Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The snow is melting YEAH! Tucker wasn't very happy because he didn't get to make a snowman. I know I'm a bad mommy because I wouldn't play in the snow with him. I'm comfortable with that. LOL!!
I put Tucker to bed at 8:15 last night, laid down to snuggle with him for about 5 min like I usually do and woke up 30 minutes later! So, I got up went to my bed and was right back out. Apparently we were tired!
So, my kid took a pair of dracula teeth from halloween ripped the bottom off, and came out with just the top ones on, arms crossed saying "So, how do you like me now"? HYSTERICAL! He has just watched Just Jordan on Disney so he was pretending those were his grill. OH FUNNY! My kid thinks he is soooo cool (which to me of course he is) but you can't help but laugh when he tries to dance (poor little white boy) and act like a rapper and he does this strut when he walks when he's trying to be cool that'll have you falling out of your seat!
I swear I love the phase we're in right now. He is so much fun!I try to enjoy everyday while it lasts. I know I'll blink and he'll be a teenager who thinks I'm the most uncool person in the world. I dread those days!
This is going to be a busy week. I had a chiropractor appt last night, tonight is Tucker's teams last basketball game (he can't play due to the mono) but I want to go and cheer them on. Tomorrow is church, Thursday I'm leaving early to take cupcakes for Tucker's b-day to school, then go home and bake a cake for the grandparents to come over, Friday clean my house after work, Sat is his b-day party 8 boys and my husband will be at work. I don't know what I was thinking. However, I haven't heard from anyone so I don't know that anyone is coming... he will be DEVASTATED! Sunday I'm coloring a friends hair. So, busy busy busy. But I like being busy!
For my gym friends: got to www.ellentv.com and down at the bottom click on Bob Harper. There is some good information there. I LOVE him!!! I wish I could afford to fly him here so he could be my personal trainer. He is such a great motivator. However, I must say, I am doing a very good job of motivating myself lately. God truly placed in me a new found strength and motivation when it comes to food and the gym. I knew I'd be having cake Thursday so I passed on a piece yesterday. CAKE IS MY DOWNFALL! And I passed it and never gave it another thought. YES! SUCCESS is at hand! :-) Another great site is http://exercise.about.com/library/blworkoutcenter2.htm it has a TON of excercises you can do. I've also been recording a few cardio shows on the DVR from fittv so I can do them when I get home. So I do my weights and knees (PT) at the gym and my cardio at home. I had a guy come up to me at the gym yesterday and ask so, how much you trying to lose? I said I'd like to lose 20. He said don't lose to much you look great now and he walked away. OH YEAH BABY!! I'M HOT!! NOOOOOOOTTTT!!!!! I'm totally cracking up right now. Hey, it boosted me for a few minutes I'll admit. Made me suck in my gut just a little bit more. LOL!
Hey - you all have a great day. 1 down 4 to go. And Neice are you out there? I want to know that you are doing okay!


Elliemarie said...

Woohoo! Getting hit on at the gym-you strut your stuff girl!

Tucker sounds like such a riot! I try to picture this little boy wearing his "grill" and acting like a rapper and it totally cracks me up. And your right, enjoy it while you can. They grow up too fast.

And congrats on motivating yourself to stay healthy!

Kristi K. said...

That was a really cute post. I am with you, Tucker is in an adorable phase right now! So sweet! Btw, Jo uses aluminum foil or the paper out of gum rappers to make "grills." ;) So funny!

I feel for you about the cake thing. Once, when I was coordinating a shower for my step sister's wedding, (I was the matron of honor) the bakery messed up the cake. So, they gave me the messed up one (which no one ate) AND the right one. The messed up one had whipped icing, which I love. I took it home and ate nothing but cake for like 3 days. I worked out like a fiend and ended up losing 7 pounds that week when I went to class. I called it my "all cake, all the time" diet. ;) For some reason, it never cured me of my cake obsession!

You know, I also feel for you about that party thing. Robert is the one that loves kids among us. I love my kids...and I love spending time one on one with our neices and nephews, but I can get really tense in large groups of kids. If they are entertained and not too rowdy, usually I can cope. But the louder they get, the more tense I get. Robert seems to thrive on that loud, rowdy fun. Egads!

I hope his party goes well, and that Tucker has an awesome birthday! ;)

Holli said...

That is so funny about Jo! I remember doing that as a kid (now that you say it) for braces. I was so weird and I desperatly wanted braces. I thought all the pretty girls had them (I know I was a strange child).
I might have to try that nothing but cake diet! Now that's my kind of diet! HAHA!! The whipped icing is so horrible... I need the sugar sugar sugar from the buttercream icing.
I'm looking forward to T's party really, I LOVE to play the games with the kids and wrestle. Tucker's friends all think I'm crazy because I act silly with them and run around the house with them. I get lots of hugs! :-)
And El, hopefully one day I'll learn how to post videos' and you can see my crazy kid! I promise you'll fall off your chair!

neicybelle said...

hi sweety...i'm hanging in there...just extremely busy right now...trying to get help for my jess...her cutting is getting out of control.

this is an awesome age for tucker! he sounds like so much fun!!

wow!! i would love for someone to tell me i looked great! how fun is that!! yay!!

i will be blogging more healthy stuff soon...*sigh* i love cake!! i haven't been doing well...i'm just so tired and stressed. but i'm not giving up and that's important...right?
take care and keep up the good work!