my class I teach but I went off on a whole other direction... oh well... I'll share that for tomorrow I guess.
Have a festive Thursday. I'm sure we can all find some reason in our lives to celebrate!


Kristi K. said...

That's awesome. I've always thought Tucker looks like Tim. It's amazing. I truly think he looks like your child TOGETHER. Weird. Jo thought so, too, when he saw your picture.

That's an great tribute to Tim. Maybe you should print it for him...and let him know just how special you feel he is. ;)

Congrats on Tucker's game! How fun!

I hate when I wake up thinking that it's one day closer to Friday than it really is. I've gone half a day with it wrong. That stinks. :(

Hope you have a good Thursday, anyway. :)

PJ said...

WOW! That is so stinkin COOL! Thanks for sharing. Our God is an amazing provider. :)

neicybelle said...

what an amazing story!! thank you for sharing that!