Thursday, October 12, 2006

GoooooooD Mooooooorning Bloggers (in my best Robin Williams voice)!
Aren't we all so happy to be out of bed and on our way to work! :-)
Isn't it just a lovely day!!! YES! I am full of crap! It's a miserable 32 degrees outside, it was warm in my bed, and I finally slept and NO nobody in their right mind would rather be at work (unless work is at home)! So how are ya' this morning? I'm sipping my coffee, okay, I'm chugging my coffee, I'm wearing like 4 layers of clothes my office is freezing but it is Thurs. We are so close I can smell the weekend!
I taught my class last night - it's called missionettes. I have the Daisies. It's kind of like a christian girl scouts. Broke out into age groups. I have the Kindergarten and first graders. I love it! The boys are called Royal Rangers. Tucker has a blast. They had a cook out the other night and he cooked pizza over the fire and earned his cooking badge. Well, I teach the first two Wednesday's of the month. I do the bookwork part of it. Then the last two Wed. someone else does a craft and a cooking project. I'm not very crafty especially with 5 5 year olds! I'm pretty firm so I am in my best environment reading them stories and doing a little activity page and teaching them their bible verse and I always add sign language to it. It's really been a ton of fun. We have a snack time and at the end I let them play a game or I make up a game that has to do with our lesson for the month. Pretty fun! I never in a million years thought I'd ever enjoy teaching young kids anything but actually I really get a kick out of the girls. And let me tell you - they are a hoot! They are bigger pigs then 5 yr old boys ever thought of being and they talk ALL THE TIME. They don't stop! I will never get on Tucker again for talking to much! LOL!!! OH! And yesterday Tucker got a purple card (that means he did something great) and he got smarties (candy) from the office and I took him to get a slushie as soon as he got home for a reward! I told him if he got a purple everyday I would take him to get a slushie everyday! Let's hope he works really hard it!
Well I hope you all have a fabulous day! I know I will because my Lord and Savior is my rock and He is just and there is nothing but goodness in Him!

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neicybelle said...

wow...a double entry...i hate when blogger does that!!

it IS cold this morning...i'm at work, why?? oh yeah...the paycheck...oops...

isn't teaching kids fun? i love working with that age group!

take care!!