Thursday, October 19, 2006

Oh my God!! What is wrong with the men in our world today Lord??!?! They are being attacked by the enemy and it's becoming almost okay and expectable!! This is an excerpt from an interview with a priest who molested congressman Foley "I wish him well," Mercieca said. "Let bygones be bygones. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!??!?! Hey kid - I ruined your life and you believe you are gay because of what I PERSONALLY did to you but hey - let it go don't be angry! OMG!!!!!!!! I am so freaking out. Men are kidnapping our children, priests are taking advantage of our innocent, now our very own lawmakers are abusing our children!!! It's everywhere everday. And now these people are even fessing up to it like it's no big deal! I can't stand it. Where are the world's eyes and hearts?! Do they not see what is going on? The enemy has attacked our husbands and our fathers. They are cheating on their wives, surfing porn, they are cheating on taxes, they are hurting our babies sexually and physically and emotionally, they are leading our nation into hell! The enemy is winning the battle over our husbands. Women together we need to pray and I mean laying on our faces in the floor before God praying and call out our men by name we need to pray for all the men in our nation! This is ridiculous!
My heart is aching and breaking over this. This is just madness absolute madness! We are God's women, we are strong, we are able, and we are here to lift up and be our spouses' helpmates. I praise God for our strong husbands and for my loyal husband. I am interceding on the behalf of all the men out there who have so lost their way. The ones that get caught everyday (I'm talking college students, and high school teachers, preachers) for going to meet a supposed 14 yr old for sex that they met on the net. I stand right now, and I say I am interceding! God use me!


pat said...

The problem with these people and the folks who are exposed to this kind of news on a daily basis, become immune to what they are hearing. And this is the sadest part of all because instead of yelling at the top of their lungs in disgust they just flip the page or change the channel.
To take an innocent trusting child and abuse that child is the worst sin of all. Children look at adults for guidance and protection. They learn from us. So to take that trust and manipulate it to your own devious device just makes me sick. I have always said, if anyone ever abused my kid I would kill them and I would be the one in jail.

PJ said...

Bless you Holli, for interceding. God is obviously laying this burden on your heart and for a good reason.

Pat's right. We've become numb to it. I also feel women are partially to blame. Women did us no great favors during the feminist movement when they decided they wanted equal rights and responsibilities. I firmly believe we ended up emasculating men and now wonder why they won't lead properly or assume their roles, especially in the Body.

Well, those are my thoughts on it anyway. I suppose it comes down to the need to pray for spiritual blindness to be lifted.

Thanks for the reminder Holli!!