Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My life is so mundane. But I've made it that way.
I went home, I made dinner, played with Tucker, watched a TV show, gave Tucker a bath, put him to bed, and went to bed. That is my night, night after night after night. It's the same on Friday and Saturday too. I want to get out more but then I think about it and my house is so warm and cozy that I just can't motivate myself to leave it. I haven't seen my dad in a couple of weeks, since he came to my house. I really should go visit him. But that takes energy to get up!
You know, I want to know how we are supposed to get done all the things we are supposed to do (and where the money comes from). Keep our oil changed every 3,000 plus other preventive maintenance and repair anything broken, do pm to our houses, plus any repairs and updates that you want made, keep the house clean, clothes clean, work a 40+ hour week, save money for retirement and college, have an impecable landscaped yard, work out with weights PLUS cardio, eat healthy 5-6 times a day, take care of our family which means homework, playtime, bathtime, read a book, have some downtime, volunteer for church and community, attend church 3 times in a week, and in there somewhere we are supposed to pamper ourselves. GIVE ME A BREAK! I think I just get so overwhelmed with all I should be doing that I choose to do nothing because it's easier!
oh well...
my arms hurt today. They hurt to the point I can't staighten them out... gym ought to be pretty interesting today! LOL! But oh well, one year from now I'll be glad I went through the pain.
Probably just in time for me to get pregnant and balloon out! hahahahha!! Story of my life.
I am excited that tonight is Joy Fellowship at church. Women only, dinner, and fellowship. I can't wait! I really need some girl time. I think Tim is taking T to the library for Dad's night out. Tonight's theme is Bob the Builder meets Tim the tool man! Sounds like fun.
So, what's on everyone's agenda for the day? We're going to study hard (Pam), breath deep (Kristi and Pat) and smile and feel free (Neicy) and we're going to love life (me). This is the day that the Lord has made - we're going to rejoice and be glad in it. As much as we are able to!


Kristi K. said...

Amen, sister! Where on earth are we supposed to find time to do anything extra?!?!

I think you're doing great! Looks like you're doing 10 xs better than I am! I'm lucky if my lawn gets mowed, much less landscaped! ;)

neicybelle said...

what a great post!

although i will say that i am horribly broke for the next month...so no more fun excursions...*shrugs* oh well! there's still too much fun to be had around here for very little money...