Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Good morning (yaaawwwnn) here, coffee just finished, want some? Isn't it great that its Wednesday? We're half way through. It's supposed to be 65 and no rain today. I'm over rain. I need some sunshine.
My leg is feeling great, I haven't had any pain (did I tell you about that)? I had a very suspicious mole removed that has grown and changed in the past two years.
We're going on a field trip tonight to a pumpkin farm. The Royal Rangers and the Missionettes and the teachers. Tucker and I are really excited. We've been here before and it's alot of fun. Hayride, petting zoo, corn maze, apple cider and a story. FUN!
Last night, my hubby and I danced in the living room I started just joking but we kept holding each other closer and tighter, a little closer, a little tighter, until we were snuggled into each other and swaying together to when a man loves a woman. AAaahhhh, what peace. We haven't done that in years! It was wonderful. He took us to dinner to my favorite mexican resturant. Then took us to rent movies. I rented Click, I won't get to watch it until Thursday evening. I can't wait - 1 more month and all our evenings can be this good! I don't care about the going out - I live for the moments of being together....dancing in the living room, being in love, feeling the warmth and the strength of the one person in the whole world who has promised God to love me and take care of me forever. Why can't it be like this all the time?! LOL - I know it's this darn thing called life that keeps getting in the way. Oh well, I am going to bask in the glory of it every minute that I can. My hubby even got up this morning and made me coffee! That's something that even I don't do for myself through the week because of time shortage. He's awesome (yes in a week or two I'm sure I'll be out saying what a poopbutt he is)! LOL! Again... that annoying thing called life!
Welp ,not that I've had several cups of coffee this morning I must go pee! Yep, you'll have a great day now knowing that! hehehe!! It is my prayer for you all that God will richly bless you today with whatever your need may be!


Kristi K. said...

That's so sweet. Robert and I dance in the living room from time to time. We actually went to a "prom" and danced...the MIX Time Warp prom. (107.7) It was a good time. He is so shy, I couldn't believe he actually went. And we had our picture taken together and everything!

This post reminds me of a story. One time when Josh was about five, Robert and I put on slow music and were dancing in the living room, as was our habit from time to time.

Josh was sitting there on the couch, looking at us. Out of nowhere, he said,
"You two shouldn't be doing that."

And we looked at him, puzzled.

"Why not?" we asked.

"Because you're not the same color." ;)

We cracked up laughing!

Here was a biracial boy, (who by the way was home schooled at the time and I know he didn't get this 'thought' from an outside source)...saying his mom and dad shouldn't be dancing because they weren't the same color! We thought we'd never stop laughing! He's always been such a serious, analytical boy. ;)

So funny.

I am so glad you are basking in the glow of so many blessings right now. Could you have pictured this just two weeks ago? Amazing how God can change things! ;)

neicybelle said...

how fun! i really am happy things are working out for you!

PJ said...

we dance in the kitchen and in the living room but it's usually to Sex Bomb by Tom Jones.

i know.

we're weird.

Kristi, that is HI.LAR.I.OUS. You had me cracking up out loud on my couch.