Friday, October 27, 2006

OH! Something I forgot. I went yesterday to get my stitches out of my leg. The Doc's words were " It's not cancer...anymore". Apparently it was and my bodies immune system fought it and beat it. And now that I had the spot removed its gone. He did give it a name - a very long weird name with the word spitznoma (or something to that effect) in it. LOL!! He told me to keep a very close eye on the spot and if I see any pigment come back into at all get in there right away - don't wait. So, I won't wait. I waited 1 1/2 or 2 yrs to have this mole removed, out of fear basically. I don't want to be cut on and I don't want to be told that I have cancer. Dying young and leaving my child behind motherless is my one huge irrational fear. One of those irrational fears that leaves you breathless and in tears. I know - I'm retarded!
Anyways, I believe with no doubt that God has touched my boby and healed me. That's what I believe and I'm stinking to it.


Kristi K. said...

I had something similar happen to me. I had a black "area" on my stomach, that faded to grey at the edges. At the time I was going to the tanning booth pretty regularly. It's not like I was doing it so much for the tan, but it has the following benefits for me: 1.) makes my acne go away 2.) helps with my moods 3.) I can get away from everything and everybody

But they cut out the skin right away. The doctor said she was almost positive it was melanoma, just by its appearance. They sent it off to the lab, and it came back benign. She was baffled. I was thrilled!

I am rejoicing with you on this news! Thank you Lord!

neicybelle said...

yay!! that's great news!

pat said...

Cancer is a scary thing especially when you are young. I was just told yesterday that all my follow-up tests (I have been going every three months) have actually come up cancer-free for the first time in 18 months. I have been dealing with this scare, treatments, ect for 18 long months.