Tuesday, October 31, 2006

So, because Ellie mentioned the chicks I've been listening to them. I have like 8 songs on my computer and I've been listening to them over and over. So I had to go get the new album. I went out in the rainy weather to get it. So far it's ok. I love the I'm not ready to make nice (go figure) so far the rest of it is pretty mellow... hoping it picks up soon.
I love Natalie's voice!
Ahhh yea, here we go... track 7 just started... this is the chicks I love!
oh, and I called my church today... asked the pastor for a list of christian counslers in the area. He's getting that list together for me. Yes I do need to see someone - just so I can vent and get it all out.


Elliemarie said...

I am glad you have decided to talk to a counsellor. It is so hard to bear the burden of what you are going through while having no one to talk to and help you sort out your feelings. Plus it is always good to have a sounding board, someone who is outside of the situation. I hope you find it helpful and it brings you some peace and eases some of your pain and anger.

I really love the new album-"Everybody Knows" and "Baby Hold On" are probably my favourites. "Lubbock or Leave it" is definitely the most rockin track on the album (it's what they opened the concert with).

neicybelle said...

oh holli! i can see why you're so angry...i'm glad you are going to see a counselor...they really are helpful...