Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oh my gosh... Oh my gosh!!!! I couldn't get out here fast enough!! You guys are never going to believe it!! GOD IS GOOD - miracles do happen!!!!
I am so excited I don't even know where to begin...
Well... last night Tim told me he was going to stay at the Sheriff Office, that he didn't sleep all day for feeling like he made a bad decision, so I of course said I just wanted him to be happy, I did however feel like I am on a roller coaster... (I hate roller coasters) I have been so faithful in prayer I haven't gotten upset I just keep saying Lord I trust you... this is soooo very out of character for me, I am hot tempered, spoiled, I stomp my feet cry and whine until I get my way...but this time I had peace, the peace that comes from God. Wwweelllllllll, this morning my husband calls me on his way back to the S.O. he says he's going to quit, he misses his family and that he hasn't seen his dad in months and that he just needs to be with his family. So... again... back up on the roller coaster! I don't think I can handle anymore were my thoughts...Weeeelllll, then he calls me this morning- GET THIS... Maj and Lt called Tim in the office... they don't want him to leave, they knew he didn't want to leave, they knew he was doing it for his family, so they (here is the miracle) they offered him FIRST shift with SUNDAY and MONDAY off!!! Now listen ya'll, he is low man of the totem poll, he has no seniority, he has no right to be there, we were looking at 14 YEARS before he got to first shift! But they have worked it so that it was their (admin) decision, and he can't be bumped. Ya'll I am telling you - this is the LORDS work! There is no doubt whatsoever. Tim said "Holli, I was sitting there watching the Lord work in these men, I was watching Gods hand work!" PRAISE GOD!! Tim and I are both just freaking out, praising and praying and jumping and crying, we just are in disbelief!! Is God good or what?!
I just told Tim Sunday night, that God had spoke to me, and that he said to have Tim stay of the S.O. and to trust Him. And look - I trusted Him and he has worked it out!! PRAISE GOD!!!! Thank you for your prayers, thank you for listening... I just can't sit still this is amazing!!!


Kristi K. said...

I am sooooo happy for you, Holli! God knows the desires of our hearts, doesn't He?!?

I am rejoicing with you, sis! ;)

pat said...

Great News.

PJ said...


I was praying for you! Praise the Lord!

neicybelle said...

holli...i was so worried about tim when you told me he was quitting!! i'm so relieved to hear how this worked out!!!
i'm so happy for all of you!!